7 Best Hunting Backpack for Elk & Deer Hunt 2024

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As a hunting enthusiast, you probably carry your hunting gear and other essential survival kits in a backpack.Your choice of the best hunting backpack can either make or break your hunt, so it’s essential to carry a comfortable one for a good hunting experience.

This review will look at some crucial factors to consider before choosing a backpack for elk & deer hunting.

Is an ordinary backpack best for hunting?

best hunting backpack
hunting backpack

Not every ordinary backpack in the market will guarantee that you enjoy the hunting activity. The quality and comfort of your backpack will determine whether you will end up complaining of back pain or not. Therefore, the best hunting backpack should have an exceptional capacity to carry your hunting gear, survival kits, and carry game meat after a kill.

What else do you need to carry in a hunting backpack?

Basing on the place and the days you would wish to spend during hunting, it is advisable to carry some water, food, emergency kits, the fire making necessities, and a raincoat. With this in mind, ensure that your backpack is lightly weighted to enable you to carry it without any challenges.

What is best between Single-daypack and a multi-day hunting pack?

There are many good backpack options from many brands. Some are designed for carrying meat, others for camping, but the best backpack can do both. Multi-daypack is the best compared to a single-daypack in durability, compartment availability, strength, and load hauling.

Several brands service this niche market. Based on your requirement, here are things to look out for when buying your hunting backpack.

  • day-backpacks for deer and small game hunters
  • the backpack material, buckles, and zippers should not make much noise when caught on bushes
  • It should have ample space to accommodate your hunting gear, including weapons, water, and many more.
  • The backpack should be able to accommodate heavy loads, including game meat.

We have compiled seven of the best hunting backpacks in the market to help you carry your game trophy home.

1. ALPS OutdoorZ Commander + Pack Bag

The best coyote brown ALPS OutdoorZ Commander + Pack Bag for elk hunt

It’s an excellent backpack due to its durability and sturdiness nature because of the substances used to make it. It is made of nylon ripstop fabric and waterproofed, enabling it to last longer and withstand all climatic conditions and harsh weather. In case there is rain, your supplies are entirely safe.

Having a backpack that will enable you to carry all your supplies, especially during a camping hunt, is the best thing ever. With this type of backpack, you are not to worry about anything. Having many a capacity of 5250 cubic inches with two side accessory pockets and other different pockets will motivate you to carry anything you would wish to during your hunting period.

It is designed with a clip-style holster, scope pocket, rifle holder, and a drop-down rifle pocket that enables you to carry your rifle with the backpack easily. The backpacklashing system makes it easy for you to haulgame meat after the hunt. Having a spindrift collar with a drawcord gives the hunter enough space to hang extra gears.


  • Contains enough pockets to keep all your supplies
  • It has a system that provides support
  • Having a flexible torso range enables you to adjust the backpack to fit you perfectly
  • Made of nylon for durability and sturdiness
  • Detachable from the frame to give you enough space to hunt


  • You need to check your lbs. and waist size to determine compatibility.

2. Badlands 2200 Hunting Backpack with built-in meat hauler

Magnesium Frame Badlands 2200 Hunting Backpack with Built-in Meat Hauler

Baring in mind, the name of the backpack assures you of the perfectness of the bag. Resembling the surrounding confuses the animals leading it to be easily caught. It’s made of an aluminum T-5 aircraft frame that is a very tough and durable material. The frame minimizes the bag’s weight by enabling it to rest onto the hip rather than the back. Since it’s big in size, you can store everything you need during the hunting process.

After hunting, you will need a place to keep your meat. This backpack comes with a built-in meat shelf that enables you to carry your meat safely and supports big loads to haul. The availability of a rare entry suspension makes it easy for you to access what is in the backpack without necessarily removing it from your back.  Being made of a bat-wig design, you can easily open it up to get access to what you need.

Although it can be easily adjusted to different sizes, hunters generally short cannot fit this type of backpacks. Nevertheless, it offers a free warranty in case of any damage. Therefore you are free to return it, and it will be fixed.


  • Contains enough strap that ensures that the meat shelf remains intact
  • suitable for those who love colors
  • Being made of ergonomic design enables the frame to align with the body’s weight easily
  • Durable and robust since it’s made of KXO-32 fabric
  • Easily adjustable to fit your back perfectly


  • Not conducive for short hunters

3. Eberlestock FAC Elk Pack

Best Camo Eberlestock FAC Track Pack for elk hunt

Big game hunters need everything in place to gear in and provide a successful hunt. Great features were included while designing this type of backpack. When you have loads at your back, it might lead to backaches. The good news is that it contains ultra-padded straps and numerous small pockets and organizers.

Although its lack lacks a shelf, it contains enough space to keep your game meat, which adds up to 50litres capacity. The large capacity will also enable you to keep everything required while hunting. Due to its woodland camouflage, the backpack is best for outdoor and sporting activities.

The pack is light weighted at 6pounds and 10 ounces that enable easier movability. The aluminum frames ensure that the backpack remains in position when walking or running, thus regulating and enhancing its sturdiness.


  • Offers outstanding stability and comfort
  • Contains a fold-away built in a rifle scabbard
  • Waist-belt that is easily adjustable to fit your waist perfectly
  • Contains a nice full zipper that is waterproofed and has more straps to attach accessories easily
  • There are several colors to satisfy user preference.

4. Horn Hunter Main Beam Backpack, Max Realtree, X-large

Framed Horn Hunter main beam Backpack, max Realtree, X-large

This backpack contains the best frame so far since it is made of aluminum and polyester, ensuring its durability and sturdiness. It also has an adjustable York that can fit any torso size. It makes it more flexible for the hunter.

In case you are in a hurry and wish to let go of your backpack, you can quickly drop it down because the shoulder buckles are designed to allow that.

It contains more pockets and compartments that ensures enough space in case there is a need. Regardless of the loads, it can withstand the weight due to an H3 tubular frame that ensures more support and strength on the pack.

Since it contains three versions frame, combo, and system, you can choose your preference. Generally, many people opt for the combo version since its light and suitable for short hunts. But the main point is that this type of backpack generally has a sound compression system that enables you to work without difficulty.


  • Made of aluminum and polyester, this durable and long-lasting
  • Availability of a tubular frame leads to more support and flexibility on the pack
  • High quality and affordable
  • Contains enough space to carry the required gear
  • Flexible, comfortable, and suitable while hunting
  • Has many compartments to carry everything you require

5. ALPS OutdoorZ Dark Timber Hunting Daypack

Day pack real tree ALPS OutdoorZ Dark Timber Hunting Daypack for elk hunt

Do you like your things well organized? Probably YES for many people. This backpack is designed in a unique nature, whereby it contains a big pocket in the front that enables you to keep your things in order correctly. It has enough space due to different pockets and compartments that you keep as many things as you need.

The comfortability of your waist is also well catered for. It’s because the waist belt and shoulder straps can easily be adjusted to fit the torso range. On each side of the bag, a quiver holder makes it able to hang and thus provides a suitable space range with the back and ensures a perfect hunt.

This backpack’s fantastic thing is its affordability, H20 compatibility, attachment points, and mesh side pockets. Although you manage your pocket, you can easily purchase this backpack because it is pocket friendly. It also has a midsection belt that ensures that the backpack balances without burdening one side, especially when it has a heavy load.


  • Does not pin you to one color
  • Accommodates both the handgun, rifle and the bowl as well
  • Made of aluminum, thus ensuring its durability
  • It contains a rain cover that perfectly fits the backpack and protects if during rainy seasons
  • Contains a removable support rod


  • It lacks an internal framework for support.

6. Badlands Superday Hunting Daypack

top rated realtree camouflage Badlands Superday Hunting Daypack for elk hunt

Are you looking for a small and a light weighted backpack? Badlands Superday Hunting daypack is best for this choice. It’s also pocket friendly and contains many unique features that you will probably love. It is one of the high quality and compatible backpack because of the fabric. Many people are quite impressed because it’s made of strong material, waterproof, and does not produce any noise and a fast hand hunt.

It also contains an inbuilt holster that ensures security to your sidearm. You can easily hunt without being destroyed because the backpack is molded with a foam suspension that matches the human body. It’s advantageous for a quick hunt and comfortable during the act.

Since it is mainly suitable for a day, you can carry the necessities of a day. It has compressible straps that flexibility. Enabling you to enjoy the hunting process. The pockets are also well lined to ensure your belongings’ security either while running or during harsh climates.


  • Contains spacious and extra straps for flexibility
  • The availability of the waist belt ensures the backpack is intact
  • The fabric is durable and breathable
  • The presence of different apartments and pockets enhances enough space for your supplies.


  • It lacks a meat shelf.

7. Tenzing 962208 BV16 Upland Vest

Ultimate Tenzing 962208 BV16 Upland Vest for elk hunt

In case you want to enjoy a multi-day elk hunting session, this is the perfect bag so far. It’s because of its size that enables you to carry many items. Its materials are unique in nature; it is water-resistance and thus maintains your supplies safe during harsh climates like rainy seasons.

Although it might look small, it expands to 2500 cubic inches when fully packed. It enables you to store several things with the inclusive of different compartments and well-zipped pockets. The size of the backpack makes it lighter and easy to be carried around.

The Tenzing 962208 BV16 upland vest is very comfortable and thus does not hurt your shoulders regardless of the things it may contain. It is also made of high-quality materials that are H20 compatible.


  • The backpack is versatile and shrinks whenever it’s carrying few items.
  • Very much spacious
  • Quickly expands and adjustable to fit your comfort
  • Durable and waterproofed
  • Contains several zipped pockets to store your supplies
  • Pocket-friendly thus affordable


  • Has an expandable limit

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Hunting Backpack

There are a number of factors to consider when shopping for the best hunting backpack such as quality of material, cost, durability, capacity and other factors like noise levels. To get the best backpack in the market, you have to understand the qualities that you want for your backpack.

You do not need to carry just any backpack around. Be selective of quality and ensure it has a high comfort standard for easy carrying around rough terrain. It should be durable, roomy, and have extra pockets to enable you to keep your rifles, bows, and retrieve arrows without any difficulties.

Is the Elk Hunting Backpack Material Durable and Waterproof?

You cannot determine and predict the weather of a place for the entire day. Sometimes rain can pour without notice. You might be caught unaware., so the best backpack should be durable, compressible, waterproofed, and breathable.

A suitable material will enable you to adjust quickly and will prevent discomfort while carrying it. You will also be able to carry heavy loads without it being worn out.

What is the Ideal Weight for a Hunting Backpack?

While selecting the best hunting backpack, always know the reason for carrying one.

  • Do you want to go for a camping hunt?
  • How long will you spend there?

So thinking about this will give you an upper hand on how to choose the best backpack for hunting.

If you are going for a camping hunt, you are supposed to choose many camping supplies, enabling you to carry everything you need. On the other hand, if you are hunting out of your truck, select a small backpack that you will easily carry during that period.

Are there Favorite Backpack Designs for Big Game Hunters?

Which design do you prefer for big game hunting?

The best hunting backpacks have are around three main designs. For instance, they are external, internal, and those with no frames. Those who prefer heavy-duty hunts carry the external frame backpack since it enables them to carry many things, although it’s somehow heavy, unlike the internal frame.

In case you only need a day hunt, I would suggest you go for a hunting backpack with no frame since it is light, durable, and affordable.

Fitting and Weight: Go for a Comfortable Backpack

It would be tedious, boring, and stressful, carrying a backpack that does not perfectly fit you. Therefore confirm the adjustability of the bag; it should be easily adjusted to fit your back.

Moreover, the hunting backpack should be light to enable you to walk for more extended periods without challenges. Remember, a heavy backpack will prevent you from doing a lot of things around. Make an excellent decision to come up with the best backpack.

Affordable or Costly Hunting Pack?

There are several backpacks at the market; cheap and expensive. Considering the reasons you need one, you can easily purchase a backpack that will forever fall in love with, regardless of the price.

In a nutshell, before going to the market to purchase a hunting backpack, ensure you know the main reason you need it. Consider all the features and select the topmost required. Make the right decision and have the best hunting backpack of your own to make the activity more fun and enjoyable.


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