7 Best Two Way Radios for Hunting 2024

a two way radio on the ground of a hunting forest

You never have to worry about losing connection or going out of range with a two-way radio for hunting. Get the most from your hunt and go in prepared with these advanced gadgets that are packed full of features like clear communication, weather resistance, and other cool perks you can’t find anywhere else!

Hunting should be safe and enjoyable just like any other activity, right?

To achieve this, you need to have a two way radio which is sophisticated enough to offer clarity as well as weather resistant capabilities so it won’t get damaged when exposed outside during rainstorms.

These walkie talkies will also stay connected no matter how far apart we may become because they come equipped with long ranges capabilities.

Communication management

A variety of two-way radios are rugged in nature, and they offer vibration mode for incoming calls. Others have eavesdropping reducers and privacy code that help filter broadcasting that may come from other radio users.

A two-way radio keeps you company whether you are alone or with partners in a hunting trip. When hunting alone, you can use long range walkie talkies for fun while you can use it to keep in touch with others when you are with partners.

Emergency alerts/communication

Apart from keeping a constant connection with others, a two-way radio delivers emergency alerts and necessary information for safety purposes.

A mere shouting in case of an emergency signal may not bring help. However, a radio will help you give a detailed report of your plight and location, which an emergency whistle can’t.

A two-way radio is a must-have in some workplaces to make communication easier and coordinate staff when exploring the wilderness. They are popular with professionals and casual users due to their wide range of features.

The market offers too hunting walkie talkies, and selecting a good one for your hunting can be hectic. This guide will make it easier for you.

1. Midland GXT1050VP4 GMRS

4 pieces of Midland GXT1050VP4 GMRS

The Midland GXT1050VP4 hunting two-way radio is perfect for the everyday user. They meet the expectations of a professional and a fanatic hunter. It has many useful hunting features as it is designed for hunters.

Firstly, it covers a range of 36 miles of an open area without obstacles. Also, it can cover 4 miles of an area with thick bush and dense woods. It is the best choice if your target does not exceed a 5 miles range.

Amazingly it comes with different modes of power. Firstly, you can recharge your batteries conveniently in the vehicle as it uses rechargeable batteries. Secondly, you can charge it using the four AA batteries, no worries about battery life when in the field.

Surprisingly, it comes with a whispering mode feature that enables you to talk in low tones to avoid scaring away from the animals without compromising the sound quality. Also, it contains the group and direct modes of calling, making it easy to communicate flexibly with a team or a person.

It is not fully resistant to water and can experience damage when exposed to water for a long time. Careful hunters should not hesitate to buy it as a perfect gadget unless they drop in deep waters for a long time.You can enjoy animal call alerts and headset support features.


  • The whisper mode prevent scaring the animals away
  • The animal call feature makes it easy to catch the prey
  • It is easy to connect with others through group and direct calling
  • It has two battery modes that make it easily rechargeable
  • Covers up to 5 miles making wild operation easy


  • It needs extra protection from water.

2. Midland GXT1000VP4 Two Way Radio

4 black pieces of Midland GXT1000VP4 Two Way Radio

The GXT1000VP4 is more efficient waterproof two way radio than the GXT1050VP4, which makes it the best choice for bad weather. You don’t have to worry when carrying it outside.

The waterproof two way radio feature means that it is resistant to water splashes, rain, and it can survive when submerged in water. This feature helps it to work best in severe weather conditions, therefore, extending its life.

The midland GXT1000VP4 contains NOAA weather alerts feature. Hunters spend long hours outside, making it impossible to predict how the weather is going to be. The ability of two-way radio to receive reports on weather guarantees safety.

It comes with charging options that are user-friendly, meaning you can use the base charging station or use rechargeable batteries, thus ensuring convenience and flexibility for hunters. You can also use the AA batteries or charge in, either way, making the battery last longer.

It allows the hunter to communicate in a silent mode as it supports the headset. Hunters can focus on hunting as their hands are not occupied. It’s good for those who love camouflage.


  • The NOAA weather alerts feature helps you to keep safe
  • It has different battery modes which make it easy to recharge
  • It offers group and direct calling making it easy to connect with others
  • The support to the headset allows the hunter to focus on hunting
  • It is durable as it can withstand bad weather
  • Comes with a three year warranty
  • Lightweight with more amazing pre-set built in repeater channels and ultra high frequency


  • It has no animal call alerts

3. Motorolla- Talkabout T465

2 pieces of Motorola- Talkabout T465

This hunting two way radio is the ideal option for seasoned hunters as it can help them find their way. It comes with a flashlight, which is a practical and outstanding feature. The flashlight lightens your way and helps you to read the map when you get lost, which is convenient for new hunters or veterans when they visit strange places.

This two-way radio is waterproof, enabling the hunter to enjoy the services after unpredicted rains or when they have to go through the river. This feature prolongs the life of the radio, and therefore you can use it for a very long time.

Additionally, you can recharge this radio using a USB port. You don’t need to worry about the battery life when you are in the field, as you are easily recharged from the vehicle.

It is easy to communicate with others conveniently after reading the backlit display.

All the settings remain as programmed, and you cannot change them on the computer, although it might be necessary to make changes. It is convenient to use at night.


  • Compact making it portable
  • Water-resistant
  • A backlit display to connect with others
  • USB charging
  • Inbuilt flashlight to give direction and lighten the way
  • Efficient for long range communication


  • It has a plastic belt clip which can break easily if you drop the radio on a hard surface.

4. Motorolla MR35OR FRS/ GMRS

Two pieces of Motorola MR35OR FRS/ GMRS

The Motorola MR350R can withstand bad weather conditions. This tough model is easily portable, with a lot of useful features. It’s convenient for high mountain hunting.

This model receives the FRS or GMRS frequencies, although you need to seek access to GMRS frequencies from the federal.

Another wonderful feature is that it supports AA batteries or rechargeable batteries. You can find the charging adapter in the package, making it easy to recharge by the adapter. You can also choose to purchase new AA batteries.

This lightweight model is easy to carry when hunting on dense woods or in hills. It also comes with a belt clip with big enough buttons that you can press easily without looking at them.

Another feature is the vibrate function that enables you to receive calls in a silent mode to avoid scaring animals. This feature makes hunting easier.

However, the hunter should be more careful during adverse weather conditions to avoid dropping the gadget in the waters. The belt clip can also slip off easily as it is not rugged.


  • The product is lightweight hence easy to carry
  • comes with two power modes
  • Vibration mode to avoid scaring away the prey
  • Two power modes that enable easy recharging
  • Big buttons that you can press easily
  • Comes with privacy codes for convenient communication


  • It is not waterproof

5. Midland LXT630VP3 36 Channel FRS

a yellow pair of Midland LXT630VP3 36 Channel FRS

The Midland LXT630VP3 is ideal for wild hunting as it provides good sound quality and a long range. A big team or a demanding hunting activity requires this model.

It covers up to 30 miles in open areas with less or no obstacles. This long range is ideal for hunting in dense woods. Thick woods might also not affect this range.

This two-way radio also comes with a weather alert feature that may guide the hunter to plan properly before undertaking the task. It ensures the hunter is well protected from dangers.

It is a small, light, and compact model to carry that allows the hunter to carry it easily when hunting outdoors.

Another feature is a voice calling activity that is important when the hunter is busy calling. The hands free hunter, therefore, concentrates on hunting.


  • It comes with a weather alert feature for safety measures
  • highly portable
  • It covers a long range of 30 miles
  • offers a silent operation feature
  • The voice activity calling feature sets the hands free


  • it needs more protection from water

6. Cobra MR HH450 CAMO Handheld Floating VHF Radio

a piece of Cobra MR HH450 CAMO Handheld Floating VHF Radio

The Cobra Electronics MR HH450 CAMO is ideal in situations like unpredictable weather conditions or hunting near a river.

Its weather resistance ability is at the highest level. Apart from being resistant to slashing water and rain, it can float on water. It cannot be damaged even when submerged in waters. The radio also prevents the water from entering into the speaker, thus maintain good sound quality.

The silent operation enables the hunter to communicate silently, which is essential when wild hunting.lack of these features in your gadgets can scare away your target prey.

Hunters rely so much on weather reports that come with this two way radios. These weather alerts help hunters to prepare accordingly to avoid hazardous weather conditions.

The hunter does not have to fear battery life as it supports both the AA batteries and the rechargeable lithium batteries. So the hunter can pack extra AA batteries or just recharge them.

However, the hunter has to operate these two way radios manually as it does not have a headset. Some hunters may opt to ignore this shortcoming and focus on the extraordinary water resistance feature.


  • Has a weather alert feature
  • Comes with two power modes
  • It contains a silent operation mode ideal for hiding
  • Durable and super waterproof
  • The VHF features facilitate communication


  • It does not have a headset.

7. Retevis H-777 Walker Talkies for Hunting

a piece of Retevis H-777 Walkie Talkies for Hunting

The Retevis H-777 is the most economical of all the other two way radios. Beginners can start with it considering its low cost and the practical features.

The most important feature is the emergency alarm that alerts hunters with less hunting experiences. These alerts can signify potential emergencies such as fires and mudslides. The hunter can, therefore, take the necessary measures to avoid these dangers.

It also comes with a backlight that lights the way ensuring that the night hunters do not experience confusion.

Also, you can enjoy a private communication with your partners, supported by the secret codes. This function ensures that you are not bothering other people and that you protect your stealth.

These two way radios come with a rechargeable battery pack that carries with it a rechargeable battery and a removable one that can always charge separately.

It offers a USB port that enables direct charging. You can also regulate the power according to your need using the low or the high power modes.


  • Emergency alerts
  • The USB port enables direct charging
  • The low and high power modes can help to save energy
  • It comes with a privacy code to allow private conversation
  • It comes with led lights that work best at night


  • The limited range coverage limits wide hunting and long range communication.
  • It has a partial waterproof feature and therefore, not recommended on hazardous weather.

What to Consider When Choosing a Two Way Radio for Hunting: A Buyers Guide

Based by the number of similar products in the market, choosing a suitable two-way radio can be challenging, especially to seasoned hunters as well as beginners. The variety offered in the market can be more confusing. Below are the key features to consider when buying a two-way radio.

Battery Life

The best two-way radio should have a rechargeable battery pack to avoid fast run out of power, which is disappointing. There are many options for two-way radio in the market. First, you may consider the battery life and opt for AA batteries and take some alternatives to use when you stay for long hours outside. Another option can be buying the one that uses rechargeable batteries that you can charge in the vehicle.

Water Resistance

You should consider buying a two-way radio that is water-resistant and rugged to avoid frequent replacement that might be costly and inconvenient. It should withstand exposure to harsh conditions like mud, dust, rain, stumbles, or even reels.


A user-friendly two-way radio should cover the required hunting range. A wide hunting range full of obstacles requires a two-way radio with more range for it to function well.

You should consider the transmission of a two-way radio claimed to cover more than 35 miles because most of them work best in flat land. It needs to have a better antenna and built in repeater channels for it to work best in dense woods and thick bushes.

NOAA Alert

It is possible to experience terrible weather conditions that may get you into trouble. Therefore having a two-way radio that provides NOAA alert feature in place is important as it will alert you in advance. These will help you to do some preparations to avoid injuries.

You also need alerts and warnings to receive radio signals of potential emergencies like fire, landslide, and mudslide. Based on those warnings, you can protect yourself and other partners by sending distress signals.

Group and Direct Calling Modes

The calling mode design affects the efficiency of two-way radio. Hunters may have different game goals that may call for different calling demands.

In cases where you need to communicate with only one partner, the calling mode should not bother other members. A group mode calling applies in situations where more team members should cooperate to achieve a certain goal.


Noise from your radio should not scare away your prey. Hunters should pay attention to the stealth of a two-way radio they want to purchase because a hunter should concentrate on holding hunting tools.

A perfect two-way radio should support the headset where some are connected through Bluetooth, a wire, or just a compatible dual. This function is important and should not miss on your list.

Great Options Available

There are great options in the market. When stuck, always visit this review where any pick in the list will serve you better and to your satisfaction.


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