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7 Best Video Camera for Deer & Elk Hunting 2021

a canon vixia HF G50 UHD 4K camcorder for deer hunting

Today’s hunting is not just a killing game. It’s more of a pastime and a hobby. Some look at it as more of an adventure since it involves a lot of activities and therefore,a video camera for hunting filming. In the past, hunters had to carry heavy equipment and hoist it in a strategic position for video recording.

However, today’s technology has provided more compact, lighter and easy to operate gadgets. They also come in different sizes just for you.

While some people hunt to survive, others hunt to make memories, to celebrate or to bond. Some are just adventurous and fun-loving. They always wish they had the best camera to capture fun moments.When you share memories with family and friends, you still want to go back to hunting.

Also, T.V.’s air hunting shows and experiences and it’s only after this that you realize the urgency of havingthe best video recording camera when you go hunting.

Choosing the best video camera for your hunting can be overwhelming because recording home movies and hunting activities are quite different. With hunt recording, you must consider filming distance, video quality, unique features and portability. Your choice of camera should also fit in your budget.

This guide provides the best video cameras with all the filming features you need for your hunts. If you loveYouTube hunting sensation and life hunting memories you’re in the right place. We have the best gadgets to capture those adrenaline-pumping moments.

1. Panasonic Lumix FZ1000

a black colored Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 video camera for deer hunting

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This camera provides high-quality videos that will make your viewers think they are watching a live video of your hunting. It comes with 4k video capture footage with vibrant colours and crisp image quality.

The glass quality is incredible, made by the best optical glass industry in Leica. The glass produces crystal clear images even when in a zoom mode.

It also has a shotgun microphone that produces the best audio recording. You can also adjust the sound to match your recording situation.

It also features a smartphone-enabled remote shooting that allows long-distance recording. It’s a great option used to record hunts from a secondary perspective.

It also consists of a high zoom that collects light in low light settings for clear recording. It is a must-have feature because most animals become active at around dawn and dusk.


  • Lenses made of quality Leica glass
  • Has integrated smartphone wifi for local imaging and recording
  • Features a significant sensor quality of one inch 20.1MP M.O.S. sensor
  • Has a 4k video and photo for high breed photography
  • Has an 8MP video frame that grabs photos
  • gives a realistic ambient sound recording
  • has a lense stabilizer of hybrid O.I.S. and a five-axis correction
  • has a multipurpose lens that zooms to cover everything from wide angles


  • Zooming is a bit noisy and can scare away animals

2. Panasonic HC-V770

a black Panasonic HC-V770 camcorder for deer hunting

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4K videos are excellent, but those cameras are expensive. To avoid all the hustle, you can capture your full H.D. videos using the Panasonic HC-V770.

This camera captures professional and quality 1080p videos. A 20X zoom feature helps capture long-distance hunting while the HDR (high dynamic range) feature reduces any bright spot that may creep into the video.

The Panasonic HC-V770 camera has the N.F.C (near field communication) and Wi-Fi capability that offers a seamless connection to your devices and pc. You can also stream your real-time videos using this Panasonic camera. A smartphone can capture videos from far. If you need to keep an eye on your hunting zone, you can set this camera upwards in a skilled, planned location.

This camera has a top-notch sound recording mic that will ensure that you don’t miss any noise during the recording process. It will also help in creating authentic hunting videos with clear audio.

Though this camera lacks the infrared feature, it has an impressive low light recording, thanks to the insider B.S.I (backside illuminated) sensor. You don’t have to worry about any noises during shooting. The silent operation feature is a plus to hunting activities. The camera registers excellent quality, compact and lightweight features.


  • Gives you value for money
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Has a wifi and N.F.C. connectivity that connects to your phone and other devices
  • 20X zoom that draws in faraway scenes
  • Supports live video streaming
  • Offers image stabilization feature
  • Has a flexible LCD
  • Has a prime lens
  • Comes with a remote control shooting
  • Has an HDR feature that blocks shadows for more explicit videos


  • Remember to carry your charger because batteries can be drained over time.

3. Canon XF400


a canon fx400 4k camcorder for deer hunting

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This camera gives your hunting excursions,high definition footage courtesy of its high-grade professional camera. Although it’s a bit more expensive than the other models, it is still cheap than the other cameras that give similar qualities. The XF400 camera offers cost-effective videography using its 4k UHD quality video feature.

Other features include an electronic viewfinder, a touch panel LCD measuring 3.5 inches and X.L.R. inputs that connects the microphones.

This camera produces a high-quality video that makes your viewers think they are next to you in the hunting field. It has a 15X optical zoom lens that gives you a personal and close game in the area. Consequently, it records a 4K UHD  video at a smooth 60p. The 400 feature enables it to capture the first action shots, at a full slow-motion recording of 120fps in full H.D.

This camera also features a Dual Pixel CMOS AF in having accurate and fast autofocus.

The 5-axis Optical Image Stabilizer assists in producing steady footage that leaves your viewers calm.

Although the Canon XF400 is relatively compact, it weighs almost 2.5 pounds. It would be necessary to seek assistance from your partners.


  • It offers a fast and accurate autofocus
  • Has a large touch panel LCD monitor of 3.5 inch
  • Records a smooth 60p video courtesy of a 4K UHD
  • Has an optical image stabilizer of 5- axis
  • Has a 0.24’’electronic viewfinder
  • Features a 15 times Optical zoom lens


  • It is a bit heavy ( 2.5 pounds)

4. Sony HDRCX405


a black Sony HDRCX405 handheld camcorder for deer hunting

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Sony produces reliable video recording cameras. The HDRCX405 has stylish and attractive features for hunting lovers.

The 60X and30X optical zoom is a plus for hunters who wants to zoom from long distance. This same zoom feature produces superior, explicit and quality videos. The high-quality sensor creates 1080p videos of good quality.

Its Exmor CMOS sensor helps this camera to produce videos of high quality even in low light conditions. You will not find any grain shot in your video shot at dusk or dawn. This camera can shoot up to 9.2- megapixel images.

This camera is compact and can fit in the palm of your hand, and Carrying it in the woods won’t be a burden.  Although it does not have wireless connectivity, it has an HDMI and a USB output. This gadget has many accessories, including high capacity batteries, HDMI cable and a 32GB micro SDHC card.

The Sony HDRCX405 has high capabilities videos and has other appealing features.


  • Has extra batteries and other accessories
  • Offers a 30X optical zoom and 60X clear zoom
  • It is a compact and lightweight video camera
  • Has EXMOR CMOS sensor that delivers quality videos in low light environments
  • Has an HDMI and USB connectivity
  • Features a 32gb micro SDHC card
  • Has a high-quality sensor that allows the production of quality 1080p videos


  • .It lacks Wi-Fi capability but makes up for it with other features power features such as lenses and long-range capture.

5. Panasonic HC-V 180

a black Panasonic HC-V 180 handheld camcorder for deer hunting

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The Panasonic HC-V180 will make you doubt the narrative ”you get what you pay for” because you will get surprisingly features for a relatively low price. These features include impressive image stabilization, intuitive interface, an intelligent 90x zoom and short light recording features.

This compact gadget weighs only 8oz, making it perfect for remote hunting as it will be easier to get it up a treestand.

You can customize and filter your videos using a touch screen LCD monitor.

It becomes easier to see through the woods since the monitor measures up to 3 inches.

At that price range, it also features a two-channel zoom microphone for clear and crispy audio. The high-quality microphone adjusts the recording volume automatically to match the camera’s zooming capabilities.

This product does not start recording immediately after starting. Instead, it will take up to five seconds to begin; hence giving you time to adjust your scope for the perfect shot.


  • It is compact but light
  • Has an intelligent zoom feature of 50x and 90x
  • Capable of recording low light videos
  • It has a wide-angle lens convenient for capturing group images in small gatherings
  • Produces a crispy and clear audio
  • Comes with creative controls of 8mm videos and time-lapse recording
  • Has a high 1.5 to 8-inch B.S.I. sensor and a 2.20 m pixels that suppress noise in dim light
  • An intrusive user interface
  • A two-channel zoom microphone that matches with its camera video zoom, to produce a clear and crispy audio


  • You have to be of aware of the 5 seconds time-lapse before recording starts

6. Panasonic 4K Camcorder HC-WXF991K

Panasonic 4K Cinema-Like Video Camera Camcorder HC-WXF991K for deer hunting

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The HC-WXF991Kcan handle the high-quality video format that you might need. It has a 4K video capture. It also has a capture and pause features that you can use to capture those fascinating events you would like to frame on a photograph to get high-quality images.

You will not want to be distracted by your camera when holding a gun, and therefore, this camera comes with a remote shooting feature. Through this feature, you can control the camera using your smartphone.

It has Wi-Fi connectivity allowing you to play videos directly on your TV. You do this via wireless TV playback. If you area fun of live streaming, this camera supports full H.D. and real-time streaming. It also has a night mode for coon hunting adventurers and other low light hunting trips that you may want to try.

The camera is compact and lightweight, making it the best choice to carry in the woods. It has a perfect build quality, although you should take extra care in wet conditions. Remember to carry spare batteries and memory cards if you need to shoot videos constantly.


  • It is compact and lightweight
  • You can use a smartphone for remote controls
  • Has a 20X Optimal zoom
  • Has a capacity of 4K recording
  • Can display 1080pin-camera editing
  • Easy to live stream H.D. videos
  • Has a capture and pause feature
  • Has a wifi connectivity


  • Carry spare battery because it drains over time

7.    Sony a7R II 


Sony a7R II Full-Frame Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera, Body Only (Black)

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The Alpha A7R II is a brand from a Sony company and is the best for recording gobblers that visit in the early morning. The sensitive ISO 409600 enables it to capture wide dynamic locations even in low light conditions.

The professional-level movie functions enable it to record high-quality footage, resulting from effective colour editing and slow motion.

The Alpha A7R II offers both an intelligent autofocus mechanism and a manual focus. The smart autofocus mechanism is 169 points faster than the manual guide, and it also ensures subject detection accuracy regardless of the available light.

The Alpha A7R II camera ensures stable filming that gives a five-axis optical image stabilization even when hunting a first paced deer. It keeps your footage rock steady.

However, this product does not have waterproof features and cannot function well in cold temperatures.

You don’t have to look for a different camera when you go hunting the spring turkey. You have the right gadget. However, the weather has to be perfect and not rainy.


  • Comes with both intelligent autofocus and a manual focus
  • Has light sensitivity feature
  • Provides professional-level functions of a movie
  • Stabilizes an image using its 5- axis optical feature
  • Comes with a battery charger
  • Can use different lenses, interchangeably
  • Its lens does not require a speed or adapter booster
  • Works well at night


  • Does not have waterproof features

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Video- Camera for Deer Hunting: A Buyers Guide

People possess cameras for fun and attention. Choosing the best camera to purchase is a challenging task. However, this is broken for you.


How durable is this camera? Durability should be your number one question you should ask yourself before purchase.

A durable camera is water-resistant and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Bad weather should not stop you from shooting fun moments. Therefore you should go for a camera that has waterproof features. Also, a durable camera can last long without the need for replacement.


Connectivity is another crucial feature to consider. It should be easy to transfer and upload video files to the web. Also, you should download your files into your pc easily. Never purchase a camera that does not have a screen display for playback.

Storage Space

Be sure your camera has enough storage space to avoid running out of the room when you want to capture an important event.

You should always check the available space before you start shooting. Remember, videos take a lot of space than photos.

Battery Life

A camera with a short battery life will not be useful to you. A decent camera should have an average of 120-minute battery life.

Also, ensure the package has extra batteries and, if not, purchase extra batteries that will serve you for long hours.

Also, the spare batteries of the camera you purchase should be affordable and readily available.


Ensure that you have a fast memory card to make your work easier. A slow memory card can cause frustrating moments.

A slow memory card will slow the video footage process, an experience you would like to avoid.


The overall appearance of a camera may deceive you only to realize that it has a low megapixel.

A smartphone has an average of 8 megapixels. As such, a camera should record at least 12 megapixels for quality recording.


The camera’s accessories should be readily available. A cyclist would like to mount the camera on their bike.

If you cannot find the accessories, you will not record some of your fun time. Every time you want to buy a camera, visit its website to familiarise yourself with the package and accessories.

Best Low Cost Trail Cameras and Game Cameras for Hunting

Best Low Cost Trail Cameras for Hunting

How do I pick a Trail Camera?

Our #1 goal is to help you pick the absolute perfect trail camera for your particular situation. Whether you are a wildlife enthusiast, a sportsman, a wildlife researcher, or just trying to catch a vandal; we are here to help.

This “First Time” Trail Camera Buyer’s Guide will provide a quick overview of what to look for in these trail cameras. If at any time, you have questions and want to talk to someone in person, feel free to Contact Us. We look forward to helping you with your trail camera needs!

The first thing you will need to know is there are tons of cameras out there. Many of them excel in one area but under-perform in another. Knowing the situation in which you will place your camera can play a crucial part in picking your “perfect” camera.

After reading this guide, I would highly recommend going through the Trail Camera Selection Guide. It will walk you through, step by step, the different criteria you may or may not be interested in. At the end of the test, it will give you the camera (s) that matches your criteria. It essentially finds the perfect camera for your needs.

Detection Circuits

The detection circuit of a trail camera is what detects the animal. Cameras detect based off of a combination of heat and motion. The better detection circuits will produce more pictures of wildlife or people, the poor detection circuits will miss a lot of activity and produce minimal pictures.

Detection circuits consist of:

  • Trigger Time Detection Zone
  • Detection Width
  • Detection Range
  • Recovery  Time

Trigger Time

Trigger time is the amount of time a camera takes to snap a picture once the object has entered the detection zone. In general, quicker trigger speed is an indicator of a higher quality camera.

However, not every person needs a quick trigger speed. If you are putting the camera on a feeder or bait station, where the animal is expected to hang around for a while, a quick trigger is not necessary.

Conversely, If you are putting the camera on a game trail, or using for security, you need a quick trigger speed in order to snap a picture before the animal/person leaves.

We use a device called The Triggernator that scientifically and accurately tests the trigger speeds of any camera trap. If you would like to view the trigger times from the different cameras, read the Trigger Speed Showdown.

Detection Zones

Every camera trap has a Detection Zone. A Detection Zone is an area in front of the camera that the game camera is “monitoring.”

When an animal or person steps into the detection zone, a picture will be taken shortly thereafter (how long depends on how fast the trigger speed!).

The two factors that determine the detection zone are Detection Width and Detection Range.

Detection Width

Game Cameras have anywhere from a 5-degree beam up to a full 90-degree detection zone. At 30′ this varies anywhere from narrow 3′ horizontal detection width all the way up to a monstrous 60′ wide detection width.

Detection Range

The furthest distance at which a scouting camera is able to detect motion. Distances range from 30′ on the low end to out past 100′. If you want to put a camera on a food plot and cover a huge amount of area, you need a game camera with a wide detection width and long detection range.

For comprehensive data on Detection Zones, please review our Detection Zone Test.

Recovery Time

Recovery time is the amount of time a camera takes to capture a photo, store that photo to memory and then re-arm itself for the next photo opportunity.

Some cameras will only take a picture every 30 or 60 seconds. These cameras will work on a feeder/bait station, but not on a fast moving game trail.

If you want to see everything that is walking down a game trail, you need a camera that recovers quickly. If you want the best recovery time, Reconyx trail cameras recover in just 1/2 second.

Conclusion on Detection Circuits

Every year, we do our trademark test to determine which cameras have the best Detection Circuits. The test combines trigger speeds, detection zones and recovery time.

If you would like to see which camera companies scored the highest, you need to review the Trail Camera Shootout.

Quality of Picture

The first thing to know is that megapixel ratings are the LAST thing you should look for in a camera. Many companies trick you by listing a high Mpxl, but in reality they use an extremely low quality lens which makes the quality of the picture average or even below average.

The only way to define quality of picture is to look at sample pictures (and then decide yourself).

Picture Quality

Before you purchase a camera, you need to be aware of what the pictures from that camera trap look like. We obviously test and review nearly every camera out there and one of the biggest tests revolves around putting a camera in the woods and seeing exactly what it does.

Our collection of trail camera pictures will give you an excellent representation of the quality of picture to expect from each model.

You can also view our customer photos for both educational and entertainment value!

Infrared vs. Incandescent

Does the camera use a standard incandescent flash or infrared flash? Incandescent will give you color night photos, but is also subject to spooking some game.

Infrared is color daytime and black and white at night but does not spook the game (normally).

Flash Range

Flash range is the distance at which a camera’s flash is able to capture a discernible image at night. Some models tested were incapable of reaching past 15′ while others worked out to 80’+.

  • Good Flash Range (60ft)
  • Poor Flash Range (10 ft.)

To see sample night pictures, please visit the Flash Range Test.

Battery Life

Battery life is often overlooked until you have been using the camera for some time. If you make the wrong decision, your camera could cost you a small fortune in the future.

If you make the right decision, (buying a camera with good battery life and using rechargeable batteries) batteries will be the least of your concern.

We are huge advocates of NiMH Rechargeable batteries. Why?

  1. They save you bushels of money in the long run (check out this chart for proof).
  2. They increase your battery life in the cold winter months.
  3. Fewer batteries in the landfills = cleaner environment for you and your kids

We include battery life information in all of our trail camera reviews. You may also want to read our article about Nimh, Lithium and Alkaline batteries.

Security Options

When you go to retrieve your photos, will your camera still be there?

Much like batteries, this is something that is often overlooked until it is too late. If you plan on putting your camera in an area that receives traffic from anybody but you, do yourself a favor and lock your camera up.

To view security options for all the different camera traps, please visit Security Devices for Trail Cameras.

Putting it all together…

A great resource, if you haven’t already been there, is our Trail Camera Shootout. The Shootout gives you the raw data for determining which cameras have good detection circuits. If you want to read more on the different tests we perform, or to compare and see how the cameras stack up to each other, visit our Trail Camera Tests.

This will help explain many of our testing procedures and will have tons of information to familiarize yourself with how the cameras work and which ones outperform their competitors.

Also, if you would like to see which camera is right for you, complete our Trail Camera Selection Guide. Enter your preferences and find out which camera matches your needs!