Argali Guide to Creating an Efficient Backcountry Kill Kit

Efficient Backcountry Kill Kit

Argali is a company that specializes in backcountry hunting. Argali understands the importance of safety and efficiency when it comes to hunting, which means providing all the tools you need for your kill kit.

Your Argali backcountry kill kit can be customized based on what type of game you are going after. For example, if you are going after big games like elk or moose, you will need bigger knives than if you were just going after doves, turkey, rabbits, and squirrels.

However, no matter what type of animal you are hunting in remote areas of the world, some things should always be included with your Argali backcountry kill kit: a good knife for dressing and quartering meat, and an Argali hunting backpack for transporting your kill back to camp.

Argali knives are crafted with a tough carbon steel blade that can be sharpened easily in the field, meaning you’ll always have the right tool for the task at hand.

Your knife is also designed to provide a high strength-to-weight ratio, meaning you can carry it with you without having to worry about additional weight. Knives by Argali also include a tough handle that is infused with Kevlar for a firm grip on your knife in any situation.

What you Need to Pack for a Backcountry Kill Kit

One of the most important things to pack for a backcountry kill kit is a suitable container for keeping your meat and other items fresh. You will need something lightweight yet durable that you can easily carry on your back.

A hard plastic container is a good option. You will also want to make sure the container has a lid, preferably with locks on it, for extra security.

Another important component of any kill kit is a knife of some kind, preferably more than one. You will want to pack some knives that are bigger in size than others depending on what your needs are and what your primary purpose is (e.g., slicing or skinning).

Knives can vary in shape from oval-shaped blades with pointed ends to straight blades with serrated edges, depending on what you intend to use them for. Whatever type of knife you choose, make sure that the blade is sharp, which will make cutting your meat much easier and more efficient.

Argali Backcountry Hunting Knife

The Argali backcountry kill kit also recommended packing a set of butchering tools such as a bone saw, skinning knife, and carving fork.

Argali Knives and Axes for Hunting in the Wild

Argali Kill Kit knives and axes are specifically designed for hunting in the wild. Argali set of knives have a durable design that is built to withstand the tough conditions of a wilderness environment, with an oval-shaped blade that can be used as a skinner or slicer.

The knives are extremely lightweight and versatile for packing into your Argali kill kit. You may want to pack several knives depending on your needs since Argali has them are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes.

Argali butchering knives have slanted curved blades that make them perfect for skinning game animals such as deer, moose, elk, and doves when you’re out in the field or when cooking over an open fire.

Argali Serac Knife

Argali butcher knives are another good option since they feature the same slanted curved blade design but in a smaller size that can be used for carving meat.

Argali skinning knives have pointed oval-shaped blades with serrated edges on both sides of the blade. Argali skinning knives make it easy to remove the hide from animals and prepare hides for tanning or use as Argali clothing.

Argali’s Knife Design and Materials

Knives from Argali are constructed from 100% stainless steel, with the Argali butchering knives made of high-grade carbon steel that can be used not only for hunting but also for butchering.

Argali’s butchering knives are serrated on both edges of the blade to give you more control when using your knife to skin game, as well as to cut and split the meat.

Argali Butchering Knives with Serrated Edges

The butchering knives from Argali have slanted curved blades that make them perfect for skinning game animals such as deer, moose, elk, and boar when you’re out in the field or when cooking over an open fire.

Argali’s butcher knives are another good option since they feature the same slanted curved blade design but in a smaller size that can be used for carving meat.

Argali Hunting Backpacks for Carrying your Catch back to Camp

One of the most important things to focus on when packing for a backcountry hunt is your Argali backpack. Argali hunting backpacks are specifically designed to carry everything you need for a successful kill kit, including Argali knives and axes.

Argali backpacks are very lightweight and have enough space for carrying Argali knives while still being compact enough for easy carrying over your shoulder.

Backpacks from Argali are also durable because they are made from materials that are tough enough to withstand the harsh terrain of the wilderness.

Algari Large MOB Pack Game Bag

These backpacks by Argali come in four different sizes-small, medium, large, and extra-large–to fit all individual needs whether you’re small or large in size.

The Argali backpacks are available in several different designs, such as Argali internal frame packs, Argali lightweight backpacks, and Argali tactical (Large MOB) packs. : Argali Hunting Quarter Game Bag 17″ x 29″ : Sports & Outdoors

Argali camping backpacks are designed for carrying your Argali kill kit supplies while still being comfortable to wear over your shoulder or on your back as you hike out to your hunting location.

Argali’s Commitment to Quality Products, Safety, and Efficiency when it Comes to Hunting Gear

Argali is a company that prides itself on producing the best quality products for hunters. The company has always been committed to delivering safe, efficient hunting gear and is dedicated to upholding this commitment for generations to come.

Argali has been providing hunters with quality products for many years and will continue to do so for the next seventy.

The brand wants its customers to be comfortable and confident when they purchase Argali’s gear.

Argali manufactures its products from premium materials to increase the lifespan of these tools and apparel.

All of Argali’s products are as comfortable as they are functional. Moreover, Argali’s products and gear have been thoroughly tested by experts and can handle whatever hunters might encounter in the great outdoors.


Argali is a company that believes in the power of its knives, and backpacks. From their commitment to safety and efficiency when it comes to hunting gear to their premium materials for creating quality products designed with hunters in mind, Argali has you covered.

If you’re looking for a high-quality pack or knife set made by people who care about your experience while out on the hunt, look no further than Argali’s line of packs and knives.

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