7 Best Field Dressing Game Kit

two male hunters field dressing a deer using a skinning knife

It is extremely important to properly dress your kill because it will prolong your meats life and keep it fresh.

Game dressing is the removal of internal organs, skin and other unwanted parts to allow fast cooling and avoid bacteria from growing on the meat right away.

To avoid health risks for yourself and others around you,dress your game properly so that it stays bacteria-free and clean.

When you are field dressing your kill be, extremely careful not to fill or stain the animal's insides with faeces or stomach fluids, cleanness is very important.  

Proper Venison Care and Handling: Keep your game meat clean

I know sometimes you can't help it and you get some few leaks here and there just make sure in that case that you get it cleaned out well after you field dress it.

How clean your carcass is will impact how your meat will taste.To achieve a proper field dressing, you need to have the best game dressing kit.

A good dressing kit is not only essential for self-defence but for your hunting, hiking, fishing, swimming, climbing mountains and contours, and doing other outdoor activities that you like.

Features and quality of a field dressing set

Many people fail to get the right information on the best tools to use and end up in disappointments after acquiring stressful tools and inefficient ones.

 If you are on the hunt for the best dressing kit, look for knives that are lightweight so that they make your dressing quick and efficient.

We will dive more into seven of the best field dressing kits features and detailed information to help you make wise decisions when buying one or even referring someone to buy one.

Kit’s completeness: Msut have field dressing essentials

The best field dressing kit should be self-contained, full-service dressing kit, when you open it up all your items should be neatly organized and ready to go.

We shall discusssome valuable features like durability that you cannot want to miss when hunting for afield dressing kit of choice.

Below are the seven best field dressing kits available in the market today, you will find that different knives work better at some tasks because of their size, blade type, grip or something else.

These are the best dressing kits that we have reviewed that are more likely to suit your hunting or fishing style.

deer meat

Below are the seven best field dressing kits available in the market today.

You will find that different knives work better at some tasks because of their size, blade type, grip or something else.

These are the best dressing kits that we have reviewed that are more likely to suit your hunting or fishing style.

GVDV Hunting Knife Kit - Field Dressing Gear Accessories Set for Men, Butcher Game Processing for Deer Hunting, Fishing, Camping, 6 Pieces

It’s one of the most amazing game kits to own, due to its varied uses. It can be used when hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, and many other functions.

You are better off having this field dressing kit packed in your bag together with all your other hunting equipment. Here are some of its important features to note;

GVDV Field Dressing Knife Kit/ Gear Accessories

It weighs 1.6 pounds and has dimensions of 11.2 by 5.3 by 2 inches.

Comes with 6 pieces of accessories like; ribcage spreaderfor simple field dressing and cooling the game, boning and fillet knife with thin lades for cutting into masterpieces.

Game cleaning gloves to give user protection from germs

Thehard size casefor good handling when you are carrying it around.

It has razor-sharp blades that can cut through anything

Provides a cage spreader to make your dressing easier

comes with a Gut hook knife

Non-slip handles stainless steel hence do not wear out and rust. This makes it to be very strong and abrasion-resistant.

Handles are polypropylene grooved to enable a nice grip even when they get wet when in use.

The camouflage colour enables a good view from darkness and long vegetation that can hinder the user.

This whole package can be a great birthday gift from a loving dad to his son. It’s affordable and light in weight. This will motivate your son to go out in the fields with it and get more fun.    


  • Knives have razor-sharp blades  andle
  • Handles are very comfortable and easy to grip
  • Carrying case keeps the knives safe and away from damage
  • Ideal for all outdoor activities including hunting or fishing.
  • Plastic handles make the knives easy to clean
  • Durable and make for a good gift for all the hunting enthusiast out there
  • Pocket friendly and it doesn’t cost much given its quality.


  • You might be skeptical at first based on price or picture but GVDV is a quality kit  
HME 8 Piece Field Dressing Kit - Rubberized Handles- Stainless Steel-with Carrying Case

Whenever you’re going out for hunting or any other outdoor activity you should be prepared with the best game processing kit to dress your meat after a kill. 

The HME 8 piece dressing kit has everything you need to ensure your hunting is successful.

This kit has all the right accessories that are made of quality material to increase durability and easy dressing.

The stainless steel blades are easy to sharpen and they have well-designed rubberized handles.

HME Field Dressing Kit accessories        

  • Bone saw 16.4”
  • Shear cutters 10 inches long
  • A large knife sharpener
  • Rib spreader
  • Cutting board 14*10”
  • Two pairs of gloves
  • Butcher fork
  • A quality carrying case


  • The knives have rubberized handles to provide good grip even when bloodied or wet
  • blades are easy to sharpen
  • a strong and durable sharpener
  • a strong case to secure the knives


  • The knives don’t have a lanyard hole
Outdoor Edge wild-lite Game Processor, 12-Piece Field to Freezer Hunting & Game Processing Knife Set with Caping Knife, and more

If you’re looking for a field processing kit that is original and of superior quality, then I recommend the outdoor edge game processor.

It one of the most complete field dressing kits out there in the market. It's not just a game processor, you can use it for other applications at home or even when camping.

This butcher kit is loaded with all the knives you need for your hunting activities and the set is well placed insidea nice portable plastic case to keep your knives secured during the hunt.

Here are the accessories and tools that make it the best kit to include in all your outdoor activities.

Outdoor Edge Game Processor accessories

  • knives set fits very well in one plastic case
  • a cutting board
  • Caping knife
  • gut-hooked Skinner knife
  • Boning flay knife that is five and a half-inch
  • Large Butcher knife
  • Tungsten carbide sharpener
  • Steel stick for separating ribcage and gut removal
  • Carving fork
  • A pair of gloves
  • a ten-inch bone saw

All the outdoor edge game processor blades are made out of carbon 420 stainless steel which is very sharp and the blade goes back to the handle.


  • Comes with a steel stick that helps separate the ribcage to help cool the animal meat quicker.
  • Contain very sharp well-designed game shears for easy bone cutting
  • It has a strong saw that can be used to cut wood and bones
  • Full tang knives
  • The knives are easy to wash great for all outdoor activities.
  • Has rubberized handles that are well designed for a strong grip so you don’t have to worry about it falling off or losing control in case they become bloody or wet.
  • Comes with a strong case


  • It is wise to dry the knives well after game dressing before putting them back in the plastic carrying case to prevent rusting.
Outdoor Edge Wild Pak Complete 8-Piece Hunting Knife Kit for Field Dressing Game

When it comes to game meat processing field kit, outdoor edge wild pak has got you covered. It’s a field to table meat processing kit with a complete 8-piece set of hunting knives.

The 420 stainless steel blades are hand polished in the factory until they're razor-sharp. It is true, the knives cut through an animal like butter!

Its knives set are well fitted in a hard plastic case which weighs 2.3 pounds. The carrier case has a strong handle that is very travel friendly and is designed to fit easily inside your backpack.

Outdoor Edge Wild Pak Field dressing kit accessories

  • Caping knife with 8.3” blade
  • Ribcage spreader
  • Gut-hook skinning knife 8.5”
  • The boning fillet knife 9.3”
  • Rubberized non-slip gripping handles
  • Includes a tungsten carbide sharper
  • Wood and bone saw 9.3”


  • The non-slip rubberized handles provide a superior grip even on wet conditions
  • Its blaze orange handles are highly visible and easy to spot even on dim light
  • The knives blades have razor-sharp retention for superior performance
  • The lightweight carrier case easily fits in your backpack together with all your other hunting equipment’s.
  • The wood and bone saw has a replaceable  blade
  • Comes with two pairs of gloves to get you started
  • The blades stay sharp even after multiple uses
  • This kit is great for novice hunters


  • The gloves are not long-lasting and you have to buy some more afterwards
MOSSY OAK Hunting Field Dressing Kit

This is a nice set of knives for butchering game and fish. It comes with a nice case that is fitted with individual compartments to keep the knives secured.

The blades come with their plastic protective feature to keep the blades safe and to ensure the blades stay sharp.

Having the right tool or kit can make your work so easy and perfect. Mossy Oak is one of the best dressing kits to consider due to its super good features and descriptions.

Mossy OAK Kit Skinning Knives 

  • This package comprises of 7.5-inch capping knife which aids in surgical precision since the blades finer points and thinner scale.
  • 8.7-inch wood and bone saw with a hooked clever tip to ensure blades are not cut when dressing. 5 serrations are inclined to properly working.
  • A 9.4-inch gut hook skinner and 10-inch boning knife with a fine edge on blades for effective dressing
  • Steel spreader which is stainless and can withstand rust. This is so great because it can last for at least a long period.
  • Red game gloves for protection of hands from dirt and harmful things when using so that you don’t get injured or infected with germs.
  • The strong black case that can accommodate all the sets inside and enable easy carrying. This gives you a faster move and equipped with all tools. Since it’s strong, it can last longer and for this, it shows the value for the money.
  • Tungsten carbide v-sharpener which fits for hand size use and the v-sharper gives a sharp cutting on the game.


  • The blades snap very tight into cases compartment so it won't come out in case of a fall
  • The blades are very sharp
  • Its blades are full tang
  • Lanyard hole available
  • The handle has a mossy oak finish
  • Effective knife sharpener


Outdoor Edge Butcher-Lite kit

If you are looking for a quality knife with superior edge retention at a friendly price then try the outdoor edge butcher Lite.

Every knife in this kit is designed for the skinning and processing of game meat. You can skin and quarter any game ranging from upland birds to large elk & deer.

Processing your game meat with this kit is fun, easy and very affordable.Here is a list of knives found in this kit.

Outdoor Edge Deer Butchering Kit Accessories 

  • Caping  Knife 4.3 inch
  • Gut- hook skinner 4.5”
  • Boning and fillet knife 5.9”
  • Bone saw
  • Ribcage spreader
  • Gloves


  • Full tang knives
  • The six-inch bone and wood saw is chrome coated
  • Rubberized handles provide a strong grip
  • The blades are made of high-quality stainless steel
  • The outdoor butcher lite kit is not expensive
  • Superior edge retention


Gerber Moment Field Dress Kit Fixed Caping and Guthook Knives

As hard as elk hunting is, they say that the real work begins once you harvest your game animal. The Gerber knife company legendary blades make game processing a lot easier.

Their medium size field pack kit will make it a lot easier with some few but crucial knives to be able to process your meat. 

The Gerber cleaning knives should never lack as part of your elk field dressing kit. Of course, the two knives allows you do a thorough elk field dressing, cutting and quartering.

Gerber Moment Field Dress Kit Accessories

  • Skinning knife
  • Knife sharpener
  • A hatchet
  • Gerber's bone saw


  • The Gerber's bone saw folds very well in place to fit back into the pouch
  • The hatchet makes it easy to chop your game into pieces for easy carrying
  • All the knives are full tang
  • They are made from high-quality steel
  • Comes with a lanyard hole at the bottom


  • Doesn’t come with a complete set but does the  job pretty well

Things to Consider When Buying a Field Dressing Game Kit: A Buyer's Guide

There are some few things to consider when choosing the best field dressing kit for your hunting expedition.Here are the factors that can influence your choice of field dressing kit.

Size of the animal

The size of the wild animal you intend to hunt will help you organize your hunting kit differently.

A large wild animal like an elk or deeerwill require different components from a small one such as a rabbit or turkey.

Complete field dressing knife set

Every knife in a set has its use, for instance, it would be improper to use a caping knife instead of a boning knife on a fish.

The best field dressing knife kit ensures that you are prepared for any kind of meat you get.

There are some kits with 8 set of knives or 12 sets of knives, your choice will depend on what you intend to hunt or other field works.

Quality of components

The quality of accessories in the kit is important if you want to have an efficient product.

Stainless steel blades are easy to wash, provide accurate cuts and guarantee knife durability.

The handles should be visible at night, rubberized for a proper grip even when wet and the knives should fit perfectly well into the carrying case for future use.

Full tang design

Knives with full tang design a very strong and sturdy for dressing or processing large animals and doing hard jobs without them breaking.


Choosing the right field dressing knife kit as per your work will help your job to be effective, enjoyable, and easier for you. Some people can consider getting it as a gift for their sons, fathers, or friends during special occasions like birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries.

The blades material should be of high quality so that break after a short period, choose a quality that is easy to clean, strong and sturdy for effective and efficient use.

Good care will enable them last for long, so always ensure your knives are well cleaned before you placed them back to the case.

The following video shows one of the favorite field dressing techniques by the professional deer hunters: The Bearded Butchers.

The Bearded Butchers show you the exact process of how gutting a deer right from the start, pulling out the stomach content to puling out the anus.

7 Best Hang On Treestand for Bowhunting 2021

a combination of a hang on tree stand and climbing ladder for bowhunting

Is bow hunting your favorite game? Are you stuck on choosing the best hang on tree stand for bow hunting? Perhaps you wondering what features to consider, their pros and cons? Don’t get stressed out; you’re at the right place since, in this article, we will cover all this information that you need to choose a good hanging treestand.

As a hunter, you will agree that it requires patience and also a good point of view for spotting and scrutinizing your game. What better place for that than a good treetop view? It can be uncomfortable because of the long wait, which is why you should get yourself the best tree stand.

Here are some of the features to check for a good hang on tree stand include;

  • Ensure the tree stand gives you nice padding and the seat should have good support; it shouldn’t be too thin.
  • it should be lightweight and easy to setup
  • Ensure that it’s fitted with many straps for good weight support and, for this case, ensure it at least holds up to 300 weight pounds.
  • It should bite into the bark to ensure ultimate stability and security.
  • You should consider one with a bigger size for comfy of your legs.
  • It should be durable, strong, and sturdy just if you don’t want disappointments; your choice of tree stand should not be noisy because some animals have sharp ears, and you might lose your target.
  • The best tree stand will help you climb any straight tree without relying on a ladder.
  • Some are coated with rubber and other with nylon; you should consider the length of hours you will spend seated while hunting. It’s up to you to make a suitable decision on the type of cushion material used.
  • Padded shoot rail provides a good platform for you to rest your rifle and enhances your aim. This rail adds some weight to the tool, and so not all tools have it, so you have to decide whether you will need it or not.
  • Hide the hunter from the approaching game. This disguise allows the hunter to rest while still maintaining an active position.


Let us now narrow down to the seven best hang on tree stands that are most reliable on the market when you’re going for bow hunting.


1. Portable Rivers Edge, Big Foot TearTuff XL Lounger

Rivers Edge RE556, Big Foot TearTuff XL Lounger, Lever-Action Hang-On Tree Stand

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This stand gets your money’s worth out of every last penny.It’s made of strong steel material structure hence durable and can carry about 300 pounds. Its 45-degree footrest can allow more stability and comfort.

The lounger tree stand has large extra platform of 37 by 24 gives extra or enough room for standing when shooting.

Flip-up seat and armrestfold independently, allowing enough room to stand and also space for recoil when shooting.

It is fitted with a nice and strong back and footrests for giving the comfort of back and stretching of legs. The river Edge tree stand has an ultra-quiet attachment fitted with a quiet strap attachment at Bigfoot XL classic traveler, eliminating all the noise when hunting so that your prey does not easily recognize you.

Some components also make this tree stand stand-out amongst others, such as larger footrest and safety harness. Crossbeams are included in seats for stability, and the armrest is also padded to give more comfort when using it so that you don’t strain and get hurt.

A buddy says, “I got my first buck this season from a hang on treestand, thanks to the Big Foot TearTuff XL Lounger.”


  • Strap attachment are noiseless hence limits noise during movements
  • Light hence portable
  • Seats are well cushioned for in seating
  • It’s the most value for the money
  • Padded armrest
  • The large footrest provides plenty of room for stretching
  • It has an ultra-quiet attachment that eliminates noise


  • Has one tree attachment strap that is complemented by a tear tuff lever-action eliminating the need for a second strap


2.    Summit Viper SD Climbing Treestand

Summit Treestands 81120 Viper SD Climbing Treestand, Mossy Oak

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The summit brand is well known for providing the best hang on tree stands for bow hunting on the market. The summit 81120 has enough movement space for adjustments when shooting.

Its two straps can fit a tree in between 4 and 22 diameter inches and can take up to 300 pounds of weight. The seats are comfortable as they are well padded; hence someone can sit for a reasonable number of hours.

The summit 81120 weighs 14 pounds is one of the best portable hang on treestand, since it is easier to carry to and from your hunting site.

The seat and platform are self – leveling hence creating much comfort and security for the user. It comes with competitive features such as the E-Z hang hook that enables hunter’s pre-hook in between the tree for easy and fast hanging so as not to miss their prey.

The hidden 30 by 19.5 of inch aluminum made material has no weak segments and joints, hence ensuring this tool’s rigidity and safety. It’s easy to use since the tool is just fitted with nice self leveled seats and a fitted platform for recommended height and a seat in within as you eye for the prey.

Most hunters remark that Summit Viper SD is the safest treestand and a brreze once you get used to it.


  • It’s able to hold great weight because of the aluminum body
  • It’s lightweight hence portable
  • Well-cushioned seats
  • Has more space to carry bulkier men
  • No noise
  • Self-leveling platform
  • Easy to adjust


  • It might cost you more compared to other products, but the quality is superb.


3.    X-Stand The Jester Aluminum with backrest

X-Stand Treestands The Jester Aluminum Hang-On Hunting Tree Stand

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This is one of the best hang on tree stands on the market; it has a wide and strong platform of about 24 by 35, ample space for stretching your feet, and a deep seat size 19 with a comfortable backrest and padded armrest.

The tree stand offers great stature, stability, and safety. It’s made of a heavy-duty steel structure, which allows it to hold up to 300 pounds and also withstand many hunting seasons.

The stand comes with a Contour Form seat, which allows for extra comfort for the hours you will be up there. It comes with quick attachment cables, easy to set up no matter how dense the forest is.

The seat can easily flip up for great comfort while standing, and the X-Stand Tree stands platform is made of a robust 24 by 35 aluminum, lightweight, and gives the security that is needed.

Its shooting rails are enhanced to ensure to give shooting stability. Another good feature is that it is fitted with two-seat pad silencers to create a quiet atmosphere when you’re making your shoot. Definetly this is top amongst the best hang on treestand for bowhunting.

You wanna feel sturdy? Go for the Jester Aluminium Hang On!


  • X-Stand Tree standhas backpack straps for easy hauling on the tree
  • It has a wide platform space
  • Somehow budget-friendly
  • Heavy-duty steel for durability
  • Resists corrosion and rust
  • The armrest is padded
  • Easy to set up


  • Its heaviest model may prove cumbersome when carrying for long-distance

4.    The Comrade X 18′ Ladder Treestand

X-Stand Treestands The Comrade X 18' Two Man Ladderstand

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It comes with two independent seats made for bow hunting. The comrade x18 features the revolutionary jaw safety system with a two-person ladder secured from the ground level for safety and security.

It’s made ofhelix oval tubing for added strength and durability. Uniquely designed cables are rubber coated for maximum protection. The two-person seats are 10 wide by 16 deep;they’re also well-cushioned, with a backrest, footrest, and padded armrest to ensure comfortwhen hunting.

It also features an exclusive 73 by 18 V-shaped platform for the ultimate hunting experience. The comrade x-stand is easy to set up and fold flat easily for transportation and portability.

The Comrade X 18′ is solid and soundless such that you can literary dance on the platform without a squek.


  • It’s easy to fold for better portability
  • Build-it hind pack belts makes mounting easy
  • Padded armrest
  • It’s durable
  • It’s quiet and steady
  • Great seat technology
  • Firm and durable body features


  • Comparatively heavy

5.    Millennium M50 Steel Loc-On Treestand

Millennium Treestands M50 Hang-On

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This stand is designed with an ergonomic comfortmax seat to give you the necessary relaxation from dawn to dark. The stand doesn’t weigh much, and the seat folds up, allowing enough space for those stand-up shots.

It’s made of strong and durable steel material as it can hold up to 300 pounds, which is the best feature to consider. Also, it weighs a credible 20 pounds, so it is lightweight hence easily portable for you to transport.

The millennium M50 provides a spacious platform of 24 by 33of leg space. It also has a safe link 35-foot rope with a carabineer and well-designed prussic knot to help in safety measures during ascending and descending the hang-on stand.

The seat folds are designed to open up outwards so as to give more room as hunting with a bow or rifle requires plenty of space. They are made of aluminum that is featured with a durable powder for coat finish.

The setup feature can enable it to adjust on trees that can lean up to fifteen degrees, and the body is well secure to support your body mass, so you don’t have to worry about falling when aiming.


  • it Supports up to 300 lbs.
  • Flip seat to allow standing and seating
  • Safety gears to ensure security is enhanced
  • A full backrest and simple to use
  • Spacious platform
  • Easy to secure or set up to the tree
  • Light in weight hence portable
  • It’s strong hence durability
  • Fair price
  • Noiseless tool – so it doesn’t alert the prey
  • Gives a maximum flexibility


  • Lacks armrest feature

6.    Summit Goliath Sound Deadening (SD) Climber

Summit Treestands SU81119 Goliath SD Climbing Treestand, Mossy Oak

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The summit tree stands are the most popular and one of the best climbing stands for bow hunting. It’s the best option if you are looking for a well-cushioned stand and padded to provide vintage comfort.

It can fit well most tree barks and so that you can enjoy hunting with guaranteed safety, security, and comfort. This hang on treestand folds into a thin compatible profile for easy carrying to and from the field.

It weighs 25lbs. Its platform is 21 by 31, giving plenty of room to maneuver. The setup process is very easy, so you will not struggle. It also comes with a quality lock on tree stand to provide a sturdy and strong platform for you. Obviously, this makes Summit Goliath one of the best lock on treestand.

Another component of the summit tree stand is the quick draw cable that allows you to adjust the diameter to lock the stand perfectly on the tree. The camouflage material used to create the padding and cushions makes you invisible to the prey.

Seats are well cushioned and take a size of 14 by 12 inches. It supports up to 350 weight pounds due to its strong material that is made up of, and this makes it to be a bit heavier. Stands are made with a bow holder, making it comfortable for you when making a shot.

You’ve hear of a caddy of a treestand? Yes, You can fall asleep in a Summit Goliath because it is too comfortable!


  • A spacious platform for you to work on
  • Easy to set up
  • It’s leanest
  • No noise when using
  • Great grip to attach to any tree
  • Lightweight for easy transportation
  • Comfortable padding and well-cushioned


  • It’s expensive but worth it.

7.    XOP Ambush Sit and Climb Treestand

XOP Ambush Climbing Tree Stand

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It’s the best climbing tree stand on the market for a bulkier man, so no matter how heavy you are! You can still enjoy bowhunting. It offers a high holding capacity because of its reinforced big tooth traction band.It can hold up to 350 lbs. one good feature is that it’s lightweight for easier transportation.

The XOP ambush climbing tree stand is very comfortable, with a triple-layered foam set, which gives a nice and good comfortability level. Its material is entirely made of steel that’s highly durable, solid, and quiet.

Made with several accessories for safety and good installation, you can enjoy your hunting without the fear of injury. It provides extra grip with a fully leveled seats to enable tree leaning when hunting.

The seatis well cushioned with a UV-treated strap for fastening, backpack straps, safety harness, 6 point bracket to ensure that the comfortability guaranteed when using it.

Its lifetime casting gives you an assurance that this tool can serve for many years without wearing out with the inclusion of a TMA 6 point fall arrest system that makes its ready tool to hunt.


  • It’s noiseless, so you don’t have to worry about scaring away the prey
  • Highly durable because it entirely made of steel
  • Lightweight for easy mobility and transportation


  • It’s a bit expensive compared to other products on the market but worth it.


Things to consider when buying a hang on treestand for Bow-hunting: A Buyers Guide

Bow hunting stands come in different brands and features. The best bow hunting stand should provide longevity and comfort. Below are some of the qualities you should look out for to help you get the best hang on tree stand.

Is your Treestand in sizeable and comfortable?

Every time you go hunting, you are supposed to enjoy the activity. When you are not comfortable, it won’t be a success. While hunting, you have to carry with you a stand that is fitting and suitable.

For instance, you can have a ladder stand since it will balance the weight. This will give you ample time to assess the fields with a rangefinder and determine the right range and draw length.

How Big and Heavy is your Treestand?

It hurts most when you fall from a tree when you are doing an activity you like most. Therefore, ensure that your weight does not burden the hang on tree stand.

Remember you might be carrying some other gear while on top of a treestand. In case this happens, you can easily fall and hurt yourself. This means that you should choose a stand that is somehow far from your weight.

How Safe is your Treestand?

Your safety is very crucial to any other thing. What should you consider? Safety straps,belts, or the tree stand grip. While hanging, ensure you are on a stable contact with the tree. The stand should be securely placed and strong to support you fully.

Is it Stable and Durable?

Buy a tree stand that will last not for days or a week. This includes ensuring that the materials used to construct it are strong. They must be of good quality and able to withstand all weather conditions.

Is your Treestand noiseless and fixable?

The  best hanging tree stands should be easy to use. You must be able to fix it without any difficulties. Remember, at times, and you might be alone; hence you won’t get support from anywhere.

How much can it cost?

Your budget will determine what you will buy. There are so many climbing trees that stand in the marketplace of different qualities and features. Basing on what you want, do more research first then make the right decision.

Below is an amazing video by The Hunting Public on how to set up a hang on treestand for bowhunting.


7 Best Hunting Backpack for Elk & Deer Hunt 2021

a hunter with camo gear walking with a backpack and a shotgun

As a hunting enthusiast, you probably carry your hunting gear and other essential survival kits in a backpack.Your choice of backpack can either make or break your hunt, so it’s essential to carry a comfortable backpack for a good hunting experience.This review will look at some crucial factors to consider before choosing a backpack for elk hunting.

Does an ordinary backpack suffice for hunting?

Not every ordinary backpack in the market will guarantee that you enjoy the hunting activity. The quality and comfort of your backpack will determine whether you will end up complaining of back pain or not. Therefore, you should have an exceptionalpackto carry your hunting gear, survival kits, and carry game meat after a kill.

What else do you need to carry?

Basing on the place and the days you would wish to spend during hunting, it is advisable to carry some water, food, emergency kits, the fire making necessities, and a raincoat. With this in mind, ensure that your backpack is lightly weighted to enable you to carry it without any challenges.

Decide between Single-daypack and a multi-day pack?

There are many good backpack options from many brands. Some are designed for carrying meat, others for camping, but the best backpack can do both. Multi-daypack is the best compared to a single-daypack in durability, compartment availability, strength, and load hauling.

Several brands service this niche market. Based on your requirement, here are things to look out for when buying your hunting backpack.

  • day-backpacks for deer and small game hunters
  • the backpack material, buckles, and zippers should not make much noise when caught on bushes
  • It should have ample space to accommodate your hunting gear, including weapons, water, and many more.
  • The backpack should be able to accommodate heavy loads, including game meat.

We have compiled seven of the best hunting backpacks in the market to help you carry your game trophy home.

1. ALPS OutdoorZ Commander + Pack Bag

The best coyote brown ALPS OutdoorZ Commander + Pack Bag for elk hunt

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It’s an excellent backpack due to its durability and sturdiness nature because of the substances used to make it. It is made of nylon ripstop fabric and waterproofed, enabling it to last longer and withstand all climatic conditions and harsh weather. In case there is rain, your supplies are entirely safe.

Having a backpack that will enable you to carry all your supplies, especially during a camping hunt, is the best thing ever. With this type of backpack, you are not to worry about anything. Having many a capacity of 5250 cubic inches with two side accessory pockets and other different pockets will motivate you to carry anything you would wish to during your hunting period.

It is designed with a clip-style holster, scope pocket, rifle holder, and a drop-down rifle pocket that enables you to carry your rifle with the backpack easily. The backpacklashing system makes it easy for you to haulgame meat after the hunt. Having a spindrift collar with a drawcord gives the hunter enough space to hang extra gears.


  • Contains enough pockets to keep all your supplies
  • It has a system that provides support
  • Having a flexible torso range enables you to adjust the backpack to fit you perfectly
  • Made of nylon for durability and sturdiness
  • Detachable from the frame to give you enough space to hunt


  • You need to check your lbs. and waist size to determine compatibility.

2. Badlands 2200 Hunting Backpack with built-in meat hauler

Magnesium Frame Badlands 2200 Hunting Backpack with Built-in Meat Hauler

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Baring in mind, the name of the backpack assures you of the perfectness of the bag. Resembling the surrounding confuses the animals leading it to be easily caught. It’s made of an aluminum T-5 aircraft frame that is a very tough and durable material. The frame minimizes the bag’s weight by enabling it to rest onto the hip rather than the back. Since it’s big in size, you can store everything you need during the hunting process.

After hunting, you will need a place to keep your meat. This backpack comes with a built-in meat shelf that enables you to carry your meat safely and supports big loads to haul. The availability of a rare entry suspension makes it easy for you to access what is in the backpack without necessarily removing it from your back.  Being made of a bat-wig design, you can easily open it up to get access to what you need.

Although it can be easily adjusted to different sizes, hunters generally short cannot fit this type of backpacks. Nevertheless, it offers a free warranty in case of any damage. Therefore you are free to return it, and it will be fixed.


  • Contains enough strap that ensures that the meat shelf remains intact
  • suitable for those who love colors
  • Being made of ergonomic design enables the frame to align with the body’s weight easily
  • Durable and robust since it’s made of KXO-32 fabric
  • Easily adjustable to fit your back perfectly


  • Not conducive for short hunters

3. Eberlestock FAC Elk Pack

Best Camo Eberlestock FAC Track Pack for elk hunt

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Big game hunters need everything in place to gear in and provide a successful hunt. Great features were included while designing this type of backpack. When you have loads at your back, it might lead to backaches. The good news is that it contains ultra-padded straps and numerous small pockets and organizers.

Although its lack lacks a shelf, it contains enough space to keep your game meat, which adds up to 50litres capacity. The large capacity will also enable you to keep everything required while hunting. Due to its woodland camouflage, the backpack is best for outdoor and sporting activities.

The pack is light weighted at 6pounds and 10 ounces that enable easier movability. The aluminum frames ensure that the backpack remains in position when walking or running, thus regulating and enhancing its sturdiness.


  • Offers outstanding stability and comfort
  • Contains a fold-away built in a rifle scabbard
  • Waist-belt that is easily adjustable to fit your waist perfectly
  • Contains a nice full zipper that is waterproofed and has more straps to attach accessories easily
  • There are several colors to satisfy user preference.

4. Horn Hunter Main Beam Backpack, Max Realtree, X-large

Framed Horn Hunter main beam Backpack, max Realtree, X-large

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This backpack contains the best frame so far since it is made of aluminum and polyester, ensuring its durability and sturdiness. It also has an adjustable York that can fit any torso size. It makes it more flexible for the hunter.

In case you are in a hurry and wish to let go of your backpack, you can quickly drop it down because the shoulder buckles are designed to allow that.

It contains more pockets and compartments that ensures enough space in case there is a need. Regardless of the loads, it can withstand the weight due to an H3 tubular frame that ensures more support and strength on the pack.

Since it contains three versions frame, combo, and system, you can choose your preference. Generally, many people opt for the combo version since its light and suitable for short hunts. But the main point is that this type of backpack generally has a sound compression system that enables you to work without difficulty.


  • Made of aluminum and polyester, this durable and long-lasting
  • Availability of a tubular frame leads to more support and flexibility on the pack
  • High quality and affordable
  • Contains enough space to carry the required gear
  • Flexible, comfortable, and suitable while hunting
  • Has many compartments to carry everything you require

5. ALPS OutdoorZ Dark Timber Hunting Daypack

Day pack real tree ALPS OutdoorZ Dark Timber Hunting Daypack for elk hunt

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Do you like your things well organized? Probably YES for many people. This backpack is designed in a unique nature, whereby it contains a big pocket in the front that enables you to keep your things in order correctly. It has enough space due to different pockets and compartments that you keep as many things as you need.

The comfortability of your waist is also well catered for. It’s because the waist belt and shoulder straps can easily be adjusted to fit the torso range. On each side of the bag, a quiver holder makes it able to hang and thus provides a suitable space range with the back and ensures a perfect hunt.

This backpack’s fantastic thing is its affordability, H20 compatibility, attachment points, and mesh side pockets. Although you manage your pocket, you can easily purchase this backpack because it is pocket friendly. It also has a midsection belt that ensures that the backpack balances without burdening one side, especially when it has a heavy load.


  • Does not pin you to one color
  • Accommodates both the handgun, rifle and the bowl as well
  • Made of aluminum, thus ensuring its durability
  • It contains a rain cover that perfectly fits the backpack and protects if during rainy seasons
  • Contains a removable support rod


  • It lacks an internal framework for support.

6. Badlands Superday Hunting Daypack

top rated realtree camouflage Badlands Superday Hunting Daypack for elk hunt

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Are you looking for a small and a light weighted backpack? Badlands Superday Hunting daypack is best for this choice. It’s also pocket friendly and contains many unique features that you will probably love. It is one of the high quality and compatible backpack because of the fabric. Many people are quite impressed because it’s made of strong material, waterproof, and does not produce any noise and a fast hand hunt.

It also contains an inbuilt holster that ensures security to your sidearm. You can easily hunt without being destroyed because the backpack is molded with a foam suspension that matches the human body. It’s advantageous for a quick hunt and comfortable during the act.

Since it is mainly suitable for a day, you can carry the necessities of a day. It has compressible straps that flexibility. Enabling you to enjoy the hunting process. The pockets are also well lined to ensure your belongings’ security either while running or during harsh climates.


  • Contains spacious and extra straps for flexibility
  • The availability of the waist belt ensures the backpack is intact
  • The fabric is durable and breathable
  • The presence of different apartments and pockets enhances enough space for your supplies.


  • It lacks a meat shelf.

7. Tenzing 962208 BV16 Upland Vest

Ultimate Tenzing 962208 BV16 Upland Vest for elk hunt

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In case you want to enjoy a multi-day elk hunting session, this is the perfect bag so far. It’s because of its size that enables you to carry many items. Its materials are unique in nature; it is water-resistance and thus maintains your supplies safe during harsh climates like rainy seasons.

Although it might look small, it expands to 2500 cubic inches when fully packed. It enables you to store several things with the inclusive of different compartments and well-zipped pockets. The size of the backpack makes it lighter and easy to be carried around.

The Tenzing 962208 BV16 upland vest is very comfortable and thus does not hurt your shoulders regardless of the things it may contain. It is also made of high-quality materials that are H20 compatible.


  • The backpack is versatile and shrinks whenever it’s carrying few items.
  • Very much spacious
  • Quickly expands and adjustable to fit your comfort
  • Durable and waterproofed
  • Contains several zipped pockets to store your supplies
  • Pocket-friendly thus affordable


  • Has an expandable limit

Things to Consider When Buying a Backpack For Elk Hunting: A Buyers Guide

There are a number of factors to consider when shopping for a backpack such as quality of material, cost, durability, capacity and other factors like noise levels. To get the best backpack in the market, you have to understand the qualities that you want for your backpack.

You do not need to carry just any backpack around. Be selective of quality and ensure it has a high comfort standard for easy carrying around rough terrain. It should be durable, roomy, and have extra pockets to enable you to keep your rifles, bows, and retrieve arrows without any difficulties.

Is the Elk Hunting Backpack Material Durable and Waterproof?

You cannot determine and predict the weather of a place for the entire day. Sometimes rain can pour without notice. You might be caught unaware., so backpack should be durable, compressible, waterproofed, and breathable.

A suitable material will enable you to adjust quickly and will prevent discomfort while carrying it. You will also be able to carry heavy loads without it being worn out.

How Much Weight Should a Hunting Pack Weight?

While selecting a backpack, always know the reason for carrying one.

  • Do you want to go for a camping hunt?
  • How long will you spend there?

So thinking about this will give you an upper hand on how to choose the best backpack.

If you are going for a camping hunt, you are supposed to choose many camping supplies, enabling you to carry everything you need. On the other hand, if you are hunting out of your truck, select a small backpack that you will easily carry during that period.

Are there Favorite Backpack Designs for Big Game Hunters?

Which design do you prefer?

There are around three main designs of backpacks. For instance, they are external, internal, and those with no frames. Those who prefer heavy-duty hunts carry the external frame backpack since it enables them to carry many things, although it’s somehow heavy, unlike the internal frame.

In case you only need a day hunt, I would suggest you go for a backpack with no frame since it is light, durable, and affordable.

Fitting and Weight: Go for a Comfortable Backpack

It would be tedious, boring, and stressful, carrying a backpack that does not perfectly fit you. Therefore confirm the adjustability of the bag; it should be easily adjusted to fit your back.

Moreover, the backpack should be light to enable you to walk for more extended periods without challenges. Remember, a heavy backpack will prevent you from doing a lot of things around. Make an excellent decision to come up with the best backpack.

Affordable or Costly Hunting Pack?

There are several backpacks at the market; cheap and expensive. Considering the reasons you need one, you can easily purchase a backpack that will forever fall in love with, regardless of the price.

In a nutshell, before going to the market to purchase a backpack, ensure you know the main reason you need it. Consider all the features and select the topmost required. Make the right decision and have a hunting backpack of your own to make the activity more fun and enjoyable.


7 Best Red Dot Sight for Shotgun Deer & Elk Hunting 2021

AR15 shotgun fitted with best red dot sight for deer hunting

Red dot sights help improve a hunter’s accuracy when aiming and targeting game animals at close or long-distance range. Red dot sight allows you to lock in on your target without having to close your eyes. The target lines up correctly in the reticle.

Improved alignment and awareness

This tool balances target acquisition with precision accuracy and allows you to remain aware of your area surrounding. Red dot sighting has been around for years for both shotgun and pistols.

Most hunting enthusiasts and marksmen all over the world prefer shotguns. They have incredible versatility and are quite affordable for most people. There are many options to choose from in the market when shopping for a red dot sight for your shotgun. Some of the red dot sights in the market don’t even have red dots but are still considered RDS.

Shotguns generally are not considered ideal for long-range shooting. However, they can deliver deadly fire on moderate distances. For this reason, using a red dot sight, you can improve your shotgun precision and accuracy.

The better option

While there’re many options to choose from in the market, the most commonly used are red and green dot sights. The most popular is the red dot sight because it’s more visible in indoor and outdoor surroundings. Moreover, the green dot sight has problems working in freezing temperatures while the red dot sight works well.

Red dot sight (RDS) comes in handy when hunting for a bigger game such as deer or turkey. The red dot scope helps to project fast-moving game animals at the reticle’s center within your visual field.

There’re many factors to consider when shopping for your RDS. Here are a few things to look out for when shopping for a red dot sight.

  • The quality of the lens for a crisp image
  • Choose a red dot sight, not the green dot sight.
  • Mounting compatibility with your iron sights
  • Durability, brightness adjusting, lens size, color settings, and adjustable dot size

Consider recoil

If you want to mount an RDS, you should consider the recoil effect. Shotguns have more recoils force compared to pistols and other lower caliber weapons. I recommend that you look for quality and durable RDS designed to withstand recoil without getting damaged.

In the list below, we’ve some of the best red dot sights in the market today. Together with their merits and demerits, it’s up to you to decide what is best for you.

1. AR15 Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 

Bushnell Optics TRS-25 Hirise 1x25mm Red Dot Riflescope with Riser Block, Matte Black

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It’s one of the few high-quality, low price red dot sights in the market today. It’s Famous among hunters for its quality yet low priced optics. The Bushnell TRS 25 is very compatible with shotgun hunters who love shooting from a high head position.

The Bushnell Optics TRS-25 Hirise RDS is well fitted to provide the shooter with improved peripheral vision with adjustable brightness settings to improve visibility in the outdoor environment. The matte black auto regulates light when the lens cap is on to save battery life.

The RDS is designed for easy compatibility and mounts easily on most shotguns. It also has a waterproof, shockproof capability for recoil and fog proof for better visibility during bad weather.


  • Self regulates to conserve battery life
  • Affordable price and high quality compared to others in the market
  • Compatible with most type of shotguns
  • Has adjustable brightness settings
  • Designed with a shockproof, fog proof and waterproof capability
  • Improved field vision
  • Works better on shotguns and pistols


  • You can struggle under extreme light environments.

2.    Aimpoint H-1 2 MOA Micro

Aimpoint Micro H-1 2 MOA Red Dot Sight with Standard Mount for deer hunting

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If you are looking for combat style RDS, then this should be your selection.  This lens has a bright lens function that provides the shooter with a crystal clear image, allows for a more accurate sighting making it easy to spot smaller game animals.

It comes with a quality battery that can work for a long time without fail or changing. Moreover, it’s compatible with other peripherals such as magnifiers, night vision devices, and concealers.

The scope’s housing is using hard aluminum alloy to ensure durability and for strong shotgun mounting. It comes with extra bright light adjustable settings to protect the lenses and improve the shooter’s field vision.


  • design with waterproof capability of up to 25 meters
  • it’s lightweight therefore adds little weight to your shotgun
  • its shockproof and fog proof
  • excellent visibility at low light
  • extended battery life


  • comes with a higher cost compared to other products in the market

3.    Sig Sauer Romeo MSR

Sig Sauer Romeo MSR RED DOT Sight for deer hunting

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Unfortunately, not everyone has stacks of cash to buy the most high-end RDS. Fortunately, you can get yourself a SIG Sauer Romeo without it costing you an arm and a leg. This RDS will give you much better service, just like the expensive ones in the market.

It has extra brightness settings for daylight and night vision with an automatic light regulator that powers down when the cap is on. Moreover, it has motion detection sensors that automatically powers whenever movement is detected.

The design comes with a Picatinny mounting feature to enable compatibility with a wide variety of shotguns. It can withstand rainwater and small puddles, but it could be damaged when submerged in water.

Its reticle has a 2 MOA (Minutes of Angle) red dot with ten illumination settings. The shooter can switch between daylight setting to night time settings with ease.


  • The sight is durable
  • It has a battery-saving feature
  • The battery can last up to 40,000 hours of continuous use
  • It’s built from a lightweight material


  • Too much brightness might appear blur

4.    BSA 30mm Red Dot

BSA Optics 30mm Matte Black Finish Red Dot Sight for deer hunting

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If you have eyesight issues, you will opt for this sight. You do not need to strain your eyes to make a shot. It’s a fantastic shotgun red dot sight scope that you would wish to have.

While using the red dot and the front sight blade, the scope is easy to sight. It has a big red dot to enable you to hit the targets without any challenge. It’s made from lightweight material that is compatible withsmall caliber firearms.

BSA Optics 30mm Matte Black is very much affordable compared to other similar products in the market. The scope is quite durable, so if you’re looking for something long-lasting, this is your choice.

It’s effortless to adjust the brightness settings even to those who have eye difficulty to get the best alignment. If you are shopping for an RDS that’s pocket friendly and yet does the job well,get the BSA Optics 30mm Matte Blackto finish red dot sight.


  • It’s precise, efficient and price-friendly
  • The red dot is easy to see
  • Contains long battery life and easy to change
  • Has an adjustable mounting system that is easy to mount
  • It is easy to use and adjust, thus able to focus on the spot you are aiming at
  • The sight is made of good quality material
  • It is shockproof and waterproof, thus offering enough protection to the hunter
  • It offers a transparent transmission, and one can stay or stick on a point


  • Might not work well for any firearm that has a recoil of more than 22.”

5.    Sig Sauer Romeo 5 Red Dot 

Sig Sauer Romeo5 1x20mm Compact 2 Moa Red Dot Sight, Black for deer hunting

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It’s a compelling sight that is effective and efficient in its performanceprovidedby its 2 MOA red dot ten illuminating settings that can be easily switched to eight daylight settings plus two-night settings, enabling visibility in any environmental condition.

It’s made of durable materials, very appealing to any hunter. One glance at this scope can make you yearn to have one. It is made of aluminum design, which is sturdy, thus providing peak performance and serves for a more extended period without being damaged.

Its spectra coat is highly efficient and offers an anti-reflection lens that ensures superior transmission. It is also designed with a stealth ID that breaks the shape of the object and offers clear visibility.

Having an ultra-low parallax ensures that you aim to the exact point while shooting and also ensures that the red dot remains parallel to the bore. While using this RDS, you can easily adjust the elevation and the windage. It offers the right field of view regardless of where you mount it.

TheSig Sauer Romeo5 1x20mm Compact 2 Moa Red Dot Sight, Black, is compatible with most firearms. It comes with an M1913 Picatinny low mount together with a co-witness 1.41.


  • Contains ten illumination settings that visibility in all light conditions
  • Made of dependable waterproof material and offers fog-proof performances
  • Offers long battery life while in use
  • It is lightweight hence easy to carry
  • Contains an integrated M1913 Picatinny interface that provides a standard mounting option
  • The red dot is crisp and bright and provides an exact working and a standard experience


  • Might blur when the brightness is high

6.    Aimpoint H-2 Micro 

Aimpoint Micro H-2 Red Dot Reflex Sight with LRP Mount and Spacer - 2 MOA - 200211 for deer hunting

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Almost all the Marksmen are familiar with the Aimpoint Micro H-2 Red Dot Reflex Sight because it provides a fantastic outlook. It has an advanced objective lens that provides the shooter with a clear and sharp image with unmatched optical clarity.

It comes with a unique and exciting housing design to improve the shooter’s experience and protect the lens system from damage. This RDS contains outstanding features like the expensive red dot that focuses on a 2 MOA dot.

Aimpoint Micro H-2 Red Dot Reflex Sightoffers 12 brightness settings plus it also has an extra brightness that ensures the shooter has a clear focus on the target and a clear field of vision. The advanced lens systemprevents the shooter from losingfocus on the target, especially when the sun rays are bright.

The lens system is designed with a thermoplastic elastomer that is of great benefit and durability. Moreover, RDS housing is constructed with high strength aluminum thatis waterproof and shockproof.


  • Offers very excellent visibility in low light
  • It has an extended battery life that can work for five years long hours without failure
  • Comes with Picatinny mounting system together with a weaver rail easily adjustable to the position that is suitable for you
  • It is waterproof thus offers enough protection in rainy seasons
  • The unit offers 12 brightness settings and a night vision compatibility
  • It’s designed with the shockproof capability to protect against recoil
  • It contains an advanced objective lens system that offers better light transmission and image clarity
  • The Aimpoint Micro H-2 Red Dot Reflex Sight mount comes with a 39mm removable spacer
  • It’s a pocket-friendly quality RSD
  • They provide fast shipping and delivery.


  • None recorded yet

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Red Dot Sight for Shotgun Deer Hunting: A Buyers Guide

There are many benefits that come with mounting a red dot sight onto your shot gun from rapid target acquisition to shooting with precision. An RDS is the perfect tool for every shotgun hunter out there.

Shotguns are highly versatile and very affordable firearm options for all kind of hunters including buck hunters or ducks. There are many red dot sights in the market so it could be confusing for you to select the one that suits you.

Below are some of the things you need to consider before you choose your preferred red dot sight. Use the below list to make sure you get the right RDS compatible with your hunting rifle.


Whenchoosing a red dot sight for your shotgun, the RDS used is supposed to be made of quality material and has a shockproof capability to handle recoil forces. It has been proven that shotguns have more recoil force compare to other lower caliber firearm.

Therefore, make sure you get your shotguna durable red dot sight to ensure that your red dot sight can absorb the recoil without losing its functionality or prevent the sight’s lens from getting damaged.

Design and quality

As you go to purchase your shotgun, remember there are different designs. Don’t rush to pick the one that attracts your eyes. Ensure that the sights are made of stable materials like aluminum. It should also be waterproof to withstand the rainy seasons. What of the glasses? They should be designed in a way that they will not be affected by low temperatures.

Manufactures use MOA (minutes of angle) to list the dot size with the current versions measuring 2-5 MOA. A smaller red dot covers less of the target than the larger one; the smaller dots are mainly for long distance targets.


Always remember that you are the boss of your pocket. Do not buy what your friend has because he loves it. Buy the RDS for your shotgun that you can easily afford. However, don’t compromise on quality. It might be cheap but of moderate quality. Make the right decision depending on the features you need on your shotgun before purchasing one.

Mounting options

Most red dot sights come with a Picatinny or Weaver-style kind of mount. Ensure that the mounting, especially the cradle, is very much reliable for your sight.Many red dot sights are designed to work in a co-witnessing setup with iron sights.depend on your view. You can as well buy it separately.

The lenses and reticle style

The lenses should always have a clear picture of what you want to shoot. Their size and quality also impact performance. Therefore, they must have Ia Iclear light transmission capability. The red dot should have a high aiming power injunction to hit the target.




7 Best Video Camera for Deer & Elk Hunting 2021

a canon vixia HF G50 UHD 4K camcorder for deer hunting

Today’s hunting is not just a killing game. It’s more of a pastime and a hobby. Some look at it as more of an adventure since it involves a lot of activities and therefore,a video camera for hunting filming. In the past, hunters had to carry heavy equipment and hoist it in a strategic position for video recording.

However, today’s technology has provided more compact, lighter and easy to operate gadgets. They also come in different sizes just for you.

While some people hunt to survive, others hunt to make memories, to celebrate or to bond. Some are just adventurous and fun-loving. They always wish they had the best camera to capture fun moments.When you share memories with family and friends, you still want to go back to hunting.

Also, T.V.’s air hunting shows and experiences and it’s only after this that you realize the urgency of havingthe best video recording camera when you go hunting.

Choosing the best video camera for your hunting can be overwhelming because recording home movies and hunting activities are quite different. With hunt recording, you must consider filming distance, video quality, unique features and portability. Your choice of camera should also fit in your budget.

This guide provides the best video cameras with all the filming features you need for your hunts. If you loveYouTube hunting sensation and life hunting memories you’re in the right place. We have the best gadgets to capture those adrenaline-pumping moments.

1. Panasonic Lumix FZ1000

a black colored Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 video camera for deer hunting

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This camera provides high-quality videos that will make your viewers think they are watching a live video of your hunting. It comes with 4k video capture footage with vibrant colours and crisp image quality.

The glass quality is incredible, made by the best optical glass industry in Leica. The glass produces crystal clear images even when in a zoom mode.

It also has a shotgun microphone that produces the best audio recording. You can also adjust the sound to match your recording situation.

It also features a smartphone-enabled remote shooting that allows long-distance recording. It’s a great option used to record hunts from a secondary perspective.

It also consists of a high zoom that collects light in low light settings for clear recording. It is a must-have feature because most animals become active at around dawn and dusk.


  • Lenses made of quality Leica glass
  • Has integrated smartphone wifi for local imaging and recording
  • Features a significant sensor quality of one inch 20.1MP M.O.S. sensor
  • Has a 4k video and photo for high breed photography
  • Has an 8MP video frame that grabs photos
  • gives a realistic ambient sound recording
  • has a lense stabilizer of hybrid O.I.S. and a five-axis correction
  • has a multipurpose lens that zooms to cover everything from wide angles


  • Zooming is a bit noisy and can scare away animals

2. Panasonic HC-V770

a black Panasonic HC-V770 camcorder for deer hunting

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4K videos are excellent, but those cameras are expensive. To avoid all the hustle, you can capture your full H.D. videos using the Panasonic HC-V770.

This camera captures professional and quality 1080p videos. A 20X zoom feature helps capture long-distance hunting while the HDR (high dynamic range) feature reduces any bright spot that may creep into the video.

The Panasonic HC-V770 camera has the N.F.C (near field communication) and Wi-Fi capability that offers a seamless connection to your devices and pc. You can also stream your real-time videos using this Panasonic camera. A smartphone can capture videos from far. If you need to keep an eye on your hunting zone, you can set this camera upwards in a skilled, planned location.

This camera has a top-notch sound recording mic that will ensure that you don’t miss any noise during the recording process. It will also help in creating authentic hunting videos with clear audio.

Though this camera lacks the infrared feature, it has an impressive low light recording, thanks to the insider B.S.I (backside illuminated) sensor. You don’t have to worry about any noises during shooting. The silent operation feature is a plus to hunting activities. The camera registers excellent quality, compact and lightweight features.


  • Gives you value for money
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Has a wifi and N.F.C. connectivity that connects to your phone and other devices
  • 20X zoom that draws in faraway scenes
  • Supports live video streaming
  • Offers image stabilization feature
  • Has a flexible LCD
  • Has a prime lens
  • Comes with a remote control shooting
  • Has an HDR feature that blocks shadows for more explicit videos


  • Remember to carry your charger because batteries can be drained over time.

3. Canon XF400


a canon fx400 4k camcorder for deer hunting

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This camera gives your hunting excursions,high definition footage courtesy of its high-grade professional camera. Although it’s a bit more expensive than the other models, it is still cheap than the other cameras that give similar qualities. The XF400 camera offers cost-effective videography using its 4k UHD quality video feature.

Other features include an electronic viewfinder, a touch panel LCD measuring 3.5 inches and X.L.R. inputs that connects the microphones.

This camera produces a high-quality video that makes your viewers think they are next to you in the hunting field. It has a 15X optical zoom lens that gives you a personal and close game in the area. Consequently, it records a 4K UHD  video at a smooth 60p. The 400 feature enables it to capture the first action shots, at a full slow-motion recording of 120fps in full H.D.

This camera also features a Dual Pixel CMOS AF in having accurate and fast autofocus.

The 5-axis Optical Image Stabilizer assists in producing steady footage that leaves your viewers calm.

Although the Canon XF400 is relatively compact, it weighs almost 2.5 pounds. It would be necessary to seek assistance from your partners.


  • It offers a fast and accurate autofocus
  • Has a large touch panel LCD monitor of 3.5 inch
  • Records a smooth 60p video courtesy of a 4K UHD
  • Has an optical image stabilizer of 5- axis
  • Has a 0.24’’electronic viewfinder
  • Features a 15 times Optical zoom lens


  • It is a bit heavy ( 2.5 pounds)

4. Sony HDRCX405


a black Sony HDRCX405 handheld camcorder for deer hunting

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Sony produces reliable video recording cameras. The HDRCX405 has stylish and attractive features for hunting lovers.

The 60X and30X optical zoom is a plus for hunters who wants to zoom from long distance. This same zoom feature produces superior, explicit and quality videos. The high-quality sensor creates 1080p videos of good quality.

Its Exmor CMOS sensor helps this camera to produce videos of high quality even in low light conditions. You will not find any grain shot in your video shot at dusk or dawn. This camera can shoot up to 9.2- megapixel images.

This camera is compact and can fit in the palm of your hand, and Carrying it in the woods won’t be a burden.  Although it does not have wireless connectivity, it has an HDMI and a USB output. This gadget has many accessories, including high capacity batteries, HDMI cable and a 32GB micro SDHC card.

The Sony HDRCX405 has high capabilities videos and has other appealing features.


  • Has extra batteries and other accessories
  • Offers a 30X optical zoom and 60X clear zoom
  • It is a compact and lightweight video camera
  • Has EXMOR CMOS sensor that delivers quality videos in low light environments
  • Has an HDMI and USB connectivity
  • Features a 32gb micro SDHC card
  • Has a high-quality sensor that allows the production of quality 1080p videos


  • .It lacks Wi-Fi capability but makes up for it with other features power features such as lenses and long-range capture.

5. Panasonic HC-V 180

a black Panasonic HC-V 180 handheld camcorder for deer hunting

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The Panasonic HC-V180 will make you doubt the narrative ”you get what you pay for” because you will get surprisingly features for a relatively low price. These features include impressive image stabilization, intuitive interface, an intelligent 90x zoom and short light recording features.

This compact gadget weighs only 8oz, making it perfect for remote hunting as it will be easier to get it up a treestand.

You can customize and filter your videos using a touch screen LCD monitor.

It becomes easier to see through the woods since the monitor measures up to 3 inches.

At that price range, it also features a two-channel zoom microphone for clear and crispy audio. The high-quality microphone adjusts the recording volume automatically to match the camera’s zooming capabilities.

This product does not start recording immediately after starting. Instead, it will take up to five seconds to begin; hence giving you time to adjust your scope for the perfect shot.


  • It is compact but light
  • Has an intelligent zoom feature of 50x and 90x
  • Capable of recording low light videos
  • It has a wide-angle lens convenient for capturing group images in small gatherings
  • Produces a crispy and clear audio
  • Comes with creative controls of 8mm videos and time-lapse recording
  • Has a high 1.5 to 8-inch B.S.I. sensor and a 2.20 m pixels that suppress noise in dim light
  • An intrusive user interface
  • A two-channel zoom microphone that matches with its camera video zoom, to produce a clear and crispy audio


  • You have to be of aware of the 5 seconds time-lapse before recording starts

6. Panasonic 4K Camcorder HC-WXF991K

Panasonic 4K Cinema-Like Video Camera Camcorder HC-WXF991K for deer hunting

Check Latest Price

The HC-WXF991Kcan handle the high-quality video format that you might need. It has a 4K video capture. It also has a capture and pause features that you can use to capture those fascinating events you would like to frame on a photograph to get high-quality images.

You will not want to be distracted by your camera when holding a gun, and therefore, this camera comes with a remote shooting feature. Through this feature, you can control the camera using your smartphone.

It has Wi-Fi connectivity allowing you to play videos directly on your TV. You do this via wireless TV playback. If you area fun of live streaming, this camera supports full H.D. and real-time streaming. It also has a night mode for coon hunting adventurers and other low light hunting trips that you may want to try.

The camera is compact and lightweight, making it the best choice to carry in the woods. It has a perfect build quality, although you should take extra care in wet conditions. Remember to carry spare batteries and memory cards if you need to shoot videos constantly.


  • It is compact and lightweight
  • You can use a smartphone for remote controls
  • Has a 20X Optimal zoom
  • Has a capacity of 4K recording
  • Can display 1080pin-camera editing
  • Easy to live stream H.D. videos
  • Has a capture and pause feature
  • Has a wifi connectivity


  • Carry spare battery because it drains over time

7.    Sony a7R II 


Sony a7R II Full-Frame Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera, Body Only (Black)

Check Latest Price

The Alpha A7R II is a brand from a Sony company and is the best for recording gobblers that visit in the early morning. The sensitive ISO 409600 enables it to capture wide dynamic locations even in low light conditions.

The professional-level movie functions enable it to record high-quality footage, resulting from effective colour editing and slow motion.

The Alpha A7R II offers both an intelligent autofocus mechanism and a manual focus. The smart autofocus mechanism is 169 points faster than the manual guide, and it also ensures subject detection accuracy regardless of the available light.

The Alpha A7R II camera ensures stable filming that gives a five-axis optical image stabilization even when hunting a first paced deer. It keeps your footage rock steady.

However, this product does not have waterproof features and cannot function well in cold temperatures.

You don’t have to look for a different camera when you go hunting the spring turkey. You have the right gadget. However, the weather has to be perfect and not rainy.


  • Comes with both intelligent autofocus and a manual focus
  • Has light sensitivity feature
  • Provides professional-level functions of a movie
  • Stabilizes an image using its 5- axis optical feature
  • Comes with a battery charger
  • Can use different lenses, interchangeably
  • Its lens does not require a speed or adapter booster
  • Works well at night


  • Does not have waterproof features

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Video- Camera for Deer Hunting: A Buyers Guide

People possess cameras for fun and attention. Choosing the best camera to purchase is a challenging task. However, this is broken for you.


How durable is this camera? Durability should be your number one question you should ask yourself before purchase.

A durable camera is water-resistant and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Bad weather should not stop you from shooting fun moments. Therefore you should go for a camera that has waterproof features. Also, a durable camera can last long without the need for replacement.


Connectivity is another crucial feature to consider. It should be easy to transfer and upload video files to the web. Also, you should download your files into your pc easily. Never purchase a camera that does not have a screen display for playback.

Storage Space

Be sure your camera has enough storage space to avoid running out of the room when you want to capture an important event.

You should always check the available space before you start shooting. Remember, videos take a lot of space than photos.

Battery Life

A camera with a short battery life will not be useful to you. A decent camera should have an average of 120-minute battery life.

Also, ensure the package has extra batteries and, if not, purchase extra batteries that will serve you for long hours.

Also, the spare batteries of the camera you purchase should be affordable and readily available.


Ensure that you have a fast memory card to make your work easier. A slow memory card can cause frustrating moments.

A slow memory card will slow the video footage process, an experience you would like to avoid.


The overall appearance of a camera may deceive you only to realize that it has a low megapixel.

A smartphone has an average of 8 megapixels. As such, a camera should record at least 12 megapixels for quality recording.


The camera’s accessories should be readily available. A cyclist would like to mount the camera on their bike.

If you cannot find the accessories, you will not record some of your fun time. Every time you want to buy a camera, visit its website to familiarise yourself with the package and accessories.

7 Best Cover Scent for Deer Hunting 2021

a deer trying to sniff and detect scent or smell in the sorrounding

How many times do you spend your time before a night out or a date to making sure that you smell perfect? Well, yourgoal might be different when it comes to deer hunting. At this time you want to fool its nose first before it notices you. That’s when you realize the need of a scent when hunting.

A deer has a distinctive smell of about sixty times better than humans.It uses that sense of smell as a defence mechanism. You should therefore dedicate much time and care on how you smell. Do you know you can get a solution to this problem?

For you to maximize your chances of deer hunting, cover scents should be among your strategies. Just like you camouflage your body with the right clothes, you should also mask your odour. A Deer can smell you even before you see it when the wind is not favouring you.

Scent control is the most significant debate among hunters around the world. Some hunters argue that people have been hunting from time immemorial and they never used all this stuff. It is true, but why don’t you utilize the technologies available today to make your hunting easier?

I am about to give you information that will enable you to take down a deer and also be ahead of other deer hunters. You will also use this guide to choose the best scent that fit your needs.

1. Foggy Mountain Pure Skunk Essence

Foggy Mountain Pure Skunk Essence - 1 oz Bottle

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The foggy mountain pure skunk Cover Scent is the choice for those hunters who want to musk their natural scent with that of a skunk,deer and other game animals will not suspect a thing.

This product comes in small sizes, but it will last almost the whole hunting season because you only need one drop for effective hunting.

Do you know how skunk urine smells? It is the same smell you get by using this product. That means it is 100 per cent natural and just like skunk urine, this smell will last for a very long time such that it will be impossible for you to forget it.

It has a unique way of application, and you don’t have to apply it on your clothes. Instead, you can apply one drop on each of hunting boots or shoes. You can also use it on a napkin and stick it to your clothes.

Additional advice: Try Foggy Mountain Pure Skunk Essence to repell stray dogs!


  • It has a strong and effective scent
  • A bottle will last an entire season of deer and predator hunting
  • It has a wax sealing that prevents odour scent from oozing out
  • The glass bottle is only one ounce and easily portable


  • It smells stronger in an enclosed area, and you should avoid using it inside houses.

2.    Hot Doe Estrus Deer Urine

4 bottles and a dropper tube of Hot Doe Estrus Deer Urine – 4 oz Aerosol Spray Can – Hunter Approved Buck Attractant

Check Latest Price

The hot doe estrus deer urine is the product that should come into your mind if you want a scent that attracts deer and also covers your smell.  It’s proven in the field and therefore ideal for any hunter.

Its fragrance creates a barrier between the hunter and the deer.Doe in Estrus gives a scent that mostly attacks a buck and mimics the smell of a doe on heat. The results are incredible!

Hot doe estrus emitsa scent that attracts other bucks that might be fighting over territory. It gives a powerful combination, helping in attracting both deer sexes and its effectiveness in both late and early hunting.

You only need to spray the surrounding air and vegetables. It is the only product that you don’t need to spray on your clothes although by doing so it can be a bonus. Also, you may opt to spread the product downward the air.

You do not have to continually spray this product as it sticks to everything that it comes into contact with.

Also, you can choose between locking it down to empty the whole can or spraying in short intervals. You need to buy more than one can if you need to spray everything at once.

Well, blacktails like some hot doe estrus piss-smelling aerosol attractant!


  • It is not very expensive compared to what competitors are offering
  • One drop of urine comes out in 3000 particles enabling it to cover long distances downwind to the animal’s nose
  • Can be used to influence breeding in mature bucks
  • You do not need to spray on clothes
  • The product can last for three years
  • The scent remains on everything it comes into contact with
  • It’s very effective when hunting whitetail deer


  • A single can may not last long, and therefore you may need to buy several cans
  • If not used effectively it can lead to wastage.

3.    Nationwide Scents Doe Estrus 

Nationwide Scents Doe Estrus Buck Attractant Whitetail Lure Hunting Scent Urine | Make Deer Scrape 2 oz (2 Bottles)

Check Latest Price

Hunters agree that it’s pretty much easier attracting a deer on heat. The nationwide scents doe Scents comes in a package of two bottles to give effective outcomes for those hunters who mean business.

This package includes Standing Estrus, It’s a two in one product as it will not only attract the deer to your location, but it will also cover your scent.

The package is unique as it comes in small bottles that look like shots of alcohol. However, once opened, you will notice that the content is not fit for human consumption.

The urine is made from a buck or a single doe to make the attraction. The manufacturing company collect urine from a variety of deer, and they blend. Therefore, the scent will challenge the deer in your area, and they will smell a hot doe nearby.

If you really want to nail a buck, use this urine scent that replicates a doe on heat!


  • It is very effective and yields better results
  • Comes in three different types of urine and you don’t have to depend on one scent
  • It consists of 100 per cent urine for deer hunting
  • Easy to combine with drags, pads and bombs or used alone
  • Attracts deer towards your location
  • Covers your scents to improve hunting
  • Has a long-lasting scent
  • High quality at relatively low price


  • It doesn’t come with a spraying cap so, you are required to buy the spray cap separately.

4.    Nose Jammer Natural Scent

4 pack of Nose Jammer Natural Scent-Masking Best Value Combination

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The Nose Jammer Spray is an inexpensive product that will also cover your scent. It comes in two sizes of between 8 oz and 4 oz. Consider taking the 8 oz package since it has a wind application range and also to avoid disappointment as you may run off it unexpectedly.

The product consists of natural compounds such as the vanillin and other compounds found in areas where elk and deer graze. The hunter will also enjoy the sense of smell.

Also, you can enjoy the more expansive application feature as you can apply it almost everywhere, including the gear, boots, bow, tent, blind, clothes, vegetation and on other surfaces.

This product provides a medium to extend coverage, making it easier for you to get to your target without them noticing you.

It does not produce an unpleasant smell as the scents come from bushes and plants. You don’t have to rely on shifting winds, this product enables hunters to get closer for a perfect shot.

Better believe a buck likes some nice cookies. The Nose Jammer Natural Scent makes you smell like a cookie!


  • Inexpensive
  • Offers a wide application
  • Does not have an unpleasant odour
  • Easy to use since you are required to uncap, spray before and during hunting
  • Sufficient for a tree stand, blind, stalk and spot hunting
  • Scientifically made to overload and jam the animal’s sense of smell.
  • Takes away the target sense of smell, wind shifting becomes the last thing you have in your mind.
  • Comes with a scent that wild animals tend to ignore
  • can be used from season to season


  • It does not lure animals but hides your presence

5.    TINK’S 69 Pocketshot

3 peice pack of TINK'S (69/Doe-P/Earth Pocket shot Trophy Pack

Check Latest Price

The Tink’s Earth Power Cover Scent is the best choice for hunters who need to cover their scent with an inexpensive and dirt like smell. It is the second most inexpensive product after the Nose Jammer.

The package comes with 3 compact size bottles, each with 50 shots per bottle. The package should be enough for your hunting for a whole weekend.

It works moderately good as it has a well-spread soil-like smell that covers your scent. It attracts deer that are in search of soil.

This product offers a comprehensive application option as you can apply on clothes, skin, boots, blind, trees stand and also around the vegetation where you want to ambush the deer.

It is the best way to go if you are after an inexpensive product that comes in small sizes.

Final note: Tink’s 69 pockeshot is just irresistable and a deadly attractant! Just dont spill it inside your pockets.


  • It has a wide application
  • Not expensive
  • Easily portable as it comes in small sizes
  • Can be applied on clothing when hunting in thick cedars
  • Can be used when making rubs and scrapes to produce a scent that attracts the deer.
  • Easy to use as it comes with a pump spray
  • Can be applied in any area you want to go hunting.
  • It comes with a fresh dirt scent that lures deer
  • Compelling when stalk or stand hunting
  • Formulated for the more robust and longer smell


  • Can drain quickly if not used effectively

6.    Bucrut Whitetail Scent Wafers

Hunters Specialties Bucrut Whitetail Scent Wafers, Multi, 3-Pack

Check Latest Price

This formulated product is for hunters who don’t like using deer urine or liquids. They come in small round wafer bottles that you can attach to your clothes. It is also very inexpensive.

It comes in a variety of fresh earth that smells like soil, Natural Pine, White Oak Acorn and Natural Cedar. You have to match your scents with the trees found in your hunting area.

The pack is long-lasting since it comes with three extra wafers in the package. Each wafer will last for more than 20 days at a time.

Another essential feature that you will like about the product is its multiple uses.  You can hang the effect on the trees or attach it on your clothes because it comes with three pangs of hanger that you use to hang the wafers on tree branches and three pins that you use to attach the wafers on your clothing.

It is a very inexpensive option that yields excellent results. Buckrut wafer works just as advertised!


  • Has multiple uses
  • You do not need to spray it on your clothes
  • Last long as the wafers naturally refresh when put back in storage containers
  • Made with the highest technology that provides pure and concentrated wafer scent
  • The package comes with four different scents
  • Masks your scent when you hang the wafers on tree branches or attach on your clothing
  • Comes in a package of three hangers, a storage case and scent wafers


  • Does not lure deer in but will disguise your natural smell.

7.    Rutting Buck in Stick

Conquest Scents Rutting Buck in Stick

Check Latest Price

The Conquest Scents is a deer scent stick that resembles those applied underarms and is also for both the buck and the doe.

The mode is similar to deodorant and therefore, it gives you a mess-free experience as opposed to the ones in liquid form.

It helps in calming and attracting the whole herd. It means you won’t only attract the buck but also the doe.

You will enjoy its simplest way of applying that involves smearing or spreading on the surrounding trees or onto your boots. As a result, the scent will hide your scent and draw the herd next to you.

However, the product cannot lure animals from long distances as effectively as the sprayed scent.

Rutting buck stick makes you smell like a deer for days. Your kids won’t like it!


  • Has a wax-stick formula ensuring no mess or spills
  • Consists of a collection of smells and scents of doe, buck and fawn bedding area
  • The scents instil curiosity in animals thereby drawing them nearer
  • no disturbance in the hunting area when applying the scents
  • Offers a cover, calming and attractant scent of all seasons
  • Easy to use, no leaks, pills or procedure to follow
  • It attracts the whole herd
  • Last for an extended period
  • In the form of the stick just like deodorant, easy to carry around
  • Can be used around all seasons
  • No preservatives
  • A package has 2.5 oz scent.


  • It is required to be used at shorter distances to achieve better results.

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Cover Scent for Deer Hunting: A Buyers Guide

Choosing the best scent can be difficult for beginners and other hunters who do not know what the market has to offer. This guide will help you get the best choices as it will enlighten you on what to look for when buying a cover scent for deer hunting.

The Available Scents

You will find a long list of scents such as deer urine, skunk urine and natural compounds.

Deer Urine

Any product made of deer urine will not only cover your scent but also draw deer near your location. This urine comes from the buck and a doe.

For you to achieve the best results, you need to combine them, spray your boots and the vegetation surrounding your hunting area.

Skunk Urine

Skunk urine offers the best cover to your scent.  You do not need to catch a skunk or tease it for you to get urine. Instead, you can use Foggy Mountain Pure Skunk Essence

A single drop will be enough where you use a handkerchief or a sponge to apply. You can also pour the drop directly on each of your boots. Be careful not to use it on your clothes due to its unpleasant smell.

Other Natural Compounds

Vanillin is one of those compounds usually found in a specific flower. The others are oils collected from bushes or trees that are effective in hiding your scent.

How to Apply

You should consider the method of application which can either be pouring on antler, spraying on vegetation or scrapping on the ground. You can also apply some on boots or shoes.

A wafer contains scents that you are required to carry by attaching to clothes using a safety pin, or you can hang them on tree branches by use of hanger.

If you prefer scents that are less messy, you should buy fragrances that you can smear on trees, boots or shoes.


You might be concerned about the price although most of these products are less expensive. The price range favours every aspiring buyer.

Deer Cover Scent Myths

The truth is it is difficult to know which or what cover scent works best. It takes a great deal of learning to know how to control scent in deer hunting. In the following video, Whitetail Habitat Solutions teaches you the top 5 myths associated with cover scent control in deerr hunting.








7 Must-Have Gear for Elk & Deer Hunting 2021

7 must have gear for elk hunting

Preparation for elk hunting takes time and effort.  It’s the best experience ever, especially after a successful hunting trip that ends with bringing home your prize with a sub-standard gear.

Elk hunting with an arrow and a bow is rarely easy. The pursuit is mentally, emotionally, and physically demanding. Because of these challenges, an elk hunter should avoid hand capping themselves by being caught unprepared and equipped with gear.

Elk hunting changes depending on seasons of the year, style of the hunt, area of the country, and overall gear needed. Other items are necessary for a successful search by overlooking everyday needs, such as water and food.

A hunter in the bush mostly relies on what is in his pack. Therefore, they should carry only that which is necessary and lightweight. This will reduce the hunter’s fatigue by the end of the day. Again taking a 15- pound hunting pack at an elevated height of 10, 000ft, will be tiresome, and you will wish you had made extra preparations and exercises before the hunt.

Over the years, many hunters use trial and error methods to determine what to carry in the field. The best way to help you figureout what to carry is to go into the field and experience the hardships of being a hunter. The experience might be more challenging, especially for new hunters or those planning to go with their kids.


We have compiled an essential packing list for both novice and seasoned elk hunters, along with what to wear recommendations and what not to carry to a hunting field.

1.    Upland Optics Perception HD10x42mm Hunting Binoculars

a black colored Upland Optics Perception HD10x42mm Hunting Binocular

Check Latest Price

Almost all professional hunters will advise you on the need to carry decent binoculars for hunting. However, it is customary to find some hunters not using this critical gadget while others carry it around for fun.

Some say that rifle scope provides clear enough images, which is not entirely true. Instead, the higher magnification power of binoculars gives you more precise, accurate, and sharp images.

A binocular helps you in locating and identifying more animals with clarity to help hunters judge the quality of the animal spotted. It will be impossible with a normal vision. You should remember that a binocular is a more complicated gadget and will help you make a good judgment at long distances.

It’s hard to get very close to an elk without spoking them off. A reliable binocular will help you to see the game from a distance without missing any action. This binocular pair provides exemptional clarity and has a handy neck that makes it easier for you to carry even roughterrain during the hunt.

They are also durable, waterproof, and best for bad weather.


  • Comes with an extra-low dispersion glass that provides sharper and clear images
  • Durable
  • It is 1.44lbs
  • Waterproof and fog proof
  • Features lens clothes, neck strap, soft carry case, and flip-down lens protectors.
  • Provides up to ten times magnification


  • no negative feedback recorded so far


2.    Portawipes Compressed Toilet Paper Tablet Coin Tissues – 100 Pack with 2 Carrying Cases

Portawipes Compressed Toilet Paper Tablet Coin Tissues - 100 Pack with 2 Carrying Cases

Check Latest Price

Scouting is the perfect hunting spot of any hunter, but it becomes hard to avoid natural calls. Naturally, you will need the best toilet paper since you will be spending long hours out in the wilderness. It would help if you never compromised on hygiene.

It’s challenging to pack regular tissue paper in your bag as it will take a lot of space and can soak when exposed. To avoid all the hustle, invest in portawipes compressed toilet paper.

The portawipes compressed toilet paper is easy to pack, cheap, and lasts for weeks, leaving you fresh, and they don’t leave any scent behind for the bears. They also have multiple uses that include general hygiene, tinder for fire, and wound cleaning.

These toilet papers are compressed and convenient, making it easy to carry around in your pocket without taking much of your space. So, it’s ready when you most need it, even when you are in the woods. They are waterproof, easy to carry, ensuring that they are dry in harsh weather conditions.


  • Comes with two waterproof cases designed for camping and outdoor hiking
  • Are larger, more robust, and soft
  • They not allergic and have no preservatives, odor, fragrance
  • Biodegradable and eco-friendly
  • Reusable, by rinsing them with water and wringing out.
  • Luxurious, hygienic, and ready to use
  • comes in a portable size of 0.375 in and 0.81in
  • compressed and easy to carry
  • lasts longer since one compact tissue has 100 counts of towelettes


  • they are not flushable


3.    Campark Mini Trail Camera 16MP 1080P HD Game Camera Waterproof Wildlife Scouting Hunting Cam

Campark Mini Trail Camera 16MP 1080P HD Game Camera Waterproof Wildlife Scouting Hunting Cam

Check Latest Price

A low trail camera can be a disaster, especially when you cannot retrieve the last three months’ footage due to a dead battery and a cracked casing.

You might also have less storage space for your photos, thereby laking enough room for additional images. Or worse, you may have a bad image quality of a rare animal you captured along your hunting trip. It is, therefore, essential to pick the right camera besides other hunting gears. Cameras can go into operation up to a month without human intervention.

The camera’s right choice will give you peace of mind as you won’t fix things if they happen to go wrong.

While you are waiting for an elk, chances are you will be able to see other wildlife. This mini camera will ensure that you capture real-time moments of your hunting, enabling you to document your lifetime trip.

This handy scouting camera detects approaching wildlife, and it prepares you in advance to get the perfect photo. It can see wildlife upto20m away from your scouting ground.


  • It has excellent waterproof sealing that ensures exceptional performance in all weathers
  • Reliable and professional manufacturer designs it
  • Compact and easy to carry,
  • Easy to mount, disable and install
  • Offers comprehensive coverage of up to 120 degrees and 65 feets
  • Hs a USB cable that helps you to connect with other devices and a smartphone
  • Comes with a mounting strap
  • A camouflage color
  • Long battery life which holds on to weather
  • Excellent sensitivity to light and night vision


  • Will require you to carry extra batteries


4. Scent Killer 559 Wildlife Research Supercharged spray

a combo of Scent Killer 559 Wildlife Research Supercharged spray

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It is usually hard to kill a deer with a moving vehicle because of their strong sense of smell. When a mature elk gets a faint scent of a human odor, they are likely to alert the others or vacate the scene very fast.

Scent elimination can work to your favor since it masks your scent, thereby overcoming the deer’s sense of smell. The scent killer 559 Wildlife Research Super will do the magic.

This scent killer will help you not scare away animals that you have spent time and energy to spot. The scent is 99% effective at masking human odor so that you don’t spook the game.

The killer scent 559 lasts all day, and you don’t have to keep on spraying at the hunt time.


  • Works even after drying
  • a heavy application is strong enough to do for days
  • Comes in a 24oz bottle and 24oz refill
  • It is 99 % in masking human odor
  • Can be used indoors to take away other unpleasant smells like that of cigarettes smoke
  • It is economical to buy


  • Avoid applying too much for discomfort.


5.    NEW VIEW 2020 Upgrade Hunting Clothes for Men, Silent Water Resistant Hunting Suits, Camo Hunting Camouflage Hooded Jacket, Hunting Pants

NEW VIEW 2020 Upgrade Hunting Clothes for Men, Silent Water Resistant Hunting Suits, Camo Hunting Camouflage Hooded Jacket, Hunting Pants

Check Latest Price

Fifty years back, deer hunters didn’t own a camo, and the clothing choices were so low. However, today you can browse online or walk through a camo section at a store where you will find varieties that can confuse even a veteran hunter.

To make an appropriate selection, you ask yourself simple questions that will help you determine the right camo clothing for your upcoming hunting.

You need a camouflage gear for you to stay undetected and hidden during elk hunting. The equipment should be an excellent blend of the terrain. Also, it should be comfortable as you will be waiting and scouting around for long hours. The New View 2020 Upgrade Hunting clothing will meet these specifications.


  • Great for outdoor hunting, camping, and hiking
  • Comes with ten pockets that allow storage of essential items
  • It is a three-dimensional hood that can be expanded and hidden
  • Has two-way full zip in the front
  • Has adjustable magic cuffs
  • Comes with a breathable zipper under each arm
  • The gear is unisex
  • Has a lightweight design and excellent quality
  • It is comfortable and warm
  • Comes with a free camo hat when you make a purchase
  • Durable and original
  • Perfect for cold weather
  • Has excellent graphics and good looking prints
  • It is a waterproof gear
  • Dries very fast
  • Includes a pant and a jacket
  • They are camouflage nature that matches with the vegetation.


  • It is a bit noisy, and you have to wash it for it to become calm


6. Solar Power Bank, Qi Portable Charger

Orange Solar Power Bank, Qi Portable Charger

Check Latest Price

The challenge involved in hurting is being away from technology for weeks or even months. It’s even worse when your devices have short battery life. At some point, a standard power bank may help, but it won’t be of much help as you must have the means to recharge it, which not practical in a hunting field.

Therefore, it’s essential to access a charging system for your phone if you get an emergency. The goodnews is that a solar charger will be a solution to this problem.

The Solar Power Bank Qi Portable charger will ensure that you get ready photos to document from your hunting trip. It will also make it easy for you to charge your phone and other devices you may need during your hunting period.


  • Has a compact size that can easily fit in the pocket
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Has an extensive charging system of up to 6 hours
  • Provide back up power solutions and reminders
  • Comes with a wireless charger compatible with iPhone and other mobile devices
  • Comes with a portable compass kit, a necessary tool camping, and other outdoor activities
  • It has an inbuilt dual bright flashlight
  • it has a rugged shell that protects it from falling and also feels good in the hand
  • gives a two-way charging system
  • it is a fast charger, and you can use it anywhere
  • It has waterproof features


  • No complaints so far


7. Black Diamond Storm Headlamp

Black Diamond Storm Headlamp

Check Latest Price

You need a reliable headlamp that will light your way through the woods. This lamp will help you navigate the camping ground.

The Black Diamond Storm Headlamp has a power tap technology that you can switch from dim to full power when you want to avoid spooking away game in your area.

This headlamp shines brightly in the darkness illuminating dangerous and bleak trails. Its casing is robust and sturdy for it to withstand the uncertainties of the night.

Its waterproof and dustproof seal will allow you to use it in any weather during your hunt. This seal enables the lamp to withstand up to 30 minutes of immersion in the water without its power going off.

It also has a light range that covers up to 85 meters, therefore keeping you visually aware of what is happening throughout your hunt.

While it provides a hands- free operation to users, it also provides a simple power tap technology for quick and sharp power options. The power options ensure a change in color mode and brightness level.


  • Comes with a sealed housing that makes it dustproof and waterproof
  • Allows different settings, including distance mode and full strength in proximity
  • Comes with a lock mode
  • Can switch between blue and green night vision
  • Features a one double power white led and a one quad power led
  • Comes with a power tab technology that allows dimmed and full power transitioning
  • Capable of tilting down to enable multiple positions
  • Masters, all situations and is capable of updating
  • Easy to use as it comes with a simplified operation system



  • Can take some time before you get used to


Factors to Consider when Choosing the Must-Have Gear for Elk Hunting: A Buyers Guide

Whether you are new or an experienced hunter, preparing for a hunting expedition can be an overwhelming task. You have to differentiate between a need and a want without leaving out the essential hunting equipment.

The following factors will help you to determine what to include in your deer pack.

Weather and temperature

Weather and climate change can bring serious problems for hunters, and hunters need to understand the conditions wherever they go hunting. For instance in every weather rainy, cold or hot, a hunter should carry appropriate hunting equipment suitable for those conditions.

The preferred weather should be cloudy, for better movement along the field to enable hunters to get the best spot to position themselves.

Pouring rain comes in handy because it helps mask you from you’re your target game. However, the rain will negatively affect your vision blocking you from having a clear shot. Remember to include your rain gear because you never know when it’s going to pour.


Season of hunting

This refers to a particular period in which certain game animals are expected to be out in specifically designated regions. It’s the time when hunters flock the forest to kill and harvest deer. However, it’s controlled by the department of natural resources and hunters have to wait for opening day.

Hunting methods

Every hunter has a preferred style to pursue and kill their target game animal. The methods and hunting equipment will depend on the type of wildlife being targeted, the terrain, and the climate.

Area of the country

Most countries have legalized hunting so you don’t have to worry about breaking the law. Much work is done when preparing for a hunting expenditure including packing your equipment and scouting the area.

Having a good understanding of the area in which you will be hunting will come in handy when selecting suitable hunting equipment.

















7 Best Hunting Boots for Cold Weather 2021

a hunter walking with best hunting boots for cold weather

With hunting becoming the choice of the growing world, there is a need for improved hunting gears. Our present life has greatly improved compared to our previous generation in all aspects. The same way there is an improvement in life is the same thing that has taken place in the hunting world.

In the current hunting world, any successful hunter needs more than the correct weapon, patience, and even more than experience. Though weapon, experience, and patience are crucial, the best hunt result will depend on your footwear. Footwear is crucial while hunting as you will be required to walk through hazardous terrain, sloppy areas, and even walk in all types of weather.

As a hunter having footwear that isn’t up to the task will make you end up quitting or just giving up. In most cases, having the right footwear not only helps you in having a successful hunt but also in protecting your foot. The foot is the one that carries you across rivers, through swampy areas, and over dale as you pursue your hunt. In that case, the right choice of footwear is of great benefit to you.

The market provides varieties of hunting boots for you. But despite the many options, there is still a life-size challenge in choosing the best boot that may suit you more so paramount hunting boots for cold weather. If you are moving to cold places or during cold seasons, going for rubber boots will be the best option for you. The most important aspect remains to choose the right choice of footwear for you. In this guide, you will learn of the best hunting boot that will fit you well during cold conditions.

1. Irish Setter Men’s Vaprtrek 800g Shooting Waders

Irish Setter Men's Vaprtrek 800 Gram Hunting Boot

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If at all the term Irish Setter men’s vaprtrek 800g hunting boot is new to you, you should check it out. The Irish setter happens to be one of the best cold hunting kicks in this guide due to its camouflaging qualities, making it the best choice for professional hunters. If you think of a light hunting boot, Irish setter comes with a lightweight of 800 gr insulation that is comfortable for walking long distances and along think paths.

The Irish setter’s technology offers a great added advantage to you as it makes the gumboots more durable. While on the other hand, the lightweight enables you to walk freely or even run during your hunt. You may check it on Amazon.com for clearly pricing details. The setter waders use stable step technology to give you excellent stability. The stability is well improved through the use of amalgamated resoles cups, which usually wraps around the heel to increase the sustenance while hunting.

When it comes to the hunter’s foot comfort (or even general comfort), this boot takes the lead. The hacks come with a tongue-like cushion technology that gives a soft and smooth surface for your skin. The cushion tongue technology also protects you from experiencing joint pain, common to most of the boots.


2. LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18-1600g Stalking Waders

Realtree Ap Hd LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18-1600g Stalking Waders

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Are you looking for joy and comfort while hunting? LaCrosse boot has perfect insulation that provides luxury and joy to you while hunting in cold places or during cold weather. The boot has a lightweight Ultra insulation of 1600g and a thin layer to prevent cold to more than -70 degrees, which is incredible. To easily access this strike and it’s pricing, check it on Amazon.com.

The heels, feet instep, and the toes are mostly affected when wearing some other boots. To reduce some of these stresses, LaCrosse has a three-coats of elastic in the mend, toe, and the instep. As a result of the inbuilt layers, you can walk and hunt comfortably in different terrains.

This wader’s sole is one of the tops the bazaar is offering. The waders have excellent comfort in the soles, despite the place of walk or run. The uniqueness of the trend sole helps you advance even in the demanding terrain as the grip is strong enough. Debris and muds easily fall off the soles threads due to the uniqueness of the soles.


  • Comes with a removable sole
  • Rugged, way warmer and sturdy
  • 100% waterproof
  • Has an embossed liner
  • Has a scent-free rubber


  • Size usually run small
  • It’s hard to get on and off.


3. Guide Gear Giant Timber II Men’s 1400g cloistered Waterproof Pursuing Waders

Mossy Oak Break-up Country Guide Gear Giant Timber II Men'sInsulated Waterproof Hunting Boots, 1,400-gram

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The differentiating aspect of these boots with the other waders is the uniqueness of its features. The boots have a unique feature as they come with a ScentMask that helps control scent to avoid being spotted by the prey.

Unlike some other strikes with a lower Thinsulate, this type of strike has 140OG Thinsulate Ultra padding to enable you to be dry and remain genial throughout the shooting activity. The presence of Nylon and Leather material plus the breathable HydroGuard membrane helps you even walk through puddles, swamps, and also different terrains without even a single drop of water getting into your feet all through.

Most of the hunters like these boots because it comes with mesh-lined EVA inner parts that are well-devised adding comfort and making it easier to work in a cold season. The kickers also have a wicking mesh for coolness and breathing. These boots are a bit warmer. The warmth gives you all the comfort you need during hunting, more so during the cold season. You can’t report any case of blisters on your foot or even talk of fatigue. For the best pricing of these boots, check it on Amazon.com.


  • 1,400 Gram Insulated
  • Comes with a Scent Mask  to help control any form of human scent
  • The temperature of 58 degrees
  • Not too heavy


The boot is not durable.


4. Rocky Men’s Sport Utility Pro Hunting Boot

 A pair of Mossy Oak Rocky Men's Sport Utility Pro Hunting Boot

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The Rocky Men’s bootis one of the best boots to consider to use during cold weather. The wader is a bit heavy but comfortable when worn. It comes with high-end features and a flagship-level design to ensure your distribution of warmth on the feet throughout the operation.

The boot also has a perfect textile and leather design to provide you with utility and warmth in your hunting process. For the best pricing of Rocky Men’s Sport Utility boots, check it on Amazon.com. In terms of temperature rating, the boots have Ultra-warm of 1000g to ensure that your toes are warm with no feeling of bulkiness and less than zero wind-chill to comfort your hunting spree.

If you are worried about whether the boot is waterproof, the boot is 100% waterproof. While wearing this boot, you can cut through rain and snow and, in the end, have your feet completely warm and dry. Rocky Men’s Sport is one of the best for fast drying design and high performing dump-resistant.

Another best feature of this wader is the aggressive sole. By far, this boot has crossed the passing score when it comes to aggressiveness and the tight grip of the sole. Probably it can score 8 points out of 10 as its design keeps you from slipping regardless of the terrain of operation. You can’t end it without talking about the comfortable speed lacing system and the improved heel guard to facilitate ease while walking on different terrain.


  • Its 100% waterproof
  • Aggressive soles with great grip
  • High ankle support
  • A perfect boot for cold weather


  • The boots are a bit heavy
  • The durability of the boots is not promising.


5. Danner Men’s High Ground 8 Realtree X 1000G-M

a pair of brow/green Danner Men’s High Ground 8 Realtree X 1000G-M hunting boot

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Most of the professional hunters prefer Danner Men’s hunting boots for callous weather. The wader’s preference is as a result of the perfect make and the great features it has. The waders offer you a good design that is a lightweight and athletic outfit in all-terrain.

The boot has comfy nylon make that is furtive to its elevated show when pursuing. The nylon design helps you to feel comfortable and keep your feet dry even when operating in cold weather.

The arch support of the boot is perfect in all-terrain. The boot also has an aggressive sole with a good grip, making it a comfortable boot to wear throughout the day. This boot is wrapped with a waterproof GORE-TEX cover that is breathable to keep the feet dry when hunting in moist areas. It also has a perfect design that facilitates comfortability and ease in air circulation.

Danner Men’s boot features 1000g (Thinsulate Ultra Insulation), lightweight, durable, and warm for all operation years. The locking speed hooks offer you easy and quick lacing. You may grille the spike across the forefoot to provide you with a safe apt while hinting in different terrain. For pricing of the Danner men’s boot, check it on Amazon.com.


  • 100% waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Provides you with super comfortable and warm
  • Has a sturdy design


  • Comes with nylon lace that aren’t so good


6. Bogs Men’s Classic High Winter Hunting Boots

mossy oak Bogs Men’s Classic High Winter Hunting Boot

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Another best option hunting boot to use during cold weather is Bogs Men’s Classic boots. With a good design of a 7mm Neo-tech Waterproof insulator, this rubber boot keeps your feet free from water reach. At least you are assured of your feet reaming warm and cozy even in -4o degree.

Thanks to the boot rubber sole’s special design as it helps you have an easy time while navigating any form of terrain. The boot is well equipped with DuraFresh-biotech that helps to keep your hack completely odor-free. The footwear also comes with a BOGS MAX-WICK, to keeps your bases sweat-free, which results in comfort while wearing the boot for a long time. The breathable upper make of the boot increases comfort.

The pursuing gear hack opening measures 14.5 inches. Therefore, giving you fast and easy off and on features to start hunting right without delay. The manufacturers of this boot have ensured that only high-quality materials are used in making this boot. The materials used to make these boots give you confidence in the boot’s durability and ability. With the improved, innovative method in designing this boot, you are assured of a perfect hunting process in any weather. Click here to check the Latest Price.


  • Quality, innovative design method
  • Durable
  • Lined with BOGS MAX-wick
  • 100% waterproof and perfect for wet terrain
  • Comfortable in extremely cold weathers
  • DuraFresh bio-technology that make it odor-free


  • Is a bit heavy compared to other wet hunting boots
  • A bit heavy


7. HISEA Outdoor Muck Boots for winter

a pair of black HISEA Outdoor Muck Boots for winter hunting boot

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Another superlative cold climate shooting hack that can’t miss in this list is the HISEA Outdoor Hunting boot. This boot makes this list due to its extensive features that are compatible with cold weather. This boot has a design that helps to solve severe conditions.

The boot is a hundred percent waterproof to ensure that your bases are completely parched during cold climate. The snow and rains have no chance of finding its way to your feet while wearing this boot. The boot has a perfect rubber shell above the ankle, protecting your leg from moister and hazards.

The hack also comes with a breathable air mesh coatingthat ensures complete airflow and ensures that it keeps the interior dry more perfectly than other boots. For comfort and flexibility, the bot has 7mm neoprene. The 7mm neoprene not only keeps your feet warm but also helps in retaining the heat. Also, the outer sole of this hack is of high-rank coating, which helps in increasing traction. The high-grade rubber outer sole secures you from slithering off while operating on slippery grounds.

The kick has extra lining coats added to provide more safety from any form of outside hazards. This boot can operate on the harshest situations and endeavor even when subjected to hard conditions. Click here to Check the Latest Price


  • 100% waterproof assurance
  • Quite flexible
  • Has a breathable air mesh lining
  • Heat retention and shock absorption features


  • Is a little bit heavy


7 Factors to Consider While Buying Cold Weather Hunting Boots: A Buyer’s Guide

When planning to purchase a hunting boot to use during cold weather, there is an array of things to consider to get the right pair of a hunting boot. Below are some of the common factors to look for while looking for a perfect cold hunting boot:


Having hunting boots that are not 100% waterproof will give you the toughest experience in hunting. Once you have high-quality boots that are 100% waterproof, you can confidently maneuver across streams, muddy patches, rivers, puddles, and stagnating water areas with ease.


With consistent exposing your feet to cold, the end product might be a health condition. Your hunting boots must have adequate insulation. The boot design should prevent any form of cold from seeping in and ensure that the warm air is enclosed.


The sole of your boot highly determines the brunt of the treks you make. The sole should withstand the pounding and give you a firm footing in all-terrain.


The height of your boot will highly depend on the main purpose of the boot. Choose high hunting boots if you will be encountering water, snow, or even mud. Shooter boots will fit the drier and warm environment.


As a hunter, you will have to dash, jump, and move in a different direction. All these activities can’t be hard for you while wearing boot weighing tons. Therefore, a need for a lightweight boot


The kill you are after is always alert to detect any form of the enemy and take off. For stealthy hunting, you need to consider choosing a stealthier boot option.

Bottom Line

Being successful in hunting or even making your hunting fun in most cases will highly depend on the hunting boots. Maneuvering through the hunting field with a sprained ankle, cold feet, and wet socks isn’t in any way fun. To have success in your hunting and make it fun, follow this guide in selecting the best hunting boots for cold weather.







7 Best Boots for Elk & Deer Hunting 2021

man walking in the woods wearing elk hunting boots

For successful hunting, a hunter requires more than experience, patience, and the right weapon. What you are wearing on your feet will play a big role during hunting because, more often, you have to cover miles of sloppy and hazardous environments. If your footwear is not suitable for the challenge, you will find yourself quitting and going back to your vehicle or worse, camp to warm and dry your feet.

Every elk hunter must agree that this type of hunting requires a lot of focus that can be interfered with by wearing the wrong shoes. It becomes challenging to concentrate when your feet feel hot, cold, or sore after travelling on uneven soil surfaces, side-hilling, or many ups and downs. The boots you wear can be the source of success or failure, as it is not practical to get rid of them when your feet are overheating or are in great pain.

What boots should I wear? It is a common question among hunters because they understand that its not their sunglasses or rifle that carries them through swamps, over hills and dale, and across rivers. However, finding the best hunting boots is not easier as many hunters think due to the confusion resulting from the sheer number of boots available on the market. This guide will consider only the top hunting boots to make your shopping easier.

1. Muck Boot Woody Max Rubber Insulated Hunting Boot

Mossy Oak Muck Boot Woody Max Rubber Insulated Hunting Boot

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Without the best equipment, hunting in freezing weather cannot be fun. Instead, it cannot be veryencouraging. This hunting boot was introduced specifically for cold weather hunting. Apart from it being a lightweight gear, it also has a cool design that differentiates it from similar products.

This boot gives you extra comfort and support while hunting as it is made of high quality, water-resistant rubber and a midsole made of EVA. Also, the outsole is made of MS-1material and a stong base needed for walking on harsh surfaces. The boot’s upper side is made of a sturdy Neoprene design and a calf area strap that protect your feet from cold.


  • It is made of a rubber sole for more comfort
  • Features the 5mm neoprene that provides flexibility and comfort
  • The 5mm neoprene offers shock absorption, waterproof and heat retention
  • Easily adjustable to the shape of your feet to prevent chafing and blisters
  • It has a soft and durable fleece lining for exceptionalwarmth
  • The exterior is made of high-grade rubber that provides extra toughness
  • The high-grade rubber makes it 100% waterproof
  • EVA contoured and moulded mind sole provide lightweight cushioning
  • Has a stretch fit comfort topline that seals in warmth while keeping off the debris
  • The extended rubber exteriors offer extra toughness and waterproof features
  • They do not produce any odour after wearing for a long time


  • No negative feedback recorded so far


2. Lacrosse Men’s 4x Alpha Snake Boot- M

a pair of Realtree Xtra Green Lacrosse Men’s 4x Alpha Snake Boot- M

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This type of boot is called snake boots because of its ability to give protection against venomous snakes. It is made of tough and resilient qualities that provide comfort when venturing into the vipers’ habitat. It features shock resistant, durable, sturdy, and waterproof neoprene rubber built for maximum protection.  Many hunters love this boot because of its 16-inch snake protection guard. The nighty degree heel makes it easier to use as it allows easy climbing and user-friendly buckle that make it easier to fit.

If comfort is your great concern, you cannot go wrong with this type of boot as the contoured section at the ankle area will hold your heel to keep it in place, thus avoiding blisters and sliding while walking. You will also enjoy the cushioning shin guard that gives extra protection and real comfort in midsoles. I highly recommend this boot as it is worth your money for its multifunctional feature.


  • It is made of rubber sole to provide comfort
  • Has a flexible snake guard material for protection
  • Has a quick-drying polyester and moisture-wicking jersey liner
  • Features multi-layered rubber on the heel and toe for durability and protection
  • The full shin guard provides extra protection and durability
  • The 16’’ boot opening makes it easy to wear
  • The 3.55mm neoprene provides waterproof and flexibility
  • It comes with an adjustable rubber gusset for easy on and off, comfortable fit on foot.


  • Your feet might get chilly when used during freezing weather.


3. Irish Setter Men’s 2875 Vaptrek Waterproof Hunting Boot


Realtree Xtra Green Irish Setter Men’s 2875 Vaptrek Waterproof Hunting Boot

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This model is an excellent example of hunting boots from the Irish Setter class. It is a great companion and a must-have hunting boots as it is made of a durable and robust sole from the hundred per cent synthetic leather. Surprisingly, it is a lightweight gear made of high-quality materials for its midsoles, exterior, and outsoles.The incorporated RPM technology protects your foot from weighing down, thus offering you the convenience and freedom required to easily venture into rugged terrains.

The best hunting boot should indeed protect against wetness and difficulty terrains that bring a tremendous attack of bacteria. The scent ban technology provides odour-causing bacteria, in the Irish setter 2875, ensuring no breeding space for bacteria. The boot also is ultra-dry and waterproof, which is a must-have feature of any right hunting boot.


  • Made of 100% synthetic and leather making it durable and strong
  • A 17-inch boot made of full-grain waterproof leather
  • It has a comfortable rubber sole
  • Comes with an ultra-dry and waterproofing system
  • It has a snake guard that prevent thorns, fangs, and other harmful elements from penetrating the boot
  • Features an Arma Tech abrasion that provides a protective covering
  • It has scent ban technology that kills odour-causing bacteria
  • It made of a lightweight RPM technology


  • The boots are excellent on deserts, swamps and flat land but are slick on snow.


4. LaCrosse Grange

a pair of LaCrosse Men's Grange 18" Waterproof Hunting Boot

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The lacrosse Men’s Grange 18 inch hunting boots will give you the flexibility that you require when visiting the woods because a 2 inch of water in the woods can easily convert into a foot of water. Therefore it is not ideal to be wearing ankle boots when visiting such places as they can frustrate you or end your hunting even before you begin.

It becomes worse when you have to walk hard and with difficulty through the muddy terrain and falling out at the bottom. These hunting boots have you covered in such situations as they are the tallest on the market. The lacrosse 18-inch boots are relatively cheaper considering the optimal flexibility they provide.


  • The 100% rubber provide waterproof features
  • Features rubber sole that provides comfort
  • It has a hand-laid premium that offers scent-free protection
  • Comes with a multilayer rubber on the heel and toes for added durability
  • The ankle fit locks the heels to prevent sliding
  • It made of ribbed vamp double-layer that provides durability
  • Comes with an adjustable top strap for a secure and comfortable fit
  • The ZXT rubber provides extra tensile strength
  • Provides constant and significant traction as the outsole lugs shed off the debris
  • Made of ZXT rubber that provides scent-free protection.


  • They are tight at the ankle and not easily pulled off


5. Irish Setter Wingshooter Waterproof Hunting Boots

a pair of Irish Setter Men's 808 Wingshooter Waterproof 9" Upland Hunting Boot

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The Irish Setter 808 Wingshooter Waterproof Hunting Boots is a must-have for many hunters due to the quality, fair and ultradry waterproof leather that provides extra durability for its exterior. It also offers a tough protective mechanism from its shaft measuring 8.5mm and a firm sole made of rubber. It also features an easily removable polyurethane footbed for ultimate comfort in sunshine or when it is raining.

With these boots in place, you don’t need to worry about sliding or slipping in wet weather environments as they are designed for stability purposes. It offers a stiff shank made of steel and rubber soles to prevent you from sliding when walking on slippery terrains. Also, sharp objects have minimal to zero chances of piercing through with the moccasin toe in place. The Irish Setter Wingshooter Waterproof Hunting Boot protects the feet as much as the ankles making it lovable by my hunters.


  • It is made of 100% leather making it durable
  • Sole made of rubber to offer comfort to your feet
  • Comfortable to wear as the opening measures 13 inches around
  • The shaft measures 8.5 inches to make it more waterproof
  • Comes with a waterproof ultra-dry technology
  • It contains a removable polyurethane footbed that provides comfort in rain or sunshine
  • Features a moccasin toe that prevents piercing through
  • Easy to walk in as they are lightweight
  • It features a stiff shank made of steel and a sole rubber that provides stability on rough grounds
  • The design is attractive and stylish


  • The boots range in height and insulation levels to keep you comfortable.


6. Lowa Men’s Tibet GTX Hunting Boots

A Lowa Men’s Tibet GTX Hunting Boot

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Lowa is a hunters and mountaineers lover and everyone else as they have been around for almost a century. The Tibet GTX Hunting Boots is their latest version of high-quality outdoor footwear.

They are stiff but soften when you wear just like any other type of great hunting boots. Also, they provide warmth, generous support, and a dry working platform. The snug fit makes you feel like they offer an extension to your feet while the Vibram sole can walk on any terrain comfortably. The rock-solid lacing, flexible ankle, and an anatomical tongue ensure that your footwear will not be something to w


  • It is made of a synthetic sole, making it durable and strong.
  • It has extra durability as it is made of 100% nubuck.
  • Has a padded collar and tongue that provides comfort
  • Comes with a heel fit and a flex fit that naturally provides comfort to the ankle
  • The Vibram outsole ensures confidence when walking in any terrain surface.
  • The perforated lining controls heat and moisture.
  • Has a Gore-tex lining that keeps you dry and high
  • Has a seamless upper that keeps you warm
  • It has speed-lacing hardware and D-ring eyelets that ensures the boot does not come off.
  • It is made of a Vibram outsole that lasts for a very long period.



  • You have to wear them often to soften them


7. Kamik Men’s Hunter Boot

a paifr of khaki Kamik Men’s Hunter Boot

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Hunters, farmers, or any other person who loves to walk through the wilderness find the Kamik Hunter Boot the best choice. They have a waterproof knee-high design that gives adequate protection against dirt, mud, and any other thing that you may stumble across when hunting.

Also, it ensures comfort as it controls up to 40-degree Fahrenheit rating. By this, you feel comfortable even when the mercury level drops below what may be considered normal. The removable thermal guard liner makes these boots the best choice for summer, spring, and fall expeditions without the risk of weighing you down or overheating.


  • It is made of 95% rubber and 5% nylon making it waterproof
  • Provides comfort ratings of 40c, which ensures total comfort
  • The elongate shaft offers more protection
  • It is made of a synthetic sole to give it more durability
  • An adjustable nylon collar that provides a more waterproof feature
  • A non-marking outsole of synthetic rubber
  • Has a removable thermal guard liner that ensures no weighing down or overheating.
  • They are well insulated.



  • No negative feedback

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Elk Hunting Boots: A Buyers Guide

Hunters should not undermine the importance of their hunting boots. Your boots, as well as your firearm, counts when it comes to elk hunting. It would help if you considered some of the following aspects when buying to avoid making the wrong choices.

The Fit

It is normal to find that there are boots you can wear comfortably from the box, while others need break-in time to get comfortable. You should choose a boot that fits comfortably such that you can walk for long hours without discomfort or blisters.

Always try to fit with your socks on.  If you usually wear heavy socks, you should not check with the thin socks as you may find that the boots do not fit comfortably.


Never underestimate good soles’ power, which offers shock absorption, stability, traction, and overall comfortability. Always balance the flexibility and strength you need when walking through uneven terrains for safety purposes.

Tread patterns and lugged shape on the soles of the boots are essential when choosing the best boot. A shallow tread may reduce mud accumulation and debris, thereby making your moves stable and comfortable.


Elk hunting happens every time, and it does not only apply to a specific period. Therefore the boots you choose should withstand harsh weather conditions for them to last long. It will save you time and money as you won’t need a new boot soon.


Always consider a hunting boot with insulation that fits the current climate. It means that you should select a lightweight insulated boot when hunting during hot months during a heavily insulated boot for cold weather hunting.

Breaking in Period

Some boots need a break-in period for you to wear them while others can wear comfortably from the box. Keep in mind that shoes are made of solid material for them to last long, and in that case, it means they need a break-in period to loosen. Always make sure you are aware of the time you need to break into the boot before buying.


Sweating is unavoidable when you cover long distances. Therefore, a hunting boot should come with air circulation mechanisms to prevent bacteria’s growth inside your boots.


Always consider the season you are in when you go to the market to buy hunting boots, as it would be necessary to consider buying two pairs of boots to accommodate temperature and other weather changes that may occur as the season progresses. Early seasons between November and December is an excellent example of expected weather changes.

Boot Materials

You should choose the material used to make footwear so that you can avoid buying other pairs for other trips to come. The upper part should be made of high-quality material since it protects the entire foot and the ankle against abrasion from rocks, sticks, barbed wire, and thorns.

The upper part should be made of pure leather or its combination with synthetic fibre. Some are made of a blend of nylon and leather. You should choose the one made of leather as it is strong and can withstand severe weather conditions. Also, leather is a 100% waterproof material, ensuring that your feet stay dry during cold seasons.


Boots need regular cleaning, treatment, and drying, just like any other product,  to extend their lifespan. Always go for the boot that requires less maintenance since you may not have enough time to care for them.















7 Best Arrows for Elk and Deer Hunting 2021

a hunter using a crossbow to shoot an elk with an elk arrow in the woods

Asignificant concern of the majority of the hunters is whether they have a best arrows for elk hunting.  Some consider the bow to be the essential equipment until they go in the field only to realize that the bow is the only physical contact between them and the elk. They spend a lot on the latest bows, sights, and rests, but they end up purchasing very cheap arrows.

It is important to take caution when building, choosing, and maintaining your arrows. Without the best arrow at hand, you will experience poor performance, as it will not be easy to bring your prey down. Therefore, you have to learn the best arrow weight. A right arrow should land on the elk’s body with a lot of intensity and accuracy.

There are many types of arrows on the market, and it becomes challenging to rule out the perfect one for all bow hunters. Bow hunters should choose their arrows according to their body shape and the kind of animals they want to pursue.

A bow hunter should research on the perfect arrow shaft. These Factors include the draw weight, point weight, and arrow length.

An arrow shaft can fall in any of these categories; mid-weight, lightweight, or heavyweight. Light-weight arrow weighs approximately 5 and 6.5 grains per pound of the maximum draw force of a bowl.

A mid-weight arrow has an approximate weight of 6.5 and 8 grains per pound of the maximum drag force of a bow while a heavyweight weighs above 8 grains.

Below are some of the best hunting arrows

1. Carbon Express Maxima BLU RZ

blue-colored 3 pieces of Carbon Express Maxima BLU RZ

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A carbon express maximum is a product from an archery brand that has been in existence for over 30 years. It is the best hunting arrow in 2020 as it has dual spine technology; the back section of the arrow is stiffer and lighter compared to the heavier front section.

They have a nice camouflage finish on them which is the buff tough plus so it won’t wear off.Overall, this is the workhorse of arrows, so you can be guaranteed it’s going to get the job done and I recommend these arrows to all the hunters out there.

The BLU RZ comes with a Diamond Weave carbon material (carbon express), and it resembles a hi-tech carbon shaft. The shaft is the red zone, designed with stiffer ends, to isolate the arrow’s flex in the middle. Recent testing shows that the RED ZONE technology in the new BLU RZ enables it to fly field points and broad heads.

All Maxima RED arrows have a standardized Launchpad and shafts that deliver better shaft alignment, a controlled arrow release, and accuracy consistent after every shot. Maxima RED arrows feature blazer vanes. Standardized Bulldog nocks, filled with carbon express proprietary, protects all shafts and Maxima RED against the nock end impact.

The MAXIMA RED gives a maximum measurement of +/-0.0025 straightness.

It has a weight tolerance of +/-1.0 grain, which is perfect for turkey hunting arrows.

Additionally, you can purchase carbon bolts at an affordable price.


  • The package is easily reusable, beatable and highly compact
  • Dynamic spine control when using a Launchpad featured with precision nock
  • Highly accurate shots due to its straightness
  • The package is easily affordable.


2. Carbon Express Maxima Hunter

three red pieces of Carbon Express Maxima Hunter

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The Maxima Hunter is the most accurate and fastest arrow in the carbon express category. It is an upgraded category. The technology of double spine weight is another added advantage. It delivers tight tolerance for the traditional carbon arrows.

The dual spine weight transmits patented fusion that creates two spines in one arrow, helping in fast movement of arrows and better management of energy, which inturn, helps retain more speed and deliver unparalleled accuracy.

Standardized Launchpad precision nocks in maxima hunter arrows and shafts help deliver a better shaft alignment, controlled arrow release, and consistent accuracy of shot after shot.

It also improves maxima arrows features and fusion performance vanes, or blazer. All shafts and maxima hunter arrows have standardized nock collar carbon express that protects nock end impacts of the shafts.

The 250 size includes 0.417 spines with a diameter of 0.295 and a length of 10.5-GPI 32.2.

Carbon Express is a famous sports brand, now working for over 30 years. Maxima carbon shaft is accurate and compact, packed with a six-pack camouflage of mossy oak tree stand.

The package is affordable and the best option for hunters.


  • Dual spin forward technology and comfortable in size
  • An affordable package ranges between +/-2 maximum measurement of carbon
  • Dual spine weight transmits a patented fusion
  • They are not easily damaged
  • Carbon Express Maxima Hunter is perfect for target practice and also for outdoor shooting.
  • Sharp, accurate,and compact in texture.


3. Easton Full Metal Jacket

three red pieces of Easton Full Metal Jacket Arrows

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These arrows are expensive compared to the other types. However, they give remarkable results. They have a small diameter that cuts through the air at its carbon core and a break-neck pace delivering long-distance performance. They have a single knockdown power.

The kinetic energy from these arrows drives the broad head smoothly through your target. Their case is made of aluminium, making them the best carbon core hunting arrows on the market in 2020. They are durable, giving deep penetration, and hard-hitting, giving consistent accuracy.

These arrows surpass the ATA/ASTM industry standards, thus ensuring they are straight. Easton, therefore, is famous for producing straightest arrows on the market.

The compound bow, longbow, flat bow, and re-curve bow produces a comparative performance with these shafts. When combined with single-bevel broad heads, a shaft produces a three-quarter penetration.

They provide accuracy constituent through use, and also they can hold excess noise through its unlimited capacity. Noise control is significant because the target runs after a noisy gear set up, which is time wasted for bow hunters who were lying for long hours waiting.

Easton Full Metal Jacket arrow is becoming a favourite for both bow hunters and field archers due to its increased performance level.


  • The metal jacket reduces friction
  • Have heavyweight advantages
  • Has a small diameter
  • It is easy to target
  • It hits inserts


  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Relatively expensive


4. Tiger Archery Carbon

a black set of 12 peices of Tiger Archery Carbon arrows

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The tiger archery carbon arrows are unique coloured plastic fletching’s that are durable and long-lasting. The coloured plastic fletching’s make the flight point the right way.

They come in packs of 12 pieces, 30-inch hunting carbon arrows from the tiger archery. Also, they work best on a 40-60 pound compound bow. They have nickel-plated stainless steel tips that work best at flight stability and accuracy, helping the bow hunter hit the target with ease.

The stainless tips decrease their weight and also give durability to the arrows. They can withstand harsh weather conditions and moisture in the fields. The rubber fletchers and carbon shafts help in improving the aerodynamics of the arrows when in flight.

The price is reasonably proportional to the arrows’ quality as the arrows also feature the same perks as some of the premium-priced arrows on the market.

They also have replaceable nocks that are not fixed with glue. Applying glue can fix the problem of nocks coming loose.

The key features that make these arrow an excellent choice is durability and lightweight.


  • Has excellent carbon construction
  • It is excellent for target practice
  • Has a low oscillation rate
  • Wind drift that works well in bad weather
  • They are great for target practice and outdoor hunting


  • Nocks and fletches aren’t fixed, although they can be glued firmly.


5. MS Jumper Archery Carbon

MS Jumper Archery Carbon

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The MS Jumper Archery Carbon arrow is a 100-grain arrow with high quality, exceptional performance, good speed, and low hand shock. It is the best choice for target practice and longbows.

The tip of the MS Jumper archery arrow helps it stick to the target, and it is still easy to retrieve it from hardwood boards at the time of targets.

It consists of three sections, based on the dynamic spine technology, where the middle section has a ripple effect instead of a bending effect.

It is suitable for compound bows with draw weights that range from 65-70lbs, and it can hit targets easily in 100 yards due to its carbon fiber shaft.

The MS Jumper Carbon Archery Arrow gives low hand shock and better performance.

This carbon arrow is durable, and its composition makes it easy to extract from its target after taking a shot and also offers a perfect balance for steady flight.

These arrows give deeper penetrations at high velocities, retaining the precision, speed, and consistent departure when bow hunting.

Both active participants and hobbyists enjoy the impressive accuracy that the archery arrows provide.

They also come with two black and one red shield shape of real feathers that allows the hunter to penetrate deeply with high kinetic energy they provide.

The MS Jumper Carbon Archery Arrows is one of the most purchased arrows on the market due to its affordability.


  • It includes real feathers
  • MS Jumper Archery Carbon is available in different colours
  • It is an excellent fusion between modern shafts and traditional vanes
  • It can be used with a bow of a maximum weight of 65lb.
  • They are strong and don’t break easily.


  • Shipping may take several weeks.


6. Easton 019330TF Bloodline

a set of 6 black peices of Easton 019330TF Bloodline arrows

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These are carbon arrows that you can use with all types of bows and crossbow. This arrow passes through several sports regulations to ensure durability and consistent performance.

The tight tolerance comes from the premium granite used in the production of the 400 sizes. The premium graphite also gives a weight tolerance of 0.2 and straightness of 0.003. The standard carbon arrows require a shaft weight of 7.7 grain, which is the ideal weight of Easton carbon arrows. Hunters also like its small whole penetration.

The Easton brand produces high-quality archery goods for many years, and their arrows are in high demand.


  • It is affordable with perfect specs
  • Penetrates in a small hole and it’s lighter
  • Pure carbon construction
  • Tested by many sport regulations


  • The arrows do not reach as far as a Barnett.


7. Gold Tip Hunter XT

4 black pieces of Gold Tip Hunter XT arrows

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Hunter XT is extremely tolerant as it is an improved version of the carbon pro raptor. It involves balance, accuracy, and delivers a consistent performance.

The Gold Tip Hunter XT consists of high-quality carbon, bonded with all the composites of carbon. These ensure the durability of the shafts, which enhances the arrow’s lifespan.

The Gold Tip Hunter has a tolerance of 0.003 inches, which is hugely intact, even in terms of accuracy and weight.

The +/-2 weight is fletched in the factory, making it extremely light and perfect when making a shot in the air.

It is an archery brand that has been in the market for decades. It is easier to shoot from extreme ends without the fear of bad weather.


  • It is available for both archery and hunting
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Made of high-quality graphite
  • It is easily reusable and of a smooth texture

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Arrows for Elk and Deer Hunting: A Buyers Guide


The straighter the arrows mean, they will group easily and shoot more consistently. Check the manufactures website to determine the straightness of a particular arrow model. Usually, straighter arrows are much expensive than the rest.


Arrows for elk hunting should be relatively heavy to penetrate well and lighter to have a flat trajectory. The correct weight will depend on the draw length and draw weight. The arrow becomes heavy depending on the kinetic energy the bow imparts on it. There should be a perfect balance of weight and speed.


Elk is naturally colour blind, although they can see the light-colour things and things that become brightens in sunlight. Therefore arrows should not glint in the sunlight and also avoid light-coloured fletching like yellow and white. Always use a sleeve to cover your fletching while they are still in your quiver.

Also, your arrows should be quiet in flight to avoid the elk from jumping the string. Try as much as possible to avoid feathers because they are noisy in the quiver and also in flight. The smallest broad head and fletching makes the arrow quieter in the flight. Also, avoid broad heads that will rattle in your quiver.  Lastly, use a heavy arrow as it will quiet your bow than any other item.


Arrows of the same weight penetrate easily in a smaller diameter than in a larger diameter. Although carbon shaft plays a role in penetration, diameter plays the most significant role. A small surface area also reduces resistance when the shaft slips into the target.

Small diameter arrows drift less in the wind because they have a small diameter. Also, they are quieter, and they, therefore, require less energy and less fletching.

Small diameters arrows maintain their speed better, and they tend to slow down as they move in the air. An arrow with a greater surface area slows down faster than the one with a less surface area.

Spine Stiffness

Stiffer arrows are the best for hunting elk because they penetrate more than weaker arrows. Arrow groups also tighten when you shoot arrows that are stiffer for draw length and draw weight.

Arrow Shaft Materials

The shaft of an arrow can be made of aluminium, wood, fiberglass, or carbon. Carbons are commonly used than others.

Aluminium arrows are hollow and more massive and cannot fly as fast as the carbon arrows. Aluminium arrows are safe, do not splinter, and therefore safe forbeginners than carbon arrows and also wooden arrows. They are also much affordable.

Carbon Arrows

These arrows are made of interwoven fibres making them lighter than the wooden arrows. Carbon arrows can easily splinter and, therefore, not suitable for beginners. However, they are much accurate than the wooden and aluminium games, making them perfect for big games.

Fiberglass Arrows

The fiberglass arrows are mostly used for recreational purposes and bow fishing. They are the best choice for starters because they are relatively cheap. Starters can learn whether they enjoy archery before investing in expensive arrows.


  • Express maxima
  • Gold trip
  • Easton
  • Tiger Archery
  • Ms Jumper

Desired Shaft Pattern

You can choose between camo, black, and wood grain.













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