6 Best Decoys for Dove Hunting

Best Decoys For Dove Hunting

Dove decoys are one of the most important parts of any dove hunter’s arsenal. Dove decoys can be used to attract doves in a number of ways, such as by providing an inviting place for them to land or looking like a potential mate.

For starters, the options for dove decoys in the market are limited. However, a few manufacturers such as the MOJO Outdoors. The best dove decoys to use include those with vivid colors and realistic features such as head movement or wings flapping and durable construction.

The MOJO Outdoors dove decoys are the most popular in the market and come with full-bodied features such as head movement, wings flapping, and dove sounds that sound like a dove couple. To get value for money, hunters prefer buying cheap dove decoys in packs of four, six, or eight.

Benefits of Using a Dove Decoy in Dove Hunting

  • Dove decoys help attract dove towards the hunter
  • They encourage dove to land
  • Also a dove decoy can attract doves or deter predators
  • Decoys slow down dove for a good shot
  • Dove decoys help to create the illusion of more dove being in an area
  • Dove decoys can be used as live bait

How to Set Up Decoys for Succesful Dove Hunting

  • Ensure the decoy invites the doves
  • Spacing the decoys out to cover the area
  • Setting up dove decoys in a group or pattern that is enticing for dove

  • Use multiple types of dove decoys, such as wingers and loafers.
  • It’s best not to set up dove decoy too close to each other because doves can be suspicious when they see another dove being threatened
  • Decoys should be placed in an area where dove can land on the ground or at least see a dove decoy from a good distance.

  • Place dove decoys away if there are other hunter’s set up nearby, as doves may get scared and not come back to your location for days.
  • Add some motion or movement to the decoy by;
  • Moving dove decoys every few hours

  • Use a remote control to make dove decoy’s wings flap or head move.
  • Spinning wings attract doves
  • Make dove decoys look like they are copulating

  • Use dove sounds to attract doves
  • Add some natural elements such as a tree or bush and set dove decoys on the ground.
  • These can help with camouflaging your position too!

  • Ensure the dove decoys face into the wind;
  • This ensure the doves fly into the same direction dove decoys are facing
  • Do not set dove decoys up in the wind.

  • Set dove decoys with high winds from behind, as this is where doves prefer to land
  • Also, this slows the doves

Here is a list of the best dove decoys available for you!

The MOJO Voodoo Dove Spinning Wing Decoy

The MOJO Voodoo Dove Spinning Wing Decoy

MOJO’s Voodoo rotating wing dove decoy is the best for bringing in doves for hours on end. It’s realistic, easy to see, and effective. Its realistic bird-like motion makes this decoy one of the most effective tools from MOJO. The larger body and correct landing position make this decoy even more appealing for doves to spot from far away.

This spinning wing dove decoy also includes an adjustable speed remote control. It’s simple to use and requires no assembly – just mount it on your favorite ground stake or tripod stand (not included) and you’re ready to go!

The Voodoo Dove Decoy from MOJO is the most versatile spinning wing decoy on the market. This decoy will run for up to 16 hours on 4 AA batteries and includes a breast peg and steel support pole that extends its total length to 36”.

The Spinning Wing Decoy features an easy-to-operate on/off switch located on the underside of the unit. In addition, Mojo’s spinning wing decoys are made with tough, durable materials that can withstand all types of weather.

It’s realistic and effective
Attracts more doves
Easy to use.
You’ll feel like a pro hunter with the best equipment possible!
Bring in more doves
Convenient on/off switch
Batteries are not long-lasting

MOJO Outdoors Elite Series Dove Motion Decoy

MOJO Outdoors Elite Series Dove Motion Decoy

The Elite Series dove decoy is the most advanced, best performing, and realistic motion decoy on the market today. The patent-pending design features a unique structural support frame that holds all of the components in place for smooth, quiet operation with no wobble.

This innovative design also makes it easy to access each component for maintenance or replacement. The MOJO Elite Series Dove Motion Decoy is the ultimate in realistic, lifelike motion for attracting doves.

This durable, lightweight unit features a special removable housing that allows you to add a true-to-life feather detail and color for an ultra-realistic look. The decoys are designed to move realistically as the wind blows through them.

This Motion MOJO Decoy for dove is a field-proven decoy on the market. It comes with a Cam Lock support pole that makes it easy to set up and takedown. The battery holder allows you to use AA batteries or rechargeable lithium-ion (not included).

The dove wings are magnetic-attached, making them easy to put on and take off. This decoy has also been designed for maximum motion in all weather conditions.

The MOJO Motion Decoy for doves is built to last. This decoy has a solid component housing that connects the motor and wings directly to the support pole. This eliminates the rattle from loose parts that can be found in other brands of decoys.

The solid connection between motor and wings in the dove’s elite motion decoy produces a more natural wing flapping.

 It’s a motion decoy, with rotating wings that mimic real-life movements. You can clean and maintain the elite series by simply removing the housing. The decoy runs on 4 AA batteries (not included).


Quieter and smoother operation
Durable construction
Powerful and easy to set up.
Cam lock support pole ensures the wings are always in place.
You’ll be able to hunt more animals because you’re not worrying about your equipment.
Look like a pro at the next airshow with this realistic design
Has no timer

MOJO Outdoors Wind Dove Decoy

MOJO Wind Dove Decoy

The Outdoors Wind Dove Decoy is a great alternative to motorized decoys. It is easy for doves to spot and looks attractive from far away. The spinning wing design of this dove decoy makes it effective in areas where wind-driven movement is necessary to attract doves.

The MOJO Wind Dove Decoy spins to help you attract passing doves to your spread. With its patented breast peg and support pole, the Wind Decoy for dove is easy to set up and take down. The MOJO Wind Decoy spins in breezes as light as 5 mph, helping you bring in more birds during hunting season.

Easy to set up.
Attracts doves from far away.
Durable and long-lasting
Reducing the number of decoys you need to buy by half
Bring your spread to life with a spinning wing dove decoy.
Be ready for any hunting situation with this easy to use
Be the envy of your hunting club.
Make every hunt count.
Sometimes, it requires lots of wind

Lucky Duck – HD Dove Hunting Decoys


With everyone’s favorite Lucky Duck HD, you are guaranteed at least one close encounter with your hunting partner this season. This tough and realistic spinning wings decoy has magnetic wings – that will attract any dove from long distances.

A self-contained protected battery compartment and secure bungee attachment make setup quick and easy. With the Duck HD for dove, all you need to do is mount it where your stand would be located during duck season or where there is high ground cover like some brush or busted cornstalks during dove season.

There is nothing more heart-warming to a hunter than the sight of doves coming in for a landing near their line.

You’ll get more dove with less work.
Easy to set up
The chest is easy and mobile.
Take your hunting skills to the next level.
Hunt confidently and enjoy your time out there.
Alternating flapping pattern

MOJO Outdoors Clip on Dove Decoys (Set of 4)

MOJO Clip On Dove Decoys (4-pack)

The Outdoors Clip-on Dove Decoys from MOJO are the most realistic and field-tested by hunters all over the country. These hard-body clip-on decoys feature hand-painted, real-looking bird paint schemes and a patented mounting system that allows you to mount them almost anywhere.

These Clip-On Dove Decoys give hunters peace of mind knowing that they will be able to attract doves into their hunting area.

This Outdoors Clip-On Dove Decoy comes in a large 4 piece pack and is a hunter’s favorite! The clip-on dove decoy will attach to just about anything. For this decoy, you can create your own spread of doves, change speed settings, sound effects, and flash patterns for added realism.

Realistic look.
Durable and easy to use.
Save time with staging.
Attracts more doves to the spread.
Get more ducks in the air.
Exciting hunt with realistic-looking decoys that are hard to spot.
The clips are stiff and do not open very wide.

MOJO Outdoors Pigeon Decoy, Small 51-55cm

MOJO Outdoors Pigeon Decoy, Small 51-55cm

Your doves will be enticed by the movement of this small MOJO Outdoors Pigeon Decoy. The magnetic wings allow you to easily attach and detach the decoy for quick setups. This MOJO pigeon decoy for doves is built to last through seasons of use.

With the Small 51-55cm Pigeon Decoy for doves, you will have the ability to hunt all day long. This decoy comes equipped with a new heavy-duty on/off switch and operates up to 16 hours on 4 AA batteries (not included). Also included is a complete 3- piece metal mounting pole.

This decoy is great for hunting in open fields or wooded areas where doves are known to nest. It features a realistic design and comes has been created with durable materials that will last you many seasons of dove hunting.

Spread irresistible to all doves.
Attract doves from long distances.
Save time and effort by using magnetic wings to set up quickly.
Hunt for hours on a single set of batteries.
Short mounting pole.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Dove Decoy for Dove Hunting

Dove decoys are used to attract doves. While there are numerous suppliers for dove decoys in the market today, they may not all be just as good. Dove hunters need to make sure that they know what makes the best dove decoys for the dove season.

It is important that dove hunters get the best qualities and performance of the decoys in the dove fields. Durability, best design, best quality materials, and size are some of the factors to consider before buying a dove decoy for hunting doves.


Durability is best tested by seeing how much can it withstand, and not so much by how popular it may be among other daily users.

Make sure that the best decoys that you are going to buy can resist excessive wear and tear.

One of the best materials is polyester and is known to have long-standing performance.

Therefore, you need to decoys with materials that are best meant to withstand the weather conditions in your local area.


The best decoys are not always the best seller and may cost you more.  However, it is best if you make sure that whatever amount of money that you are willing to invest in decoys necessities comes with the best quality investment.

If possible, instead of going for decoys that will cost you a lot, you may go for those in the middle price range.

You should never compromise the best quality materials just to save a few bucks


You need the best size of decoys that can best accommodate your target doves.  By now, you should already know the size of dove decoys as well as their mounting pole.

A good-sized decoy should best blend with its environment and stand because it will easily attract the attention of more doves.

The best material used for the best dove decoys should be durable but also affordable at the same time.  It is best if you go for those with a good reputation in terms of quality construction.

Number of decoys

In dove hunting, it is always advisable to use more decoys. During dove season,  dove hunters may choose the best decoys in terms of quantity and size.

However, it is best to have dove decoys with the best quality so that they can best complement each other.  A good number of best dove decoys improves the decoy spread and will better attract the birds than just a few scattered in different areas.

The basic rule of three decoys per stand applies best to almost all kinds of hunting activities.  However, you still need to remember that quality decoys are used in the best possible way for good results.


Realism best determines the performance of a decoy in the dove field.  The more realistic the decoy looks, the best chance you have in attracting the doves.

If possible, instead of buying decoys that are simply beautiful to your eyes, it is best if you buy those with very unique dove-like features.

Characteristics such as color should best blend with the dove hunting environment.

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