7 Best Box & Pot Call for Turkey Hunting

best box call for turkey hunting

There are several different kinds of turkey calls used to attract turkeys during a hunt: mouth calls, slate calls, and box calls.

Turkey box calls are easy to use and carry and are the loudest of all turkey calls.

The box call produces a realistic hollow, popping sound by sliding the lid across the surface of the box.

With just a little practice, its easy to create different calls for different situations. 2 sided box calls can reproduce quality hen sounds on one side and gobbler sounds on the other.

Unlike slate turkey calls, box calls should not be sanded. Refrain from touching the striking surfaces of the call since oils from the skin may affect the sound and life of the call.

It’s important to purchase a high-quality turkey call since, in turkey hunting, every call counts. Below we look at some of the best turkey calls in the market.

1.The Lynch Fool Proof Turkey Box Call

Lynch Fool Proof Turkey Box Call

The Lynch Fool Proof Turkey Box Call is easy to use and made out of solid mahogany, so it’s durable.

The box call features an automatic lid stop on the inside part of the call that holds a mouthpiece which makes for easy focus on either the left or right side depending on where you are located and has pleanty of available volume control options for adjustable sound depth.

Available in 6 different colors- all with strike plates of 30 or 50 inches in length- this lightweight package can easily be used as a clutch bag for quick trips away from home without bringing along heavy equipment.

For beginners and professionals, this is a great starter turkey hunting product because it doesn’t take up much room, lets you hunt stealthily at any time.

2.WoodHaven Cherry Turkey Call

With the first call for sale of 2021, we are proud to announce our newest WoodHaven Cherry Turkey Call. It is a one piece cherry box with matched Brazilian cherry lid.

The sound of this call is raspy and has amazing realistic yelps that does not go unheard by wary gobblers makes it one of the best turkey calls. You can use the woodhaven turkey call to make clucks, cutts, and cackles for specific purposes or just work on your calling skills.

With its ease of use fit for both beginners and skilled hunters alike it’s great for anyone who captures their own wild turkey & needs an authentic looking release button!

3.HS Strut Smokin’ Gun Turkey Box Call

The HS Strut Smokin’ Gun Turkey Box Call reveals a rich, raspy sound that is perfect for calling gobblers while sneaking up on them.

This call has an extendable tube to produce all bugles which can create the mood when you want to make things more interesting and exciting. Its easy to handle size with an ergonomically designed tubing that produces clear, crisp turkey yeps.

Paddle: Contains one piece Walnut wood sealed throughout with dark stain.
Box: Made from select walnut wood, these boxes are hand crafted in Tennessee.

4.Zinc Calls Wicked Turkey Pot Call

If you’re a turkey hunting fanatic with the latest gear and gadgets, but can’t seem to get your best turkey pot call right in the mist of game season then we have just what you need.

Zinc Calls Wicked Turkey Pot Call blends both traditional and modern technology designs for an easy-grip ring, hand-build construction that is hand tuned; including a sweet spot surface so close range calling at its finest becomes even more simple.

A silenced striker conditioner is built into this bass master piece, weatherproofing it from any adverse conditions while never sacrificing sound quality. This top rated turkey pot call will feed your passion for the sport like never before!

5.Lynch Jet Slate Turkey Calls

No more excuses for not getting a turkey! You can sound like the real deal (even if you’re in another county).

There are no such things as limits when it comes to turkey hunting- whether your looking at flying birds or blindsiding them. Introducing Lynch Jet Slate Turkey Calls, made with select mahogany and Pennsylvania blake slate by those who know best: REAL TURKEY HUNTERS.

These compact item come in handy while travelling light, or maybe its just easier to have two than one larger call clanging around in your pocket…In other words, it is the best slate turkey call of all time!

The tone varies depending on how hard or soft the tablet press is hit by a striker plate against the slate surface. Stronger blows give greater volume from deeper within the bird’s throat while gentler hits emit more high-pitched sounds resulting in.

Maybe you don’t even carry a bow – but that doesn’t mean that crisp mornings wander should pass by without giving back something more valuable than the hours of sleep most people sacrificed.

6.Primos Hook-Up Magnetic Box Call

Well, this is the perfect box call for those who are looking for easy setup under tough conditions.

The magnetic hinge is strong and rare-earth magnet holds paddle securely in place without requiring tuning despite the harshest weathers.

It also offers loud yelps with its double mouth design which creates incredibly realistic sounds and an easy to use Gobble strap that can be positioned just how you like it.

Primos invites you to be part of something big when it comes to hunting season with its Hook-Up Magnetic Box Call.

This box call fits all professional, recreational, and casual turkey hunters.

With no tuning required and removing the need for spurs to hold your paddle back it is the perfect turkey box call for the budget.

7.WoodHaven Cherry Original Friction Turkey Call

Stand out from the crowd with this WoodHaven Cherry Original Friction Turkey Call. Its lightweight, versatile design is perfect for beginners, while still being durable for hunters who know what they want.

Whether you are looking to enhance the sound of your yelps or need something that can produce hard-biting clucks and cackles, this product has everything you’re looking for in an easy-to-use turkey call.

With an easy-to-use design, it features a wide range of yelps, clucks and purrs to attract hungry turkeys. You’ll also get 2 hand matched strikers to produce hard biting two note yelps, perfect for cutting through heavy winds or on overcast days.

Also, included are rocker striker handle cover, striker knob grip installation tool so you can swap out your strikers quickly if necessary without scraping up the beautiful finish on your friction style wood box call.

Its surface conditioning kit keeps your call in top condition while its surface saver lid lessens the effects of weather changes like rain or cold temperatures on friction working surfaces.

The easy-to-use turkey call has been handcrafted by industry veterans at their Texas workshop. No matter what type of noise tactic you employ on game day, this product has everything you need right at your fingertips.

Give all other turkey hunters a run for their money with this long lasting turkey caller by Woodhaven!

What are the Different Types of Turkey Calls

There are many types of turkey calls you can use to call in a turkey, but not all calls will be best for beginners. The most notable turkey calls are the pot (friction) call and the turkey box call.

The Pot (Friction) Call

This is a simple device that consists of three parts:

There are different pot call parts that you need to know about before hunting the wild turkey:

The Pot, Reed and Mouthpiece . The “pot” is a metal or glass container which amplifies sound when blown over by air from your lungs, either through mouth-blown methods or bellows . The “reed” is a stiff, hollow object that produces the sound when blown over by air.

The Pot Turkey Call works best with mouth-blown methods using your vocal cords to create vibrations in the mouthpiece and on the reed inside of it.”

(1) A round pot made from wood or metal;

(2)a reed which creates vibrations on top of the pot’s rim and transmits sound waves into the air; and

(3) a pair of small sticks that act as “fingers” to control how much air passes over the reed (creating different pitches), while also holding it in place.

To use your pot call, just insert your fingers between two loose strings at one end of the instrument and hold the other end firmly in your hand. You can then make a loud “cutt-turkey” call like this:

Place one of your fingers on top of the pot’s rim and cover it with the palm of your opposite hand to create airtight seal;

Press down hard against reed until you hear an audible sound ;

Then, remove your finger from the pot’s rim and place it on top of the reed again to create another noise.

Next, move your fingers back down towards the bottom of the instrument one at a time–in order: first middle then index–to do this two or three more times. This will change which part of the pot’s rim you’re pressing down on.

To change the pitch of your sound, move your middle finger to a lower section of the instrument and place it there in order to depress that part of the reed easier than before.

You can also practice using other parts of your hands or fingers for various cuts–just make sure not

You can also practice using other parts of your hands or fingers for various cuts–just make sure not to cover the reed.

Practice your turkey call until you know what sounds it will make before actually trying to use it in a hunting situation, as this knowledge is important when learning how to call turkeys with a pot call.”

You want to use a pot call when you’re trying to simulate the sound of an injured or dying bird.

It’s also good for attracting birds that are either too far away to see, or below your level in tall cover.

Pot calls work best on windy days and can be used with any type of turkey hunter–lurker, still hunter or set shooter.

Pot Call: “The Pot Turkey Call produces very loud and high pitched sound which is easy for humans to hear in all types of weather conditions.

Turkey Box Call

Another type of turkey call is the box call. The box call is a wooden device that produces sound by the vibrations from rubbing two pieces of wood together.

You can create different sounds with the various surfaces on one or both sides.

Parts of a turkey box call : box, comb, striker.

The box part is a hollowed out wooden tube that can range in size from small to large.

The comb part is the piece of wood that is used to produce sound.

The striker is the metal piece of wood, plastic or bone with teeth on one side and a ball on the other end.

The striker part uses a small object such as a knife or stone, which is usually placed in between the two pieces of wood so they can make contact with each other and create vibrations.”

How a box call works: To make the sounds, you rub your striker across one of the sides of your comb. The striking surface may be wood or metal. You use different parts of the mouth and at various speeds to produce yelps, clucks, cutting sounds (which usually imitate injured birds), purrs (a series of soft clucks), kee kee (a series of screeches that sound like a cackle or whoop) and distress sounds.

When to use a turkey box call : The box call is a versatile call, and can be used for locating game or to put in birds. It’s also good for beginners because it requires less air.” Also, it is advisable to use a box call in cold weather because it does not require as much air to produce sound.

Other types of Turkey Calls Include

Diaphgram Call – A diaphragm call is a type of mouth call which you blow through. You can use this mouth call to imitate the sounds of a hen turkey. It is easy to use and requires less air than other mouth calls.

Electronic Call – Electronic calls come in various shapes and sizes, such as box cals or electronic diaphragms (also called “reedless”). The main advantage of an electric turkey call is that it’s

Push-Pull Call – This turkey hunting sound can be used to replicate the sounds made by young turkeys, or hens with chicks in their brood patch. It also known as a “daddy yodel” or “buck grunt,” and makes an excellent “come hither” sound for locating turks from long distances.

Locator Call – This is a special type of call that mimics the “kee-kee” sound made by adult turks.

Which is The Best Turkey Call for a Beginner

– All calls are easy to use, but the best turkey call for a beginner is an electronic box call. This is because an electronic box call is programmable, so it can be adjusted to fit the needs of any hunter.

Another advantage of an electronic box call is that it is more durable than the other types of calls.

When using an electronic call, it is easy to master the basic volume, pitch and duration of sounds.

The three main volumes are silent, soft, and loud; the four major pitches are low-pitched (clucks), high pitched (yelps) kee-kee’s or purrs); durations range from short to long.

Beginners Guide: What are The different Turkey Call Sounds?

Yelp sound: this is the most common sound a turkey makes. An electronic box call can be programmed to produce yelps, clucks or both

Kee-kee’s: these are low pitched sounds that usually come from an excited hen. A diaphragm call will make kee-kees.

Clucking: this is the most common sound a tom turkey makes. They are usually long, low-pitched and made in response to hens or other turkeys. An electronic box call can be programmed to produce clucks only.

Cutting : this sound comes from an excited cock when it sees hen competition nearby.

Purrs: this sound is made by a hen when she is content. Also it is heard when a hen is blending in with a flock.

Distress: this sound can come from both males and females when they are in some sort of trouble, for example, an eagle has swooped down on them to carry them away.

Locating sounds: these are high pitched sounds that turkeys make to find one another or their nest egg.

When hunting for game, turkeys are alerted to the hunter’s presence by locating sounds such as movement and talking. These can be simulated on an electronic call or locator calls.

What is the Best Sound to Call in a Turkey for a Beginner?

There is no easy answer to which turkey call a beginner should learn because it depends on the person’s age and experience. However, most beginners start with yelps as they are easier than other sounds that take more practice time and effort. Also, a beginner should learn cluck sounds since they are often used to lure the turkeys in.

Expert Tip: Recommended Turkey Box Call & Pot Call for Beginners

We recommend Lynch Fool Proof Turkey Box Call as the best turkey call for beginners. It has the best price range, the best quality, and the highest user rating.

For best pot call, we recommend Zinc Calls wicked Turkey Pot Call because of its best price range, quality and high user rating.

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