7 Best Dog Foods For Hunting Dog Breeds 2024

What is the Best Dog Food for Hounds?

Hunting dogs have high energy levels than the usual pets. These scent hounds, gun dogs and or bird canines need special treatment even though they are of the same breed. The best dog food for hunting dogs contains optimum levels of fat and protein, keeps them healthy and helps them perform well.

The sporting dog food you choose should contain micro-nutrients that support digestive and immune system, promoting healthy joints and bones for these sporting dogs. The best diet should digest slowly to keep your canine energized. It is essential to allocate enough time for researching the best type of food for your hound.

You should account for the time and amount you feed your hunting dogs to avoid some of the health problems. Hunting canines are different, and their diet should match the number of hours that the active dog is working.

1. Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free, Natural Puppy Dry Dog Food

Wolves, excellent hunters inspire the diet. Blue buffalo wilderness is perfect for growing hunting puppies that require lots of energy to run, swim and play. A puppy fed on this diet becomes a dependable hunting canine as it helps it in building endurance.

It is Chicken Recipe for Small Breed adult dogs

This formula consists of deboned chicken, which is delicious and also a source of protein. The protein content is 30%. The recipe also features turkey meal, chicken, and an egg, which helps in building muscles. The diet is excellent for puppies because it is grain-free. It satisfies the dogs’ love for meat.

This formula helps in maintaining lean muscle mass for your hunting dog. Other healthy carbohydrates like carrots, peas, and potatoes satisfy your dog’s inner wolf. It is a hunters special dog food.

This diet contains phosphorus and calcium, which are essential vitamins for the development of healthy bones. Also, it includes antioxidants that help in fighting diseases. It features DHA, a vital fatty acid available in the milk of a nursing dog mother. DHA is essential for cognitive retinal function and its development.

Grain-free diet

It also contains fatty acids like omega 6 and 3, which promotes a shiny and healthy coat and maintains strong teeth and healthy bones. However, you should observe your puppies make sure they don’t get sick because some are allergic to chicken.

This diet is the best choice for all canines and breed sizes with specific diets and weight management. It is the best choice for dogs that need grain-free food rich in protein or free of wheat, corn, or soy. Interstingly, if your dog is diabetic just try the Wolf Dreams, ‘Blue Buffalo.’

Customers who use this dog food product note “Blue Buffalo  Wilderness make sporting dogs have an amazing skin and hair.”


Contains chicken protein

It is a grain-free formula

It contains added calcium


Try to minimize this product, if your dog is experiencing stomach problems.

2. Solid Gold High Protein Dry Dog Food

Solid Gold Dog food is a holistic sport dog dry food that’s nutritious and tasty, suitable for all breeds and sizes of sporting dogs. Therefore, it is appropriate where there are puppies, adult dogs, and overweight dogs. With a protein content of 38%, it is ideal for fuelling hunting dogs and satisfying their unique nutritional needs.

Contains quality meat

The formula also contains high-quality real meat, which provides proteins and a whole egg that provides amino acids that ensure that your hunting dogs have healthy active metabolism and lean muscle development.

Nutritional carbohydrates

It contains moderate levels of calories and carbohydrates. The 16 nutrient-packed superfoods, in it, acts as the best diet for your pets. The fiber and proteins in the diet help maintain gastrointestinal health as it is packed with fiber and proteins such as Salmons glam, quail, and venison. The rich fiber is protected by probiotics, which ensures that they stay viable and alive before consumption for your pet to achieve a healthy digestive gut. Coldwater salmon added supports healthy muscle development. 

Omega acids 

The formula contains both omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which provide a better immune system and improves the dog’s skin and coat. It comes with several recipes that are easy to choose from, and also, the dogs can adjust to it quickly. 

The varieties to choose from include duck, buffalo, salmon, and krill meal. It is a grain-free diet that does not contain artificial colors, soy, preservatives, wheat, or corn.

Customers have noted that hunting hounds have a greta liking of the Solid Gold Dog food because of the “extra veggies and vitamin-filled fruits.”


Contains a healthy blend of calories and fats

Healthy digestion aided by probiotics

Includes cold water salmon in the 38% of protein

Contains antioxidants from 16 superfoods


The protein level in this product is high. Therefore, recommend for active puppies

3. Orijen Original Grain Free High Protein Dry Dog Food

This brand is a favorite of many sport dog owners because of its taste and high-quality protein sources that you’ll get with this brand of food. It contains real ingredients, vegetables and fruits, real meat, and no grain fillers, wheat, and artificial ingredients. 

This diet contains whole eggs, flounder, deboned chicken, deboned turkey, and mackerel. Therefore, it provides foods rich in minerals, carbohydrates, and vitamins, all of which are essential for an active dog.

The food is suitable for active hunting dogs that ran and hunt all day long due to its high protein percentage. The formula is tasty, and many sport dogs enjoy their tastes because of organ meat and cartilage in the food. You can as well mix with old dry kibbles when introducing to your pup for the first time to diversify the quality of protein that your dog is going to get to help them be as healthy and happy as possible.

The diet contains a good source of fruits and vegetables, like kale, apple and carrot, which are good sources of phytonutrients that are good for your dog’s health.

A gun dog owner remarks the following about Orijen Original, “it has a probiotic element and glucosamine and chondroitin” making it palatable even to the pickiest of dogs.


The formula Contains real meat, veggies, fruits, and eggs.

Does not contain grains

It has many ingredients


It’s a high-quality product, the product might cost you more

4. Purina Pro Plan SPORT Formula Dry Dog Food

This formula is ideal for hunting dogs that train a few times a week to achieve good results. These formulas feature fine-tuned protein to fat ratios to support different levels of activities and are ideal for all life stages. 

Performance 30/20 formula

It is easier to choose from a variety of different packages available for Purina Pro Plan Sport Formula. It contains 30% protein and 20% fat hence commonly known as a 30/20 formula. These percentages help in building lean muscle mass and also help in metabolism. The amino acids help in muscle nourishment when a dog is fed after exercise.

 Added glucosamine helps to strengthen joints and mobility. The varieties to choose from include chicken, salmon and rice, and turkey that contain flavors, grains, artificial colors, corn, wheat, or soy. 

It contains an easily digestible formulathat helps in nutrient absorption. This formula is suitable for dogs with strong stomachs. However, those with sensitive stomachs will need additional food with less processed ingredients.

The salmon formula contains more omega-3 for your dog’s skin and coat, it leaves the dogs with shiny coats, bright eyes, good muscle tone and they like it. I recommend this for any active dog below the age of nine. 

I receommed Purina Pro formula if you are concerned about your sporting dog having “a beautiful skin and coat, bright eyes, sharp instincts, and great field performance.”


No colors or added flavors

Have different sizes

Best served after exercising

Contains a 30/20 formula


It might cost more but my puppies love it.

5.Victor Premium Dog Food- Hi-Pro Plus

This sporting dog dried food formula contains 88% of protein, from pork, fish, chicken, and beef meal sources. It is a scientific and nutritional balance that supports high performing dogs with their daily needs of energy. You better have a food feedig chart!

The 20% fat provides the dog with enough energy. Each cup of this meal contains 406kcal of calories. It is mostly fed on nursing females or pregnant females and puppies.

The formula also contains essential micronutrients that keep your dog healthy. The omega oils ensure healthy skin and immune system, while selenium yeast helps the dog fight diseases by maintaining a healthy metabolism. 

The mineral content helps in maintaining the paw pads, while the probiotics and prebiotics help support a healthy digestion system. 

Interestingly, American Sentinel endorse the use of Victor Classic Hi-Pro-Plus formula on sporting dogs citing it “has a great ingredient profile.”


It contains 88% of chicken, pork, or premium quality beef.

Best for sporting pups and others who are physically active

High nutrients which support all growing stages of puppies and also pregnant and nursing females

It contains essential ingredients that promote a healthy digestive and immune system.

Fortified with minerals, protein, vitamins, amino acids, and essential fatty acids


small pets may find it difficult to feed on its bigger kibble size

6. Taste of the Wild Premium High Protein Dry Dog Food

This premium dry food contains 32% of protein, which is essential in building lean and healthy muscle. It also includes a higher percentage of energy, which is 370 kcal per each cup of serving. This diet fits a dog’s metabolism because it contains a grain-free recipe that is ideal for wolves.

This premium diet is recommended for your puppies until they reach adult height and weight. Roasted venison and roasted bison provides a type of protein that is easily digestive and flavored to entice the dog.  

It also provides complex minerals and vitamins that support the health of a hunting dog. Vegetables and fruits in the recipe contain antioxidants, which are also found in peas, blueberries, and sweet potatoes. They also provide selenium, vitamin E, and zinc, which are essential in providing a healthy immune system.


Roasted venison and bison give the diet a good taste

The smaller kibbles are suitable for little puppies teeth development 

High protein qualities for active pets

Contains amino acids and proteins for strong and lean muscles

No grain, wheat, corn, artificial flavors, or preservatives

Highly digestible vitamins and minerals

Scientifically safety protocols in production


best for highly active dogs 

7. Merrick Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

This premium dried food contains sweet potato and buffalo as the main ingredients. Each cup serving contains 342 calories and 38% of protein. The glucosamine and chondroitin in it, helps in keeping the joints healthy and strong.  

The whole foods in the recipe have been designed for easy digestion. The omega oils also help to keep a healthy coat. Balanced minerals and vitamins maintain the overall health of a hunting dog. It is a grain-free diet and contains probiotics that ensure fiber remains viable before the consumption of a healthy digestive system. 

You can always trust anything that Chewy endorses for your hunting dog food. Chewy notes that Merrick “make this diet straight  from their own U.S kitchen using the best of ingredients.”


It is a grain-free meal with no gluten for easier digestion

The omega 3 and 6 fatty acids maintain the shiny skin coat

It has high levels of chondroitin and glucosamine for healthy joints and hips.


May not be suitable for animals with liver or kidney problems

What is a Good Diet for a Hunting Dog Diet?


Hunting dogs need fats in their diet as a source of energy. This energy gives them the endurance that they mostly need. The amount of fats in their diet depends on how active they are. The amount can differ if it only hunts once or twice a month.


The activity levels of your dog should determine the number of calories in their diet. Hunting dogs need more calories than traditional pets during the day. If your pet hunts more often, it should be getting more calories, which supports this high energy level. 


People overlook the importance of carbohydrates in a hunting dog’s diet. A few complex carbs should be included in a well-balanced diet. However, you should pay attention to these carbs’ sources because they determine the canines’ sugar levels. Brown rice and sweet potatoes are the best sources of carbs and avoid whole grains. 

Dog food can be canned or dry kibble

Canned foods

Dogs tend to love this type of food because it is high in protein and less in carbs. These cans preserve the diet hence reducing the number of preservatives in the formula. It is easily digestible and does not cause bloating. However, it is crucial to check on the labels as some brands may include harmful or non-beneficial ingredients and jellies.

Dry kibble foods

Dry foods have high nutritional values, suitable for dogs developing teeth, more comfortable to store, and affordable. It is the best food for the most active hunting dogs. However, the dogs get dehydrated very fast and may demand to be supplied with water more often.

You can achieve the best meal by mixing both wet and dry food. A combination of different ingredients prevents your hunting dog from getting used to one type of food.

Hunting Canines Need Special Diet

Hunting dogs belong to the canine world of athletes. They, therefore, need special diets to perform at their best and to be healthy. This specific diet should contain high levels of calories and moderate levels of fats and proteins.

The best hunting dog food should also contain micronutrients that promote their immune system and give a healthy digestive system. The formula also should strengthen healthy joints and strong bones.

A particular time timetable of when to feed your hunting dogs is necessary and the amount to avoid some of the health problems that may come up. 

A Buyers Guide: How to Pick Top Dog Food for Hunting Dogs

Go for a whole meat diet and avoid meat by-products. Meat should be the main ingredient. It is easier to differentiate the entire meat diet from a meat by-product diet. The latter contains bones and does not include the name of any particular type of meat.

Look for a full meal that provides complete nutrition to your pets. It is easier to get this type of food from products approved by the Association of America Feed Control.

Consider the pros and cons of canned, raw, or dry food.dry food is more comfortable to store and affordable while canned, contain fewer preservatives, and hydrate. Fresh food becomes the best option for those who can get it frozen or prepare for themselves.

Aim at buying foods with no preservatives, and if they should have, it must be natural. The natural ones are vitamin c ( ascorbate) and vitamin E (tocopherols). Avoid BHT, BHA, and ethoxyquin.

Consider the safety of the foods on your retriever or flushing dog. For your best dog food for duck hunting dogs, ensure it is of the highest quality by checking on the brand and manufacturer to see if they meet your dog’s needs. You should not go for the most expensive diet as it is not always proportional to quality.

In the following video, the QBN Kennel in Cleveland, Texas reviews some of the best dog food that are suitable for your hunting dog.

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