7 Must-Have Gear for Elk & Deer Hunting 2024

7 must have gear for elk hunting

Preparation for elk hunting takes time and effort.  It’s the best experience ever, especially after a successful hunting trip that ends with bringing home your prize with a sub-standard gear.

Elk hunting with an arrow and a bow is rarely easy. The pursuit is mentally, emotionally, and physically demanding. Because of these challenges, an elk hunter should avoid hand capping themselves by being caught unprepared and equipped with gear.

Elk hunting changes depending on seasons of the year, style of the hunt, area of the country, and overall gear needed. Other items are necessary for a successful search by overlooking everyday needs, such as water and food.

A hunter in the bush mostly relies on what is in his pack. Therefore, they should carry only that which is necessary and lightweight. This will reduce the hunter’s fatigue by the end of the day. Again taking a 15- pound hunting pack at an elevated height of 10, 000ft, will be tiresome, and you will wish you had made extra preparations and exercises before the hunt.

Over the years, many hunters use trial and error methods to determine what to carry in the field. The best way to help you figureout what to carry is to go into the field and experience the hardships of being a hunter. The experience might be more challenging, especially for new hunters or those planning to go with their kids.

We have compiled an essential packing list for both novice and seasoned elk hunters, along with what to wear recommendations and what not to carry to a hunting field.

1.    Upland Optics Perception HD10x42mm Hunting Binoculars

a black colored Upland Optics Perception HD10x42mm Hunting Binocular

Almost all professional hunters will advise you on the need to carry decent binoculars for hunting. However, it is customary to find some hunters not using this critical gadget while others carry it around for fun.

Some say that rifle scope provides clear enough images, which is not entirely true. Instead, the higher magnification power of binoculars gives you more precise, accurate, and sharp images.

A binocular helps you in locating and identifying more animals with clarity to help hunters judge the quality of the animal spotted. It will be impossible with a normal vision. You should remember that a binocular is a more complicated gadget and will help you make a good judgment at long distances.

It’s hard to get very close to an elk without spoking them off. A reliable binocular will help you to see the game from a distance without missing any action. This binocular pair provides exemptional clarity and has a handy neck that makes it easier for you to carry even roughterrain during the hunt.

They are also durable, waterproof, and best for bad weather.


  • Comes with an extra-low dispersion glass that provides sharper and clear images
  • Durable
  • It is 1.44lbs
  • Waterproof and fog proof
  • Features lens clothes, neck strap, soft carry case, and flip-down lens protectors.
  • Provides up to ten times magnification


  • no negative feedback recorded so far

2.    Portawipes Compressed Toilet Paper Tablet Coin Tissues – 100 Pack with 2 Carrying Cases

Portawipes Compressed Toilet Paper Tablet Coin Tissues - 100 Pack with 2 Carrying Cases

Scouting is the perfect hunting spot of any hunter, but it becomes hard to avoid natural calls. Naturally, you will need the best toilet paper since you will be spending long hours out in the wilderness. It would help if you never compromised on hygiene.

It’s challenging to pack regular tissue paper in your bag as it will take a lot of space and can soak when exposed. To avoid all the hustle, invest in portawipes compressed toilet paper.

The portawipes compressed toilet paper is easy to pack, cheap, and lasts for weeks, leaving you fresh, and they don’t leave any scent behind for the bears. They also have multiple uses that include general hygiene, tinder for fire, and wound cleaning.

These toilet papers are compressed and convenient, making it easy to carry around in your pocket without taking much of your space. So, it’s ready when you most need it, even when you are in the woods. They are waterproof, easy to carry, ensuring that they are dry in harsh weather conditions.


  • Comes with two waterproof cases designed for camping and outdoor hiking
  • Are larger, more robust, and soft
  • They not allergic and have no preservatives, odor, fragrance
  • Biodegradable and eco-friendly
  • Reusable, by rinsing them with water and wringing out.
  • Luxurious, hygienic, and ready to use
  • comes in a portable size of 0.375 in and 0.81in
  • compressed and easy to carry
  • lasts longer since one compact tissue has 100 counts of towelettes


  • they are not flushable

3.    Campark Mini Trail Camera 16MP 1080P HD Game Camera Waterproof Wildlife Scouting Hunting Cam

Campark Mini Trail Camera 16MP 1080P HD Game Camera Waterproof Wildlife Scouting Hunting Cam

A low trail camera can be a disaster, especially when you cannot retrieve the last three months’ footage due to a dead battery and a cracked casing.

You might also have less storage space for your photos, thereby laking enough room for additional images. Or worse, you may have a bad image quality of a rare animal you captured along your hunting trip. It is, therefore, essential to pick the right camera besides other hunting gears. Cameras can go into operation up to a month without human intervention.

The camera’s right choice will give you peace of mind as you won’t fix things if they happen to go wrong.

While you are waiting for an elk, chances are you will be able to see other wildlife. This mini camera will ensure that you capture real-time moments of your hunting, enabling you to document your lifetime trip.

This handy scouting camera detects approaching wildlife, and it prepares you in advance to get the perfect photo. It can see wildlife upto20m away from your scouting ground.


  • It has excellent waterproof sealing that ensures exceptional performance in all weathers
  • Reliable and professional manufacturer designs it
  • Compact and easy to carry,
  • Easy to mount, disable and install
  • Offers comprehensive coverage of up to 120 degrees and 65 feets
  • Hs a USB cable that helps you to connect with other devices and a smartphone
  • Comes with a mounting strap
  • A camouflage color
  • Long battery life which holds on to weather
  • Excellent sensitivity to light and night vision


  • Will require you to carry extra batteries

4. Scent Killer 559 Wildlife Research Supercharged spray

a combo of Scent Killer 559 Wildlife Research Supercharged spray

It is usually hard to kill a deer with a moving vehicle because of their strong sense of smell. When a mature elk gets a faint scent of a human odor, they are likely to alert the others or vacate the scene very fast.

Scent elimination can work to your favor since it masks your scent, thereby overcoming the deer’s sense of smell. The scent killer 559 Wildlife Research Super will do the magic.

This scent killer will help you not scare away animals that you have spent time and energy to spot. The scent is 99% effective at masking human odor so that you don’t spook the game.

The killer scent 559 lasts all day, and you don’t have to keep on spraying at the hunt time.


  • Works even after drying
  • a heavy application is strong enough to do for days
  • Comes in a 24oz bottle and 24oz refill
  • It is 99 % in masking human odor
  • Can be used indoors to take away other unpleasant smells like that of cigarettes smoke
  • It is economical to buy


  • Avoid applying too much for discomfort.

5.    NEW VIEW 2020 Upgrade Hunting Clothes for Men, Silent Water Resistant Hunting Suits, Camo Hunting Camouflage Hooded Jacket, Hunting Pants

NEW VIEW 2020 Upgrade Hunting Clothes for Men, Silent Water Resistant Hunting Suits, Camo Hunting Camouflage Hooded Jacket, Hunting Pants

Fifty years back, deer hunters didn’t own a camo, and the clothing choices were so low. However, today you can browse online or walk through a camo section at a store where you will find varieties that can confuse even a veteran hunter.

To make an appropriate selection, you ask yourself simple questions that will help you determine the right camo clothing for your upcoming hunting.

You need a camouflage gear for you to stay undetected and hidden during elk hunting. The equipment should be an excellent blend of the terrain. Also, it should be comfortable as you will be waiting and scouting around for long hours. The New View 2020 Upgrade Hunting clothing will meet these specifications.


  • Great for outdoor hunting, camping, and hiking
  • Comes with ten pockets that allow storage of essential items
  • It is a three-dimensional hood that can be expanded and hidden
  • Has two-way full zip in the front
  • Has adjustable magic cuffs
  • Comes with a breathable zipper under each arm
  • The gear is unisex
  • Has a lightweight design and excellent quality
  • It is comfortable and warm
  • Comes with a free camo hat when you make a purchase
  • Durable and original
  • Perfect for cold weather
  • Has excellent graphics and good looking prints
  • It is a waterproof gear
  • Dries very fast
  • Includes a pant and a jacket
  • They are camouflage nature that matches with the vegetation.


  • It is a bit noisy, and you have to wash it for it to become calm

6. Solar Power Bank, Qi Portable Charger

Orange Solar Power Bank, Qi Portable Charger

The challenge involved in hurting is being away from technology for weeks or even months. It’s even worse when your devices have short battery life. At some point, a standard power bank may help, but it won’t be of much help as you must have the means to recharge it, which not practical in a hunting field.

Therefore, it’s essential to access a charging system for your phone if you get an emergency. The goodnews is that a solar charger will be a solution to this problem.

The Solar Power Bank Qi Portable charger will ensure that you get ready photos to document from your hunting trip. It will also make it easy for you to charge your phone and other devices you may need during your hunting period.


  • Has a compact size that can easily fit in the pocket
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Has an extensive charging system of up to 6 hours
  • Provide back up power solutions and reminders
  • Comes with a wireless charger compatible with iPhone and other mobile devices
  • Comes with a portable compass kit, a necessary tool camping, and other outdoor activities
  • It has an inbuilt dual bright flashlight
  • it has a rugged shell that protects it from falling and also feels good in the hand
  • gives a two-way charging system
  • it is a fast charger, and you can use it anywhere
  • It has waterproof features


  • No complaints so far

7. Black Diamond Storm Headlamp

Black Diamond Storm Headlamp

You need a reliable headlamp that will light your way through the woods. This lamp will help you navigate the camping ground.

The Black Diamond Storm Headlamp has a power tap technology that you can switch from dim to full power when you want to avoid spooking away game in your area.

This headlamp shines brightly in the darkness illuminating dangerous and bleak trails. Its casing is robust and sturdy for it to withstand the uncertainties of the night.

Its waterproof and dustproof seal will allow you to use it in any weather during your hunt. This seal enables the lamp to withstand up to 30 minutes of immersion in the water without its power going off.

It also has a light range that covers up to 85 meters, therefore keeping you visually aware of what is happening throughout your hunt.

While it provides a hands- free operation to users, it also provides a simple power tap technology for quick and sharp power options. The power options ensure a change in color mode and brightness level.


  • Comes with a sealed housing that makes it dustproof and waterproof
  • Allows different settings, including distance mode and full strength in proximity
  • Comes with a lock mode
  • Can switch between blue and green night vision
  • Features a one double power white led and a one quad power led
  • Comes with a power tab technology that allows dimmed and full power transitioning
  • Capable of tilting down to enable multiple positions
  • Masters, all situations and is capable of updating
  • Easy to use as it comes with a simplified operation system


  • Can take some time before you get used to

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Must-Have Gear for Elk Hunting: A Buyers Guide

Whether you are new or an experienced hunter, preparing for a hunting expedition can be an overwhelming task. You have to differentiate between a need and a want without leaving out the essential hunting equipment.

The following factors will help you to determine what to include in your deer pack.

Weather and temperature

Weather and climate change can bring serious problems for hunters, and hunters need to understand the conditions wherever they go hunting. For instance in every weather rainy, cold or hot, a hunter should carry appropriate hunting equipment suitable for those conditions.

The preferred weather should be cloudy, for better movement along the field to enable hunters to get the best spot to position themselves.

Pouring rain comes in handy because it helps mask you from you’re your target game. However, the rain will negatively affect your vision blocking you from having a clear shot. Remember to include your rain gear because you never know when it’s going to pour.

Season of hunting

This refers to a particular period in which certain game animals are expected to be out in specifically designated regions. It’s the time when hunters flock the forest to kill and harvest deer. However, it’s controlled by the department of natural resources and hunters have to wait for opening day.

Hunting methods

Every hunter has a preferred style to pursue and kill their target game animal. The methods and hunting equipment will depend on the type of wildlife being targeted, the terrain, and the climate.

Area of the country

Most countries have legalized hunting so you don’t have to worry about breaking the law. Much work is done when preparing for a hunting expenditure including packing your equipment and scouting the area.

Having a good understanding of the area in which you will be hunting will come in handy when selecting suitable hunting equipment.


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